FE8 Skill Ideas

I made a topic like this already on serenesforest.net so I figured I may as well make one here as well, to expand the pool of ideas. Recently, I’ve been working on rewriting the FE8 skill system and I’m happy to say I’ve so far been successful with incorporating new skills like Adept and Vengeance. What I want from you guys, are any original ideas you have for new skills. I’m mostly looking for skills that would activate based on a percent chance, but any ideas are welcome as long as they’re new I’ve basically exhausted the list of skills from other games at this point so if you have any new ideas you think would make a cool skill feel free to share

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How about a skill that works like ignis from awakening that takes some of your speed to buff your damage output. Something like that would probably be useful for the faster characters that have low strength

that’s a good point, it would be good to buff swordmasters

Off the top of my head (sorry if some of these aren’t original) -

  • Use (Str + Skl)/2 rounded up for Mt instead of Str. Would always activate.
  • Ignis using Skl instead of Str/Mag.
  • +1 staff range?
  • Weapon triangle advantage becomes 2x effective damage in addtion to other bonuses (would apply both ways?)
  • A skill that boosts might if the unit attacked the previous turn as well (is this doable?)
  • A skill like the Auto-Potion ability in Final Fantasy Tactics, only with either guarenteed activation on enemy phase but only on the first attack of the enemy phase, or (Skill + Luck)% chance. (Would it only be able to use basic vulneraries or higher tier healing as well?)
  • Status effect resistance/immunity? Or a skill that allows the unit to recover from status in fewer turns.
  • A skill that heals whenever the unti moves based on how far the unit moved (like Arch’s proposed Charge ability.)
  • Something like the Lucky 7 skill in FE13 (boosts stats for the first few turns of battle - would that be a gradual decline or the same buff all the way to the deadline?)
  • Copy Attack - Skill% chance of adding another attack that mimics the opponent’s attack with the same Might and effects.
  • A skill that passively boosts a unit’s stats based on how many allied units are next to or near it?
  • Invoke: replaces the attacking unit with a monster of a given type for the duration of the combat round (the “summoned” monster never appears on the map - Skill% activation?); any damage the monster takes partially carries over to the actual unit.

Some of these might sound really broken but oh well. They’d make more sense in my personal hypothetical FE setting where units have skills innate to the character, so… Also I’m not sure how many of these are even possible in the FE8 engine.

“Something that relies on Luck” is my instinctual reply. I’m of the belief that Luck should be a much more useful stat than just adding to avoid/crit avoid. A skill that adds Luck to Crit instead of Skill/2? Might be too minor to bother even having as a skill, though… Could be useful for those classes that are hardy but get no crit bonus and aren’t conducive to crit-type weapons.

Or maybe something like Great Shield but for magic, and activates with (Luck)% chance to halve or negate magic damage?
There could also be a skill to prevent Nosferatu/Sol from sapping HP, but that wouldn’t be worth the trouble to implement since those things are already very situational (unless there were more HP-sapping weapons added, which is unlikely).

in order:

  • could probably do pretty easily
  • could do easily
  • ranges are weird
  • I can try it
  • probably not
  • can you elaborate on this more, please?
  • maybe I could just say to clear the status after every battle
  • maybe possible. i have to see where the number of tiles traveled is stored
  • could probably do that easily
  • might have weird side effects
  • maybe
  • are you mad, woman?

also in order:

  • maybe maybe not
  • the former is definitely possible

Basically, if the ability triggers, the unit automatically uses the first healing item in their inventory immediately after the battle. If that unit was defending, that unit still gets their action on the next turn.

But I’m a boy! I need another avatar.

Sounds prone to glitches

Okay, then how about : “u mad bruh?”

Underdog: Adds (Enemy Level - Your Level) to weapon MT. If negative value round up to zero.

Retribution: Adds +5 crit/10 HP damage taken (a unit’s max HP is 44, let’s say he has 4 HP currently so that’d be 5 * 4 = Crit +20).

Blitz: Grants the unit mounted re-movement after a kill (nerfed Galeforks).

I also didn’t notice this until I went digging for skill stuff through my old docs but at some point Yeti and I made up a list of all the series’ skills.

7x Skillz REDACTED

First is easy
Second I’m not sure what you mean. Do mean max-current or strictly how much damage was done in a single previous attack
Third can just be done with nightmare

I’ll look at the doc in a minute

Second one is +5 crit for every 10 HP under the unit’s max. So if you’re at 24/44 it’s +10 crit. Not just damage taken in a one battle. If you’re referencing 7x at all, it’s like Guts.

Third I’m not really sure what you mean? You can do that in Nightmare since when? NL’s patch adds after attack to all canto units (which itself could stand to be a separate skill for an upgraded Canto), the idea is that Blitz would only happen after a kill like Galeforce but instead of a whole extra turn you just get to use the rest of your movement.

oh ok then thats easy-ish

oh only after a kill I see
the game has a boolean somewhere for if the enemy is killed so I guess it wouldn’t be too bad

I looked at the doc and it looks like the only original ideas are the FE7x exclusive ones and I don’t think Yeti would take kindly to me using his ideas

It’s mostly just a list of the series skills I figured that might be handy to have in one place, I forgot the 7x ones were even in there.

A variant of Deliverer (+2 mov when rescuing) might be nifty too.

that should be easy

New doc with redacted FE7x skills I put up a page for concepts if people wanted to share the spreadsheet and jot them down in one place.

oh that’s really cool thanks :smile:

If anyone’s interested, here’s Tear Ring Saga’s list of skills: http://lparchive.org/TearRing-Saga/Update%2058/ - at bottom of page. I’m not even sure there’s anything new there though (some FE skills are under different names), since the game’s basically Fire Emblem in all but name. Still, if anything looks interesting, or if Arch wants to add those to his series skill list for comprehensiveness or something.

Also, this is a probably a horrible idea due to how broken it would likely be (for LTC at least), but what about a modified FFT Teleport? (that is, the unit can, instead of moving and taking an action for the turn, the unit can teleport to any assessable square, but if the unit would teleport beyond their normal movement range the skill would have a 10% (20%?) chance to fail and waste the unit’s turn for each space beyond the limits of their range. I also have an idea for something like FFT Throw Item - a unit would be able to use healing items and such from 1 (2? 3?) range instead of just on themselves, but that’s probably not possible in the FE8 engine. (Maybe if the unit couldn’t heal themselves with healing items, though…)

(obligatory “I haven’t actually played FFT but I watched a stream of it”)

Oh hey, I like the way that teleport skill would work. A chance at completely wasting the turn? Amazing. Maybe cap the failing chance at 95% though, so you always have a 5% chance to teleport anywhere.

the former sounds near impossible but the latter might not be

I talked about this with more details on the sf thread but I’m making progress with a display system
Here’s a teaser/example of what I was able to do using random icons in the VRAM as an example

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