[FE8] The FE8 chapter construction guide-thing request post

Basically I suck at just updating shit on my own and work better if people have specific questions for how to do shit.

Here’s the link to the guide

So yeah, put stuff here for what you want to know how to do so I (or hopefully another FE8 hacker) can add to the wiki and share with you our knowledge.


this is sweet!

One thing in FE8 I couldn’t quite do was modifying battle animations. Example, I insert a custom Fighter battle animation. It works mostly okay, but when I have Ross promote, the screen goes black and the game freezes. Anything on that?

This is a bit out of the scope of this post but I’ll try to answer anyway

All I’ve got honestly is that you inserted it wrong somehow and overwrote something else. I’m a lazy shit who doesn’t insert his own anims (@Datagne enables my laziness and does it for me) so I don’t think I’ll be of much help with that.

Can confirm, Zim is a lazy shit.

So, did you overwrite the base Fighter animation? If so, was Ross holding his hatchet during the promotion? I noticed in our hack, when we overwrote the hand axe animation, the game was not happy. If may be an issue with that slot (Which I can’t understand). Try moving the hand axe, or even just the whole animation, to an unused animation slot that you have and then make a custom battle animation in one of the nightmare modules.

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I believe he was holding an Iron Axe but I’ll check.

Maybe I just forgot to put a space between the custom animations I use lol

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