[FE8] Skill System v1.0 - 254 skills done, more on the way

Nevermind, I tested it.
I think it would be cool to be able to make a “list” of dark and light magic, kind of like with the anima triangle patch. Someone could use that in conjunction with some editing of the original weapon ranks to create a magic system akin to the Tellius series.

Maybe something to think about?

I didn’t see this in the issues section on Github, so mentioning it here. The debuff overflows if more than 16 units load at once in 1 event, evidently this is a problem that was fixed in the past, but its back again.

The loaded units are what overflow into the debuffs, debuffs don’t overflow.

Lumina and Shadowgift work by just giving you a weapon rank, they will work for any weapon of that type as long as there’s no missing locks.

I really don’t understand what you mean or want, why would you want to make lists?

I was just wondering if it was possible to make kind of a Tellius magic system using the skill system. Although in retrospect, that idea sounds pretty dumb. Nevermind me.

By Tellius magic do you mean the Anima triangle within the magic triangle? Because Snakey has already developed a patch to implement this (and I think he recently made it compatible with skill system as well).
Should be in this thread:

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It’s done but not quite released yet. This will be released as an update to the skill system along with similar compatibility fixes. I’m still working on those other conflict resolutions, but the update will likely be out within… a week?

Though here, do you mean being able to define a list of tomes you can use with lumina/shadowgift akin to defining FireList, etc? If that’s an option you want to have, I could probably add that for you alongside my other edits.

Yeah, that would be cool.

These lists already exist, they’re just every weapon that’s light or dark respectively? This seems like an attempt to repurpose them into a general weapon lock skill, which I don’t think is within the bounds of those skills specifically.

I thought they just allowed for every light/dark tome. If I would add this, it would be as an option in “Engine Hacks/Config.event”.

That’s what it does, it allows every dark/light tome, which is what Sme said.

I really don’t understand why you would want them to NOT give every dark/light tome, that’s literally what the skill does, it gives you a dark/light rank, anything else just doesn’t make sense to me.

Should the thread title be changed to account for the 200 skills milestone, or are we waiting until 255?



Hey @Leonarth I think from his earlier post about the triangle in the form of making a list that can be configured to allow the dark and light to have its own triangle within itself like the anima one that was created.

Ok I guess that makes more sense, but it sounds completely unrelated to any already existing skill, or the skill system.

I understand I was just trying to decipher what it was from his statement and that is what pulled from me anyway.

The anima have it owns triangle because it have fire, thunder, wind and may be water or ice. Isn’t light is just light and darkness is just darkness? I can’t think anything inside them like anima or am i just too dumb?

I was thinking backwards. I though that I could somehow use shadowgift and lumina to make certain tomes “light” or “dark” while replacing the normal “dark” and “light” weapon ranks with the other anima elements, creating a sort-of tellius system. This, of course, was a horrible idea. Sorry for causing such confusion within this topic, I’ll try to be a little less retarded next time I come up with an idea.

I can’t seem to figure it out, but how do you edit the numbers of the skills? Like if I wanna change deathblow to +2 instead of +6?

For buildfiles - check the source file (.s) and find the value (should be clearly commented). For example here’s a snippet of the source for Death Blow, titled “BlowCheck.s”

ldr r0,=0x203A4EC @Move attacker data into r0.
add r0,#0x5A @Move to the attacker’s attack.
ldrh r3,[r0] @Load the attacker’s attack into r3.
add r3,#0x6 @Add 6 to the attacker’s attack.
strh r3,[r0] @Store attacker attack.
b SkillReturn @Attacker’s attack. Redundancy? Nah.

In case it wasn’t obvious from the comments, you can change the 5th line to “add r3,#0x2” to get +2 instead of +6. Make sure to compile the source after using devkit.

For febuilder - There’s no real method. 7743 might be able to add some kind of functionality but it’d be a hell of a lot of work.