[FE8] Sacred Stones "Anything Goes" PME (Accepting Map Submissions)

Hello! This is a PME of Sacred Stones. Playable Cast and Bosses all taken, only Creature Campaign units left! Item slots are all taken! Map slots in high demand!

As an “anything goes” PME, you can edit units, maps, weapons, items, classes, sprites, music, and mechanics. Anything that can be done via FEBuilder.

Eirika and Ephraim routes are alternated with a split army. In terms of edits, the same character who joins in different routes will be treated as a separate unit. (Innes, Saleh, Duessel, and Knoll exempt)

Name a replacement character if you wish. Otherwise just provide a chapter number and method of recruitment. You aren’t limited to vanilla FE8 slots.

Maps are also being modified. Please provide a map file at the bare minimum (tilesets from FE6 and 7 can be used). Positioning, events, and reinforcements are entirely optional but recommended. No rout maps please :pray:.

No hard limits on submissions. Please provide the creators of any assets used so I can give proper credit!

Character Submission Guideline
  • Role (player/enemy/NPC)

  • Name

  • Gender (add pronouns if you wish)

  • Affinity

  • Class

  • Level

  • Bases (include both Str/Mag)

  • Growths (include both Str/Mag)

  • Inventory (personal weaponry allowed)

  • Weapon Ranks

  • Portrait (regular format)

  • Description

  • Death Quote

  • Personal Skill

  • Credits

  • Any other pertinent information

Base ROM
  • All classes gender-neutral (Priests promote to Bishop/Valkyrie)
  • SkillSys added
  • S rank limits removed
  • Support range increased to 3
  • All promotion items Master Seals
  • Member cards no longer required for secret shops
Edits Applied

Taylor: ScatterShock added
TheEmeraldKing267: Flame Lance added
VelvetKitsune: Oswalt added
Ysor: Argent Bow added
amema003: Scire, Caledtyph added
Goose: Missiletainn added
Taylor: Marianne added
Ihavedepression21: Mani Katti added
Ihavedepression21: Dagger added
Ihavedepression21: Edging Blade added
Ihavedepression21: Falchion added
Sage-Artz_Vz: Paradise Lost added
Shadow_the_halberdier: Trident added
Sage-Artz_Vz: Yamato added
Sage-Artz_Vz: Salvation Lance added
Sage-Artz_Vz: Rebellion added
Ihavedepression21: Hollow Purple added
Ihavedepression21: Reverse Cursed Technique added
Taylor: Twil’ta added
Ihavedepression21: Sword of Extermination added
Ihavedepression21: Adaptation added
Sage-Artz_Vz: Elthunder added
Sansthecomic: Uzumaki added
Ihavedepression21: Pain added
Sage-Artz_Vz: Stormblade added
Sage-Artz_Vz: Dragonstone added
UncreativeName123: Earendel added
Goose: Wolf Beil added
Ihavedepression21: Gaster Blaster added
Taylor: Henriette added
Ihavedepression21: Ragnell added
Ihavedepression21: Laguz Friend added
Sage-Artz_Vz: Swiftedge added
Ihavedepression21: Virtuous Tyrfing added
Ihavedepression21: Holy War’s End II added
Ihavedepression21: Heir to Light added
AnneEgge: BS Buster added
Taylor: Mysana added
UncreativeName123: Psalms added
Ihavedepression21: Crimson Moon added
Sage-Artz_Vz: Ryūtsume added
Ihavedepression21: Nerfed Flametongue added
Goose: Dancer’s Blade added
Ihavedepression21: Dancer’s Ring added
UncreativeName123: Stigma added
Ihavedepression21: Libera added

Taylor: Promoted mounts given Canto+
Taylor: Unpromoted units given Canto+ at level 15
Fringus: Eclipse accuracy increased to 75%
Taylor: Unpromoted mounts given 7 Mov
Taylor: Promoted mounts given 8 Mov
Goose: Armored Knights/Generals given +1 Mov
Dooderguy: Mage Knights given Swords
Goose: Fomortiis, Idun recruitable if defeated
Ihavedepression21: Lunar/Solar Brace given Luna/Sol
Tyler456780: Weapon Crit < 11 changed to Acc%
Tyler456780: Snipers gain Bowrange +1
Tyler456780: Generals gain Bows
Taylor: S Ranks given +30% Acc, +15% Crit
AnneEgge: Stone gives 0 rank
AnneEgge: Demon Surge poisons
AnneEgge: Poison damage is 7
AnneEgge: Crimson Eye pierces defense
AnneEgge: Shadowshot has 10 uses
Tyler456780: Potions heal 15 HP
Tyler456780: Mercenary units can Triangle Attack
RandomWizard: Inigo promotes to GK/Swordmaster
RandomWizard: Soldiers/Halberdiers have 40 HP, 250% enemy growth
RandomWizard: Javelins/Handaxes have 5 uses, triple price, and 30 weight
RandomWizard: Pitch-black FoW
RandomWizard: Light runes available in prep shops
RandomWizard: Mend is 1-2 range
RandomWizard: 17% chance of spawning multiple Fomortiis in Valni 1

