[FE8] The Last Royal [19chapter Complete Hack] [Also has another version T2S with split promos and more!]

Welcome to [FE8] The Last Royal!
FE8 The Last Royal T2S version is in the download section

Personal Story

So I’ve posted two hacks here before both incomplete (Fe8 stones of a divine dragon, and FE8 Behold the Mega-Flare), both I ran into issues where the story wasn’t complete and got outta hand by the mid/endgame. So my goal with this one was to fully write out the story (several several times), so there wouldn’t be any suprises or mid-hack changes (OMEGALUL) and I could complete it.

This hack took from around 9/1/2020 till 6/8/2021 to get completed. Stuff was hard. Some names and people you might recognize from “Behold the Mega-Flare”, but it’s a different story, I just like the art so much I had to.

  • Fully Completed hack of 19 Chapters including Prolouge and Ending.

  • Several QoL patches (see enemy ranges, see growth rate etc etc)

  • All bosses are Promoted! From Prolouge to endgame, everyone is Promoted. (ex: boss of prolouge is a warrior, boss of chapter 3 is a hero->veteran etc etc…)

  • Supports fully completed and written (although most people only get one option).

  • Small Cast of 21 characters, but with everyone promoted you have access to almost every class (excluding enemy specific)

  • IMPORTANT BATTLE CHANGE: AS is calculated differently. Every 4 Skill, also reduces weapon weight by 1! So having 10con holding a 15weight Axe with 12skill means instead of weighing 5, it only weighs 2! (such wow).

  • All weapon icons got updated and changed. Among that line, all Swords/Lances/Axes/Bows have the following weapon variations:
    [Iron, Steel, Silver, also Blade/Greatlance/Poleaxe/Longbow versions of those.]
    [Weak, Medium then Strong 1-2 range weapons yes swords too.]
    [Duel weapons that reverse the weapon triangle, and Triangle Weapons that double the effects.]
    [Sapphire Swd, Emerald Lance, Garnet Axe, Tsunami which are all magical 1-2range weapons.]
    [Legendary S rank weapons for all types.]
    [Anima Magic is split into Fire/Thunder/Wind.]
    [Staves are all 1-2 ranged and heal/grant ALOT more exp.]

  • New Classes and monotype Cavaliers+Armor+Wyverns. Classes got renamed (Hero->Veteran, Pirate->Journeyman, thief->adventurer etc etc)

  • 120HP cap, and 40max stat caps!

  • LV40 is the cap (endgame is averaged at 35.), You can promote at lv15, or just keep them unpromoted. Levels aren’t reset upon promotion!

  • Every playable character and boss gets their own personal skill! Some special characters unlock a second skill through story, or promoting!

  • Alot more stuff I forgot!

Game Plot

The Continent of Raygon only holds one country aptly named Raygon. The King, King Varnian has died without naming his heir. Varnians three children: The Twins Apollo and Artemis, and the youngest Priscilla all lay claim to the throne.

Months later into their debate, Priscilla is assassinated by Artemis. This sparks the war, pitting brother against sister. Most of the noble families (Silver, Ironwood and Wingly) side with Apollo while the Crystal family joins Artemis.

During the war the young Atlas Silver siding with Apollo sneaks into the territory of Artemis and her Falling Moon knights on a secret mission to end the war, but of course there is more happening behind
the scenes when a highly advanced military group from a different continent arrives to end the war for one side. But which side do they fall towards?


You went here first don’t lie. I’d do the same.


Download + Credits
  • Level 40 is the cap, but after lv30 if you restart a save, or restart a chapter your level drops by 30. (ex: lv31->lv1, lv40->lv10), so to perserve the challenge, only use savestates at that point, just make sure to keep one before the start of the chapter aka at the save screen.

    [The Last Royal v1.2.7] version only fixed Mage Knight Mag Cap, now 36 instead of 20.
    (Dropbox - FE The Last Royal v1.2.7.rar - Simplify your life)
    Base game as it’s meant to be played.

