FE8 Skill Ideas

Not a skill but hijack great shield and make Imhullu

looks up Imhullu

oh you mean Maph. That wouldn’t be hard

At least Imhullu and Mafu mean the same thing (just in different languages.) (…I thought it was cool)

“Behold: My Master Skill! Go, Great Anima! Next round of combat, I call in the cavalry! Then I activate my vulnerary skill to regenerate my HP, ready to repeat.”

It’s an example image you don’t have to be a dick about it :confused:

he was just joking m8

p.s. I remember someone finding a map of coordinates responsible for the R-button descriptions. What are the chances of having something like that added to this?

Do you mean this?

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That’s the one.

I know lol
If there’s doc on it I can look into it
@jjl2357 if you have any more documentation on R-button stuff that’d be awesome

I don’t really have anything else so far, but a lot of where the stuff is located can be found pretty easily by searching for the text IDs of the R-button stuff in question.

major thanks to GabrielKnight for the beast mug and icons :smile:


Looks nice. It’s not too important, but can you still R select affinity? IIRC the little hand is always on the right side (thus off screen) isn’t it?

you mean the word (now “Fatigue”), or the icon itself left of the name?
yes for the former and no for the latter

Is… the icon not affinity? But yeah I meant the icon. If I was was talking about fatigue I would’ve said fatigue.

But okie, yes.

You already posted an image of fatigue selected, too.

no it cant be selected with the R-button, but I might if I put the icon to the right of the name

I’m beginning to feel like a hack god, hack god


Have some more progress. Custom skills are pretty much go

Sorry about the crappy quality

A few issues I’m having. I’d rather they be closer together, so the dev can fit more of them together. I like the size currently too, but I think 16x16, while smaller, would be better. Again, so the devs can fit more of them. What if I want the final ruins boss to literally have 12 skills? The big gaps seem unnecessary. While most people shouldn’t ever need more than 5, it can’t hurt to have room for more. Not to mention if the icons are smaller, 16x16, you have room for that STR/MAG split everyone wants so bad.

… Those icons are without a doubt 16x16…

I do think the icons should be more “packed in”, though. Having them spaced out looks a little awkward.

Oh, I thought he was saying in the SF thread he wanted to use 20x20 because 16x16 was too small. In that case, the size is fine.