ColeTheOne: Megalomania added (Boss Theme)

Sage-Artz_Vz: Bow Knight added
amema003: Conjurer, Wizard added
Shadow_the_halberdier: Halberdier added (Generic)
Sage-Artz_Vz: Dark Swordsman added
Sage-Artz_Vz: Dark Mage added
Sage-Artz_Vz: Sorcerer added
SilverRoy: Brawler added
SilverRoy: Amazoness added
SilverRoy: War Sister added
Ihavedepression21: Spectre added
Taylor: Ravager added
Ihavedepression21: Vanguard added
Shadow_the_halberdier: Sentinel added (Generic)
Sage-Artz_Vz: Malig Knight added (Generic)
Ihavedepression21: Holy Knight added
MissVanity: Pegasus Mage added
MissVanity: Seraph Knight added
Taylor: Saint added

Unit Replacements

Ihavedepression21: Soleil (Eirika, Lv1 Mercenary)
Taylor: Machina (Seth, Lv4 Mage Knight)

AnneEgge: Arreus (Ch1 Recruit, Lv3 Thief)
dylan: Bors (Gilliam, Lv1 Lance Armor)
Goose: Ferdinand (Franz, Lv1 Cavalier)
UncreativeName123: Sig (Ch1 Recruit, Lv3 Shaman)

MissVanity: Alex (Vanessa, Lv3 Pegasus Mage)
Goose: Owain (Moulder, Lv3 Myrmidon)
VelvetKitsune: Ingolf (Garcia, Lv5 Mercenary)
Shadow_the_halberdier: Rosey (Ross, Lv1 Pirate)

Ysor: Klein (Neimi, Lv3 Archer)
Taylor: Mayra (Colm, Lv7 Mercenary)

Shadow_the_halberdier: Trenton (Artur, Lv4 Soldier)
Ihavedepression21: Ruby (Ch4 Recruit, Lv1 Woodcutter)
SilverRoy: Rachel (Lute, Lv1 Brawler)

UncreativeName123: John (Natasha, Lv4 Monk)
Sage-Artz_Vz: Satoshi (Joshua, Lv5 Mercenary)

amema003: Sentia (Ephraim, Lv3 Conjurer)
Taylor: Macaila (Kyle, Lv1 Saint)
Sage-Artz_Vz: Aeliana (Forde, Lv6 Wyvern Rider)
amema003: Hywel (Orson, Lv7 Mage Knight)

Sage-Artz_Vz: Shauna (Ch6 Recruit, Lv5 Priest)
Ihavedepression21: The Knight (Ch6 Recruit, Lv5 Mercenary)

MissVanity: Weiss (Ch7 Recruit, Lv6 Heiress)
Ihavedepression21: Danjin (Ch7 Recruit, Lv4 Myrmidon)

Ihavedepression21: Lyn (Eirika!Tana, Lv4 Myrmidon)
Shadow_the_halberdier: Shadow (Eirika!Amelia, Lv1 Soldier)
MissVanity: Stefan (Ch9a Recruit, Lv1 Pegasus Rider)

Ihavedepression21: Hector (Ephraim!Tana, Lv4 Axe Armor)
Ihavedepression21: Fae (Ephraim!Amelia, Lv1 Manakete)

Taylor: Gerin (Innes, Lv9 Paladin)
Goose: Inigo (Eirika!Gerik, Lv12 Mercenary)
Ihavedepression21: Olivia (Eirika!Tethys, Lv1 Dancer)
UncreativeName123: Simuna (Eirika!Marisa, Lv2 Sniper)

