[FE8] Text code reference

I propose we use this topic to document text codes for FE8 just so we have a single point of reference on the forums for those.

I’ll start off with what’s in ParseDefinitions.txt:

[N] = [NL]
[n] = [N]
[a] = [A]
[ANL] = [A][NL]
[AN] = [ANL]
[YN] = [Yes]
[NY] = [No]
[ToggleInvert] = [ToggleColorInvert]
[Invert] = [ToggleColorInvert]
[Red] = [ToggleRed]
[Blink] = [CloseEyes][.][OpenEyes]
[AA] = [.....][A]
[.A] = [.....][A]
[.4] = [....]
[.5] = [.....]
[.6] = [......]
[.7] = [.......]
[Beat] = [ToggleMouthMove]...[.5][ToggleMouthMove]
[Event] = [LoadOverworldFaces]
[Clear] = [ClearFace]
[Smile] = [ToggleSmile]

[FarFarLeft] = [OpenFarFarLeft]
[FarLeft] = [OpenFarLeft]
[MidLeft] = [OpenMidLeft]
[Left] = [OpenLeft]
[Right] = [OpenRight]
[MidRight] = [OpenMidRight]
[FarRight] = [OpenFarRight]
[FarFarRight] = [OpenFarFarRight]

[<-......] = [FarFarLeft]
[<-] = [FarFarLeft]
[v.....] = [FarLeft]
[.v....] = [MidLeft]
[..v...] = [Left]
[...v..] = [Right]
[....v.] = [MidRight]
[.....v] = [FarRight]
[......->] = [FarFarRight]
[->] = [FarFarRight]

[v.......] = [FarFarLeft]
[.v......] = [FarLeft]
[..v.....] = [MidLeft]
[...v....] = [Left]
[....v...] = [Right]
[.....v..] = [MidRight]
[......v.] = [FarRight]
[.......v] = [FarFarRight]

[FFL] = [FarFarLeft]
[FL] = [FarLeft]
[ML] = [MidLeft]
[MR] = [MidRight]
[FR] = [FarRight]
[FFR] = [FarFarRight]

[CurrentPortrait] = [0xFF][0xFF]

[Load] = [LoadFace]
[LoadEirika] = [LoadFace][0x02][0x1] //etc, replace 0x02 with portraitID

Additional codes:

  • [SetName] sets the speaker’s name on a CG textbox. Put a [NL] after the name. In FE8 it seems you can only do this once per text entry so you’ll need to make separate ones if two characters are speaking over a CG.
  • [CloseSpeechSlow] closes the active speech bubble, place it after the [A]. There’s also [CloseSpeechFast].

Reference file from Colorz’s text parser: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zw37eclkmobez7z/FEParser.hs?dl=0


From Text_Control_Codes.txt:

bh:00: End convo/text [X]
bh:01: New line [NL]
bh:02: Two new lines [2NL]
bh:03: Blue arrow (push A to continue) [A]
bh:04: Short pause in speech […]
bh:05: Longer pause in speech (alltext uses this one) […]
bh:06: Longer pause in speech […]
bh:07: Long pause in speech […]
bh:08: Open speech bubble [OpenFarLeft]
bh:09: Open speech bubble [OpenMidLeft]
bh:0a: Open speech bubble [OpenLeft]
bh:0b: Open speech bubble [OpenRight]
bh:0c: Open speech bubble [OpenMidRight]
bh:0d: Open speech bubble [OpenFarRight]
bh:0e: Open speech bubble [OpenFarFarLeft]
bh:0f: Open speech bubble [OpenFarFarRight]
bh:10: Character 0x10 sets a portrait with the byte that follows; use Portrait List.txt
to check value labels [LoadFace]
bh:11: Clear current speaker’s face [ClearFace]
bh:12: Sets text speed to display normally [NormalPrint] (FE 6 only!)
bh:13: Sets text speed to display quickly [FastPrint] (FE 6 only!)
bh:14: Close speech bubble quickly [CloseSpeechFast]
bh:15: Close speech bubble slowly [CloseSpeechSlow]
bh:16: Makes characters move their mouth or stop [ToggleMouthMove]
bh:17: Makes characters use their smiling frames or cease [ToggleSmile]
bh:18: Gives a yes/no prompt (starts on yes) [Yes]
bh:19: Gives a yes/no prompt (starts on no) [No]
bh:1a: Gives buy/sell prompt (glitches if no shop?) [Buy/Sell]
bh:1b: Gives a prompt about whether the player would like to continue with using the shop
[ShopContinue] (FE 8 only!)
bh:1c: Sends selected character to back of display [SendToBack]
bh:1d: Play text faster for the open speech bubble [FastPrint] (FE 8 only!)
bh:1f: Short pause - text printing SFX still play [.]
20-7F: Standard ASCII with 0x20 as a space, etc.
80: Movement flag/extended controls
wh:0480: Load face at overworld map [LoadOverworldFaces]
wh:0580: Print monetary amount [G]
wh:0a80: Move to far left [MoveFarLeft]
wh:0b80: Move to mid left [MoveMidLeft]
wh:0c80: Move to left [MoveLeft]
wh:0d80: Move to right [MoveRight]
wh:0e80: Move to mid right [MoveMidRight]
wh:0f80: Move to far right [MoveFarRight]
wh:1080: Move to off screen left [MoveFarFarLeft]
wh:1180: Move to off screen right [MoveFarFarRight]
wh:1680: Enables blinking [EnableBlinking]
wh:1880: Delays blinking for a fixed amount of time after the line fills [DelayBlinking]
wh:1980: Pauses blinking for a short time; calling repeatedly doesn’t seem to queue pauses
properly [PauseBlinking]
wh:1b80: Disables blinking [DisableBlinking]
wh:1c80: Open eyes (if closed or half) [OpenEyes]
wh:1d80: Close eyes [CloseEyes]
wh:1e80: Close eyes halfway [HalfCloseEyes]
wh:1f80: Wink (character’s outside eye) [Wink]
wh:2080: Say Tactician’s name [Tact]
wh:2180: Change text red (if used again, changes text back to black) [ToggleRed]
wh:2280: Display name of item that has been loaded [Item]
wh:2380: Sets name of speaker with text that appears after until next line break (used for
dialogs that appear over CGs) [SetName]
wh:2580: Toggles whether to invert the colors of the dialog box for that creepy ghost voice
effect [ToggleColorInvert]

Using the position a character is already in as a destination causes them to “bounce”. Using a destination that already has a character filling it will cause the characters to switch places. Also, notice the simililarities between the movement types and the “[Open]” commands. Note that there is a 4 character limit for conversations - clear one before loading a fifth each time.


Also note that if you have 4 mugs and no convo background, you might have map sprites intruding on the fourth mug.

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