[FE8] Self-Randomizing Rom v1.3


I’m not sure what you can do about this and it’s not a glitch more of an absolute disaster of a skill called devils reversal which landed on the brigand class which just gives them a usually around 25%chance to hit me and then I die because I got unlucky and the specific map I encountered in had like 20 brigade. Anything I could do?

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That’s rude.
Get luckier.

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Hey man, sometimes you get fucked luck during a randomizer run. That’s what makes them fun!

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You know you turned out right because even though it sucked I hear it and i actually don’t regret it, not for a second


So I have some bugs to report. I don’t know what I did, but I can’t beat chapter 4. I defeat all the enemies and then it doesn’t actually end the chapter. CultivatedFinch reported this same problem back in February. Another user on a different forum that was trying out this randomizer also reported the same thing: https://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3890888&userid=0&perpage=40&pagenumber=1#post495557095 (link might not work, i don’t know if the paywall is up right now)
I tried using the Konami Code to see if it would get me out of the situation since you mention using it if you’re really stuck, but I have no clue what it’s supposed to do and it didn’t seem to do anything the many times I tried inputting it. Is there any way around it or is my run just over now?

Another bug or weird interaction to report is that I think the Grisly Wound skill isn’t working right. I’ve noticed that if an allied unit attacks an enemy while adjacent to a unit who has the Grisly Wound skill, the allied unit ends up taking the damage from the skill instead.

Edit: I looked around and someone on Something Awful helpfully mentioned that the Konami Code allowed for Enemy Control. As it turns out I was inputting it wrong too. I’ve made it past the chapter, but it’s weird that it fails to complete itself in the first place sometimes.


One Google Translate later…

I think I’m still just as confused. At least he will definitely support it!!!


this is why pinyin only bad

I think they mean that someone else thought that you needed English to make a feu account but he was able to make an account with only Chinese or smth along that line
I think Google translate read the first halfish second line wrong, since one pinyin spelling could refer to many different Chinese characters. My guess is that it would be 之要是活文 rather than 只要是活问-what I think it means would roughly translate to only need 活文 or whatever it is-im guessing it means Chinese? rather than the Google translated version which sounds like gibberish to me since I actually don’t know Chinese very well but according to Google translate is “as long as it is alive”(I think literally it would mean "a pair needs is alive question or smth along those lines)

tldr get google pinyin


There is definitely something wrong with the Grisly Wound skill. In my run, Seth has it as his personal skill and it’s been affecting everyone. But I made it to 5x where he’s not deployed, and my units are still taking 20% of their max HP as damage every time they attack, even if they one-shot the enemies. How can the skill of a unit that’s not deployed still be affecting everyone on my team? I looked at all the enemies on 5x and none of them have this skill. None of my allies do either. So unless the skill gets randomly placed on weapons as an effect, there’s something bugged about it.

If I could use an Amnesia Scroll to forget the skill I would, but you can’t forget personal skills.


I wrote that one. Thanks for reporting it. I’ll look into it soon.

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thank you very much!

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I’ve noticed something a bit off regarding dropable items on enemies: they seem to be dropped after the first round of combat regardless of whether the enemy is killed or not. The item still appears as dropable in the menu afterward, just whoever attacks also has it now. It doesn’t drop again after the enemy’s killed, so it looks like it’s just doing the transfer early and doesn’t have something in place to update the inventory since they’re supposed to be dead when that happens.

Edit: Just checked, it does drop the item multiple times, just not for the same person. Attacked a guy with a vulnerary with three different people, got three vulneraries.


I know this is really specific, but I’m running this on a calculator emulator and this patch makes the game way slower then just the base version and I was wondering if there’s a version of this patch without qol improvements that could cause slowdown. Again probably nobody but me has this problem but it would be nice.