Sage-Artz_Vz: Tharja (Ch10b Recruit, Lv10 Dark Mage)
Ihavedepression21: Mahoraga (Duessel, Lv1 Sword Berserker)
Ihavedepression21: Kaedehara Kazuha (Ephraim!Cormag, Lv5 Myrmidon)

Ihavedepression21: Gojunior (Eirika!L’Arachel, Lv10 Troubadour)
Zaq: Splart (Eirika!Dozla, Lv5 General)

Sansthecomic: Geto (Saleh, Lv1 Druid)
Shadow_the_halberdier: Cronal (Eirika!Ewan, Lv1 Pupil)

Goose: Nagito (Ephraim!L’Arachel, Lv5 Soldier)
Ihavedepression21: Yae Miko (Ephraim!Dozla, Lv1 Shrine Maiden)

Taylor: Pellia (Ephraim!Ewan, Lv2 Manakete)
MissVanity: Figard (Ephraim!Marisa, Lv2 Ranger)

Ihavedepression21: Yanqing (Eirika!Cormag, Lv10 Myrmidon)

Sage-Artz_Vz: Tiki (Ephraim!Tethys, Lv1 Manakete)
Taylor: Udren (Ephraim!Gerik, Lv3 Great Knight)

Ihavedepression21: Ephraim (Ch14a Recruit, Lv5 Brave Lord)
UncreativeName123: Io (Eirika!Rennac, Lv1 Berserker)

Ihavedepression21: Eirika (Ch14b Recruit, Lv5 Brave Lord)
Ihavedepression21: Link (Ephraim!Rennac, Lv5 Hero)

Sage-Artz_Vz: Demierza (Ch15 Recruit, Lv7 Ravager)
Sage-Artz_Vz: Sans (Knoll, Lv1 Spectre)

Ihavedepression21: L!Myrrh (Myrrh, Lv2 Manakete)

Ihavedepression21: Seliph (Syrene, Lv10 Holy Knight)

Ihavedepression21: Eliwood (Ch18 Recruit, Lv14 Knight Lord)

Goose: Dante (Ch19 Recruit, Lv15 Swordmaster)

Shrimperor: Idun (Ch9-14a, Lv20 Demon Dragon)
Shrimperor: Fomortiis (Ch9-14b, Lv20 Demon King)

Fringus: Niime (O’Neill, Lv18 Druid)
Sage-Artz_Vz: Valeria (Breguet, Lv5 Myrmidon)
MissVanity: Marrow (Bone, Lv5 Halberdier)
MissVanity: Broth (Bazba, Lv6 Mercenary)
MissVanity: Eillove (Ch4 Boss, Lv7 Thief)
AnneEgge: Acheron (Saar, Lv3 Mage)
UncreativeName123: Dominique (Zonta, Lv1 Sniper)
Goose: Wrys (Novala, Lv10 Myrmidon)
Dooderguy: Wesson (Murray, Lv3 Forest Knight)
MissVanity: Geeta (Tirado, Lv2 General)
Ihavedepression21: Eclipsa (Binks, Lv5 Druid)
Goose: Gordon Ramsay (Gheb, Lv5 Berserker)
Goose: Nyarden (Pablo, Lv7 General)
ColeTheOne: Dekka (Beran, Lv1 Summoner)
Ihavedepression21: Goku (Ch11a Boss, Lv8 Berserker)
MissVanity: Ee (Ch11b Boss, Lv9 Bishop)
Sage-Artz_Vz: Sylphia (Ch18 Boss, Lv8 Manakete)
Ihavedepression21: Yuri (Ch12b Boss, Lv8 Assassin)
Sage-Artz_Vz: Lyra (Aias, Lv12 Wyvern Lord)
Ihavedepression21: Camus (Selena, Lv10 Paladin)
Sage-Artz_Vz: Tharon (Ch13, Lv10 Hero)
TheEmeraldKing267: Jiol (Carlyle, Lv8 General)
Ihavedepression21: Ganondorf (Vigarde, Lv15 Swordmaster)
Ihavedepression21: Emblem Ike (Caellach, Lv15 Vanguard)
Sage-Artz_Vz: Lucas (Valter, Lv13 Malig Knight)
Sage-Artz_Vz: Sylphia (Ch18 Boss, Lv8 Manakete)
Sage-Artz_Vz: Vergil (Ch19 Riev, Lv16 Dark Swordsman)
Ihavedepression21: Medeus (Morva, Lv20 Earth Dragon)
AnneEgge: Shelle (Ch20 Riev, Lv18 Halberdier)
Ihavedepression21: Alear? (Lyon, Lv20 Necromancer)
Ihavedepression21: Big Chungus (Fomortiis, Lv20 Demon King)