    [Time to Split v1.1.1] small updates allows Atlas + Syrene to promo normally and fix Assassin
    (Dropbox - FE The Last Royal T2S v1.1.1 (Time to Split).rar - Simplify your life)
    Seperate UPS version that includes split promotions, new map palettes, new classes (including all bosses that aren’t final few), some different music and skill animations, unit+enemy colors changed.

  • Download Link includes: UPS file, Credits.txt, Secrets.txt, Changelist.txt, and Recruitment Guide.txt

Also huge thanks to @Melia, @ZoramineFae, and @Sokaballa I used alot of their mugs and maps, not to mention the wonderful battle screen and without their resources I 100% would have never finished the hack.

Recruitment Guide

Fire Emblem - The Last Royal
Recruitment Guide: All 22units in the game
(This is the same guide that’s in the .rar from the download.)

Turn 1: Atlas, Serene, Graham, Liam and Cronus automatically.
Turn 1: Arkas and Erika automatically.
Talk to Elliot with Serene.
Talk to Fey with Cronus.
Approach the Throne and Alice spawns, talk to Alice with Atlas or Graham
Turn 1: Talon and Nate join automatically.
Talk to Cross with Arkas.
Approach the arena (within one space excluding the top), and Jaxon appears and joins.
Turn 1: Olivia joins automatically.
Turn 1: Flora joins automatically.
Turn 1: Thorn and Braun join automatically.
Turn 2: Onyx and Winter appears, talk to Onyx with Olivia, and Winter joins.
Turn 1: If Thorn is alive/on the field Violet spawns and joins.
Have Fey visit village in southeast, and a surprise unit joins. (other can visit, but it closes the village for the “turn”.)
Turn 1: Two surprise units join.
Turn 2: If Olivia is on the field, a surprise unit spawns and joins.

Known Bugs
  • Lv40 is the cap, but if you reset the game at lv30+ the game reduces 30 from your level. So use save states to keep your levels. (or you could constantly reset to gain alot of levels, but why would you do that?)
OG Story before I started working on it (Obvious Super Spoilers inside)

So I wrote the whole story, and re-wrote it several times (3-5 I forget), and finished it completely before I even opened FEBuilder so I can just focus on the game and not what happens next, and that way I can drop clues and hints and convos about the future ahead of time. So this text below is the main differences I had in the finished product. Of course when making the game I changed quite a bit because I didn’t like how it felt / read or whatever.

