[FE8] Self-Randomizing Rom v1.5

Link to UPS patch (FE8U)

What’s Self-Randomizing?

This is a rom that randomizes itself - meaning that no two playthroughs will be alike!


Randomization options


Tactician name as seed value

Random classes for players and enemies

Random Growths (& Bases)

Random Personal Skills

Random Weapon Stats

Random Chest and Event Items

Palettes That Might Be Janky Because That’s Part Of The Charm

v1.5 changelog:

- Options for max and min growths per run, NOT COMPATIBLE WITH PREVIOUS VERSION SAVES

v1.4 changelog:

- Option to prevent playable characters from randomising into monsters
- Random map music option

v1.3 changelog:


- Random Class Skills option: Shuffles all learned skills per class! (innate skills e.g. Canto/Shove not shuffled)
- Skill Scrolls (learn a random skill) added to drop list and prep screen shop
- Amnesia Scrolls (forget a learned skill) also added
- Thracia Mode! Put "776" somewhere in your seed to give everyone Capture, set Hit to 1RN and between 1-99!


- Stats no longer overflow/underflow (e.g. demon king HP)
- Dancers and Bards animations don't crash if they double
- Flashy mode now works in vanilla! (all boss kill attacks show the critical animation)
- All items can be sold or discarded
- Debuffs now clear properly between chapters
- Scripted battles end correctly when one character dies
- Nosferatu and Devil Axe fixed in Vanilla Mode


- Skills learned per class redistributed to reflect the new skills available
- Wary fighter removed from dancers/bards since it doesn't crash any more
- When forgetting a skill, you can press R to see the skill description
- Fixed various Capture glitches

Other useful things:

- Press Select at the stats menu to view stats/growths
- You can buy a lot of useful things at the prep screen armory
- Hold L to toggle battle animations on/off
- Hold A to speed up battle animations (and B to pause them)
- Press Select to view Danger Zone
- You can shove/drop/etc onto most terrain, useful if you're stuck
- Use the Konami code if you're really stuck
- If you plant the right seed you may find it sprouts into a secret game mode
- Press R on the Donate to Circles screen to find out how to donate

Known Issues

  • Trying to back out of the unit menu after doing a Talk/Support can show the conversation again

What does it all randomize? Just the characters or does it randomize recruitment, weapon stats, bosses and so on …

Exactly what it says in the OP (will be adding weapon stats and other stuff in future)

But can it give me any info on Fire Emblem for the Nintendo Switch 2018?


This would be cool. Hope it goes well, I missed the janky palettes in randomized FE8 so much.

I will admit those non 5 incremental growths are making whatever small amount of OCD I have, go off.


Enter the Konami Code when Knoll Crits.


Oh man this looks like so much fun. Great work as always circles! :grinning:


Update: Inventories should be fixed now, thieves stay thieves, manaketes/dracozombies removed from the randomization pool


Fixed weapon breaks and valni tilesets (which caused it to crash when trying to show the route split)


I’d like to report that I encountered a situation where Franz would freeze the game whenever he targets or is targeted for an attack. I forgot to screenshot it unfortunately, but the only thing unusual of him that I can remember was the skill he had. Down with Arch, I think? Something like that. If it happens again on this other save I’ll test it more.

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Huh, well I dunno why that would be but for now i’ve just made the skill do nothing since nobody’s name starts with Arch anyway

Arch is a super secret extra charecter in the final version.

You mean this isn’t FE16?

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Update: classes are now randomized by chapter and game - resetting chapter will no longer change the class of your units, and all units of a class within a chapter will become the same new class, to avoid the map sprite vram limitation. Also fixed a couple other minor things.

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Eirika’s Rapier was droppable once, for some reason. Not too much of an issue though, it went away when I went to Chapter 1. Same happened to Gilliam just now as well. This is neat to play around with, faster than randomizing normally at least. 1d12 sounds like a fun skill.

EDIT: The Seth-Eirika support displays the Adept description. From the support log seems like a lot of supports are like this, I guess it’s part of the patch.

EDIT 2: Didn’t grab a picture, but an Enemy Thief stealing an item doesn’t have the blue background when it says “The [item] was stolen”



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Update again: Cleaned up broken skills, increased likelihood of healing items a bit, other minor fixes. Also gave many classes Shove so they can traverse mountains more easily.


Every time I resummon a phantom after it dies, it comes back with 0 HP.

I tried moving him, but he disappeared.

Well, not exactly. Seth can’t summon another one and it still shows up in the Unit/Status menus.

Encountered a very fast Bonewalker in Difficult mode Prologue. His friends weren’t anything special though.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a – Speed mage:

This hack is really cool.

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Might be because phantoms have base 1hp which could get randomized to 0 or something, I’ve made HP always at least 1 for the next release


Seems like village destruction is tied to the specific AI of the enemy, and the myrmidons probably replaced the usual pirates. Interesting

Handaxe animation seems kind of off. The guy still has his axe after he throws it.

Other than that, the only thing I really noticed is the lack of promotion items in enemy inventories. I guess because they are randomized and you can buy Master Seals in the battle prep armory anyway.

EDIT: Didn’t notice any droppable door keys from anyone. This results in basically no door keys since all/most of them are droppables from enemies that will get randomized inventories. Mainly a problem on Eirika Chapter 14 if Colm isn’t alive and there are no staffers to use Unlock.

EDIT 2: Just a personal thing but I think I can still progress by grinding in the Tower of Valni to raise the money to promote Shaman Cormag. Oof

EDIT 3: Promoted Cormag into a Summoner but he can’t summon though he has the skill.

EDIT 4: Rennac is a Druid. Maybe because he comes as a Rogue and not a Thief

v0.9 update:

  • options menu upon new game
  • tactician name used as randomizer seed
  • buyable door and chest keys
  • cheaper master seals
  • demon king inventory fixed
  • dark magic inventory fixed