Vacant Unit: Glen
Vacant Unit: Fado
Vacant Unit: Ismaire
Vacant Unit: Hayden
Vacant Unit: Mansel

Cutscene Unit: Klimt
Cutscene Unit: Dara

Map Replacements

Ch0: MissVanity
Ch1: AnneEgge
Ch2: MissVanity
Ch3: RandomWizard
Ch4: MissVanity
Ch5: AnneEgge
Ch5x: MissVanity
Ch6: MissVanity
Ch7: MissVanity
Ch8: MissVanity
Ch9a: Vacant (Defense, water drains at turn 6)
Ch9b: Vacant
Ch10a: MissVanity
Ch10b: AnneEgge
Ch11a: Vacant
Ch11b: Vacant
Ch12a: Vacant (Seize
Ch12b: Vacant (Split deployment, NPC escort to north)
Ch13a: Vacant
Ch13b: ColeTheOne (Player starts at center).
Ch14a: Vacant
Ch14b: Vacant (Status staff Sage in center)
Ch15: AnneEgge
Ch16: AnneEgge
Ch17: MissVanity
Ch18: AnneEgge
Ch19: Vacant
Ch20: MissVanity
Ch21: AnneEgge
Ch21x: Vacant

Valni 1: Vacant
Valni 2: Vacant
Valni 3: Vacant
Valni 4: Vacant
Valni 5: Vacant
Valni 6: Vacant
Valni 7: Vacant
Valni 8: Vacant

Lagdou 1: Vacant
Lagdou 2: Vacant
Lagdou 3: Vacant
Lagdou 4: Vacant
Lagdou 5: Vacant
Lagdou 6: Vacant
Lagdou 7: Vacant
Lagdou 8: Vacant
Lagdou 9: Vacant
Lagdou 10: Vacant


SkillSystems: Circleseverywhere, Monkeybard, Black Mage, Blaze, Tequila, Rossendale, StanH, Leonarth, Teraspark, sd9k, Kao, blademaster, Snakey1, Primefusion
S Rank Limits: Tequila
Support Range: Venno
Custom Animation Table: 7743

Bors Portrait: Lenh, Obsidian Daddy
Machina Portrait: NickT
Arreus Portrait: JiroPaiPai
Ferdinand Portrait: MeatofJustice
Jiol Portrait: thorn
Ingolf Portrait: VelvetKitsune
Splart Portrait: Zaq
Satoshi Portrait: Yasako
Acheron Portrait: SaintRubenio
Klein Portrait: PlantAcademy
Sentia Portrait: LaurentLacroix
Owain Portrait: BatimaTheBat
Mayra Portrait: MeatofJustice
Lyn Portrait: Plant_Academy
Shauna Portrait: GabrielKnight
Niime Portrait: Lenh, Obsidian Daddy
Soleil Portrait: Zorua
Vergil Portrait: Fenriel
Gordon Portrait: MeatofJustice
Dekka Portrait: Daffodil
Gojunior Portrait: Kanna
Gerin Portrait: Raymond
Mahoraga Portrait: fenriel
Tharja Portrait: Garytop
Rachel Portrait: CapibaraInSpace, SilverRoy
Geto Portrait: Melia
Big Chungus Portrait: Levin64, Citrus
Tharon Portrait: Wasdye, Nickt
Sylphia Portrait: Armory
Sig Portrait: UncreativeName123
Hector Portrait: Eldritch Abomination
Demierza Portrait: LaurentLacroix
Ike Portrait: Spoon_Rhythm, Archth
Valeria Portrait: JiroPaiPai
Lyra Portrait: Levin64
Lucas Portrait: Levin64
Hywel Portrait: MeatOfJustice
Nyarden Portrait: Sme
Fomortiis Portrait: L95
Alear? Portrait: UltraxBlade
Seliph Portrait: Melia
Shelle Portrait: AnneEgge
Alex Portrait: LaurentLacroix
Macaila Portrait: Blade
John Portrait: UncreativeName123
Ruby Portrait: Garytop
Aeliana Portrait: Ghostblade
Goku Portrait: Garytop
Fire Dragon Portrait: UncreativeName123
Inigo Portrait: Garytop
Olivia Portrait: Redbean
Dominique Portrait: SirNicee
Simuna Portrait: UncreativeName123
Yae Miko Portrait: Yasako
Camus Portrait: Garytop
Nagito Portrait: Yang Kai
Weiss Portrait: Nobody
Medeus Portrait: Frigid
Io Portrait: UncreativeName123
Ganondorf Portrait: Garytop
Link Portrait: JeorgeReds
Yuri Portrait: HyperGammaSpaces
Ee Portrait: Alexsplode
The Knight Portrait: Nuramon
Eclipsa Portrait: Kanna
Dante Portrait: Wasdye
L!Myrrh Portrait: Wasdye
Tiki Portrait: BatimatheBat
Danjin Portrait: Levin64
Wesson Portrait: Zarg
Pellia Portrait: HusbandoEmblem
Marrow Portrait: SSHX
Kaedehara Kazuha Portrait: Damo(Archer)
Eirika Portrait: Redbean
Ephraim Portrait: MrGreen3339
Broth Portrait: RandomWizard
Geeta Portrait: monk-han
Eillove Portrait: Vallite
Wrys Portrait: Blueyguy
Fae Portrait: Redbean
Udren Portrait: Levin64, Yasako
Yanqing Portrait: flasuban