  • Ch.3: Most of the beginning was the exact same. Alice was added in super late into development. The Golden Coin boss (Axcellia), was always planned. But they were just gonna be nameless and appear at the end of the story. But when I saw there was no swordmaster in the game I made Alice and then made her backstory, with that I decided her older sister was the Golden Coin leader so Axcellia was born.
  • Ch.5: Wrath of Zodiac was mostly the same chapter, except upon fleeing Rean and Sara (Serenes parents) would both die there hence why they aren’t in the rest of the game. Also Jaxon wasn’t added until superlate too when there was no playable Halberdier. Like I’m talking when I was making ch.14 type of late.
  • Ch.6/7 Salty Sea/Melting Iron, was supposed to be on the cliffs by Londoran instead of a sea battle. Thorn was originally a girl named Rose and a Pegasus Knight. Thorn/Roses mother Gira was also supposed to protect the castle instead of Braun and would die mid chapter.
  • Ch.11/12 Blackmoon Castle: After the capture of Artemis you were supposed to rest at the castle, and in the middle of the night the Golden Coin was supposed to attack and try to free Artemis from prison, of course they’d fail and then the story continues.
  • Ch.13: Galgorian, Wahnrin stay at Blackmoon Castle and Axiom was supposed to appear and help guard it too, while Atlas+Serene escort Artemis back to Londoran. Apollo is still alive and not assassinated, and Priscillas fate is still unknown (presumed dead). On the way back they are attacked at the border by disgruntled soldiers of Apollo. They blamed artemis because in the start of the war her soldiers burned and massacred the border villages, so the soldiers attack to try and kill her for their own vengeance.
  • Ch.14: Now we are back in Londoran and Artemis is handed over to Apollo+Levian to be executed days later. Priscilla is then revealed to be alive and hidden from the world as Artemis tried to execute her. Galgorian+Wahnrin convinced Axiom that Levian is evil and actually organized the whole fake killing of Priscilla to start the war, so their armies leave Blackmoon castle and start marching to Londoran to take it over.
  • Ch.15: On the day of Artemis’ execution the Golden Coin attack disrupting it and taking her away deeper into the castletown, as well as a surprise unit killing Apollo. Your party being splitup manage to control the battlefield. But then Levian, Noelle, Axcellia and Artemis are all missing. Upon searching the town you find Axcellia surrounded by soldiers holding a knife to Artemis and Levians throats who are both tied up and captured. Axcellia admits that the Golden Coin is ultimately controlled by the Zodiac, at that time Noelle surprise attacks her. Axcellia manages to slit and kill Levian while Artemis got away. At the end of the scuffle Noelle kills Axcellia.
  • Ch.16: Artemis broke her bonds and grabs a weapon trying to take Noelle on 1v1 (noelle also was a swordmaster). the Zodiac surrounding Atlas and crew then attack forcing Atlas to flee deeper into the castle as Artemis and Noelle duel it out.
  • Ch.17: Artemis is ultimately defeated by Noelle and is killed, and Noelle chases after Atlas. At the end of the battle, Atlas turns the tide against the Zodiac and with the help of Londoran soldiers beat them all. Noelle is left badly hurt but alive. In a rush she turns into a dragon and flies away.
  • Ch.18: Galgorian+Wahnrin+Axiom all arrive at Londoran with their armies to retake the capital. During the fight Olivia can talk to Onyx and turn him to your side, if both Winglies talk to their father Axiom also flips to your side. With everyones combined might the Zodiac fall, with Galgorian and Wahnrin also turning into dragons, as they escape they burn Londoran with their fires destroying a large portion of the cities as they flee north.
  • Ch.19: Galgorian+Wahnrin+Noelle in their dragon forms are at ancient ruins recovering from their wounds taken as a human. Atlas and crew arrive and challenge them to a fight. Remaining soldiers from Zodiac, Rising Sun, Golden Coin and Falling Moon join Galgorian and Friends to avenge their fallen leaders and take down Atlas seeing his as a Warmonger. In the end the Zodiac and everyone on their side has fallen and died.
  • Ch.19+: After the battle Atlas and Crew return to Londoran to help put out the flames, after most of the work is done Atlas leaves to check on Priscilla, finding her sitting on the throne with a knife in her hands she comitted suicide due to the bloodshed and treachery across her kingdom her young mind couldn’t handle the trauma. Serene appears and consoles a crestfallen Atlas. Towards the end of their conversation Graham appears and alerts them that a huge naval fleet approaches Raygon. They fly the banner of Zodiac and Vahn Tark. A messenger appears declaring war on them. Atlas tells they to bring it on and as the new Zodiac Leader, Atlas will make sure no more harm comes to him people.
  • Ending: Atlas takes over as kingdom leader and repels the Vahn Tark assault, after a few years he gathers his soldiers and invades Vahn Tark burning it all to the ground and ending the kingdom then he returns home and is known around the world as a “World Ender” and the country of Raygon is left alone until the end of it’s days centuries later.

Man, it’s been a busy week for new completed hacks! Congrats on your release.

Congrats on the release @ArcaneEli! Screenshots look great! I definitely will add this to the ever expanding list of hacks I need to get to.

Also, really stoked to see the battle screen I worked on! Glad you liked it enough to use it. I just wanted to point out a quick thing about it just looking at the screenshots. In the folder I uploaded to FeUniverse that contained the battle screen, there was a small event file in there made by @Huichelaar that moved the weapon icons up by one pixel. It’s a small nitpick, but I think I would help align your weapon icons a little bit better, as in the case of large weapon icons that start to leave the weapon box (as seen in the screenshot below). I’ll leave the download link to that folder here if it’s something you wanna follow up on, but certainly don’t feel obligated to! Just wanted to offer it up. Dropbox - Battle Screen Illuminated - Simplify your life


Once again, great work getting out a finished project! Congrats!

