[FE8] Skill System v1.0 - 254 skills done, more on the way

Did you forget that time ago I made an icon sprite for the exp share Item ?
You can use it on the skill icon imo v:

I figured the item icon and the skill icon would be different. I’m not sure if the exp share icon makes sense in the fe world for icons, so I thought I’d just leave that decision making to the artist.

For pokemblem I am intending to put it on an equippable item and will use the icon for that, of course.


Here’s my attempt at an EXP Share skill icon


Also, I had this idea for a new skill

Protector: If an ally within 2 tiles cannot counterattack, unit deals +2 damage.

Detailed explination of how it works:

  • Unit who has the skill Protector is Unit A. If another Unit B who is allied to Unit A (Be it a player unit, or a green/yellow army unit) is unable to counter attack any of the enemies in their (Unit B’s) range due to their equiped weapon (Or lack-there-of), Unit A will gain +2 true damage.


  • Protector will will trigger if an ally unit is within 2 tiles, that ally has a 1 range weapon equipped, and there’s at least 1 enemy that can target that ally from 2 range or further OR at 1 range, but the enemy can negate counter attacks (Like with the Dazzle skill)

It’s too easy to abuse like that - you could freely store and withdraw your weapons from supply without losing an action, for example.

Pretty sure that you lose an action if you store or withdraw from the convoy. And it’s only +2 damage, not too OP