ScatterShock Icon: Celice
Flame Lance Icon: BatimaTheBat
Oswalt Icon: CamTech
Blaze Icon: Zarg
Scire Icon: Seal
Caledtyph Icon: Peerless
Marianne Icon: Batima
Dagger Icon: Batima
Edging Blade Icon: VelvetKitsune, EldritchA, Indogutsu Tenbuki
Falchion Icon: Batima
Paradise Lost Icon: LordGlenn
Hollow Purple Icon: Zelix, Celice
Reverse Cursed Technique Icon: Zelix, Celice
Twil’ta Icon: EldritchA, Indogustu Tenbuki
Sword of Extermination Icon: Zelix
Adaptation Icon: Batima
Earendel Icon: Peerless
Henriette Icon: LordGlenn, ArchanealconProject
Ragnell Icon: Batima, Cardcafe
Laguz Friend Icon: Batima, Cardcafe
School Essentials Icon: Beansy
Virtuous Tyrfing Icon: Zelix, Seal, Batima
Holy War’s End II Icon: Zelix, Seal, Batima
Heir to Light Icon: Zelix, Seal, Batima
Psalms Icon: Snakey1
Crimson Moon Icon: AtelierLabs
Stigma Icon: Ereshkigal
Silence Icon: Zarg
Clarity Icon: Maxim
Kagura’s Verity Icon: Zelix
Moon Gradivus Icon: Batima
Dark Breath Icon: Zelix
Hew Icon: Jubby
Gloom Sword Icon: LordGlenn
Myrtenaster Icon: Zarg
Libera Icon: LordGlenn
Dragonstone+ Icon: BatimatheBat
Icestone Icon: Batima
Divinestone Icon: EldritchA, Indogutsu Tenbuk
Darting Ironthorn Icon: Ereshkigal
Soulsteal Sync Icon: LordGlenn

Megalomania .s File: RandomWizard
Alight (Storm) .s File: MysteriousDancer
Beloved Tomboyish Girl .s File: Pikmin1211