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Yes as soon as I saw it I loved it, and I’ll forsure be adding it that patch cause it was a little low but I didn’t care.

To remedy this, you can use a global flag set and check so it doesn’t reoccur on resets.

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You can also avoid giving stacks of items like this. “Item possession extended instruction” is a patched in event command available in FEBuilder that checks if the item is in any player unit’s inventory or the convoy. It lets you check if the player already has something before giving it to them. It lets you give items at the start of chapters with a prep screen without handing out tons of copies every time the chapter is restarted. You can ignore the flag set. That’s for something else I have going on.

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Hi, I had fun playing the hack but now I am Stuck on chapter 3 when an event occurs, do you know a solution for this issue please?Screenshot_20210609_161005_com.johnemulators.johngbac|690x318

Edit : I’ve also tried to play on visualboy but it’s still happening.

I believe it’s because I messed up and didn’t write the door event properly someone told me about it and I thought it was fixed but apparently not.

I won’t be home for another 8hrs, so you can just avoid all doors to finish the chapter or wait for a mini patch.

Alright I’ll try again the chapter without opening the door first, thanks for the answer.

I think the issue here is that it’s trying to load Alice and move the camera to her when you enter that area, but the soldier is blocking her spawn point, so she doesn’t load, and the game hangs because it’s trying to move the camera to a unit that doesn’t exist (there’s a fix for this freeze, but the better approach is to not make Alice’s spawn blockable).

Is that so? I’ve tried again to play without opening any doors and it’s still happening, so I think you may be right, but where does spawn Alice?

Edit: Alice spawn was the issue thanks knabepicer.

Is this hack completed with minor bugs? or are we testing it for bugs now?

Was thinking of starting this new hack but finding many bugs will make me lose interest.


Alright I played a few chapters and stopped, since the bosses are kinda stupidly buff. Generic enemies are pathetic, while bosses are rocking +7 or 8 to all their stats by comparison. I stopped at chapter 3 because the sage boss just didn’t look feasible to fight. Bosses really need to be toned down across the board.

Technically you can just skip the sage because you can seize the druid’s throne. Incidentally, the druid’s droppable magic booster doesn’t work.

btw whats the difficulty ?? i see red banner so its hard?? and not normal?

It’s autoset to hardcore, there is no difficulty choices. IMO there’s only hard chapters, and it’s mainly the first 2turns which make the chapter.

And you aren’t my testers, it’s just I already fixed the Alice bug it just apparently I didn’t fix it correctly.

@KrashBoomBang weirdly enough I have trouble with the Druid boss rather then the Sage. Some early bosses are hard I agree, but Atlas+Serene can kill most of them. For Ahnimar the Sage I’d bait out Elwind, then bum rush him and on enemy phase again he’ll hit someone and then die.

IMO prologue boss you just Crystal Star + Raiha and maybe one or two Graham hits and he’s down, Ch1 you can Halberd them if Liam is high enough, if not Erika + Raiha + Crystal Star to end the battle makes it easy. Also you can Longbow abuse him with Cronus. Once again Zeswei is Crystal Star takedown.


Hi Again, I am in chapter 8 and I was wondering if I could get Liam and Serene C Support? Because I Try to get it since the first chapter and this is the only one with this issue, so far.

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Nate (Sword Cav) doesnt seem to have support with any1, is this a bug? or?

And if possible can we get Recruit info? i think i missed the Axe guy in chapter 4 cuz i left him alone >.<

That guy is just recruited by talking with the merc (the merc shows the Talk indicator in his stat screen).

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Nate doesn’t have any supports. I might add one in later but as of now no. The Axe guy (Cross) is recruited through Atlas talking to him.

I’m at work right now so I’ll update the post with recruitment stuff, and I’ll add it in a text document later.

@Tomus AFAIK they should be able to support eachother, I have to double check and make sure it’s okay though.