Ingolf Mercenary: SALVAGED
Ingolf Hero: Greentea, DerTheVaporeon, Nuramon
Bow Knight: Leo_Link
Conjurer: HyperGammaSpaces, Teraspark, Obsidian_Daddy, Devisian_Nights, Raulster/Alice
Wizard: Aruka, Kenpuhu, Orihara_Saki, Venno
DoogZerker: Maiser6, TBA, Intestine, Aruka, Kenpuhu, Greentea, RobertFPY, DerTheVaporeon, Team SALVAGED
Tharja Dark Mage: SteamingTofu
Brawler: Team SALVAGED, Jey the Count, Pushwall
Amazoness: Spud, TytheBub
War Sister: Leo_link, Iscaneus, DerTheVaporeon, 7743, tatutachang, TytheBub
Male Halberdier: TheBlindArcher, Spud, MeatofJustice
Female Halberdier: TheBlindArcher, Spud, MeatofJustice, Black Mage
Dark Swordsman: Nuramon
Armored Knight: SALVAGED, BoneManSeth
Spectre: Alexsplode
Sentinel: Nuramon
Ravager: Nuramon
Vanguard: xxx的戏剧 (xxx Drama)
Mage Knight Sword: Aruka, Kenpuhu
Malig Knight: Pikmin1211, Jj09, 7743, Jey the Count
Wyvern Rider Axe: TheBlindArcher
Wyvern Lord Axe: Mikey Seregon, Alfred Kamon
Idun Fix: SHYUTERz
Holy Knight: Obsidian Daddy, ZoramineFae
Pegasus Mage: Ayr
Seraph Knight: Ayr
Saint: Melia, Hypergammaspaces, Knabepicer, Feier, RiriK
Headhunter: Seliost1, FE7if
Fire Dragon: Marlon0024
Special Grade: Eldritch Abomination, N426
Shrine Maiden: Red Bean, Sable Mage
Heiress: Kermy, Jeorge_Reds
Mounted Huntress: Teraspark
Earth Dragon: L95
Guardian: Nuramon, HyperGammaSpaces
Tiki Manakete: alexmauro407, UltraxBlade
Pegasus Rider: RiriK, JeyTheCount, Greentea, Ayr
Ice Dragon: SqRtOfPi, shadowofchaos, Marlon0024
Danjin Swordmaster: Seliost1
Forest Knight: Leo_link, Team SALVAGED, Pikmin1211
Hector Brave: Nuramon
Eirika Brave: Teraspark, Toji Magia
Bald Swordmaster: Devisio, L95
Eliwood Knight Lord: Sax Marine, Red Bean, Jorge Reds, Apolo15, Nuramon
Fae Manakete: Circleseverywhere

Conjurer Map Sprite: Leo_Link, L95
Wizard Map Sprite: Aruka, Kenpuhu
Halberdier Map Sprite: TheBlindArcher
Dark Swordsman Map Sprite: Nuramon
SwordZerker Map Sprite: ZoramineFae
Brawler Map Sprite: Pushwall, Argo, Flasuban, ArcherBias
Amazoness Map Sprite: Spud, LonkFC, TytheBub
War Sister Map Sprite: DerTheVaporeon
Armored Knight Map Sprite: SALVAGED
Spectre Map Sprite: Alexsplode
Sentinel Map Sprite: Unknown
Ravager Map Sprite: Flasuban
Vanguard Map Sprite: Unknown
Wyvern Rider Axe Map Sprite: Unknown
Holy Knight Map Sprite: Pushwall
Pegasus Mage Map Sprite: Ayr
Seraph Knight Map Sprite: Ayr
Saint Map Sprite: Melia
Shrine Maiden Map Sprite: Sphealnuke
Tiki Manakete Map Sprite: Akkuma407
Forest Knight Map Sprite: Leo_Link, DerTheVaporeon
Brave Lord Map Sprite: Topazlight

Male Pegasus: SixThousandHulls
Male Falcoknight: Jeorge_Reds, Camus Regan
Male Troubadour: Pikmin1211, GabrielKnight, Maiser6, Lisandra_Brave, TBA
Male Valkyrie: GabrielKnight
Male Recruit: Waleed
Male Dancer: L95
Female Mercenary: TheBlindArcher
Female Rogue: Temp, Black Mage, Wan
Female Fighter: Black Mage
Female Warrior: Temp
Female Brigand: eCut, Skitty
Female Pirate: Nuramon, MarioKirby, Wan
Female Berserker: eCut, Skitty
Female Soldier: Dr0zz
Female Monk: Eldritch Abomination
Female Pupil: Pikmin1211
Female Journeyman: Gavvv333
Female Bard: Knabepicer
Female Necromancer: TytheBub
Gaster Blaster Spell: Puppet, Damenshi


All classes gender neutral

What exactly does that mean? Are stats and caps are the same? Do they share the same map sprites? Or do they share the same battle animations too? Sorry for asking but since you also credited the new classes/animations I’m a bit confused.


Classes themselves are unisex. Animations are determined by a table, so theoretically you can make your units look like anything you want.

  • Role: Player Unit

  • Name: Klein

  • Affinity: Ice

  • Class: Archer

  • Level: 3

  • Bases & Growths

  • Inventory
    Silver Bow
    Argent Bow(prf)
    White Gem

  • Weapon Ranks
    A Bows

  • Portrait (by PlantAcademy)

  • Description
    An Etrurian general leading one of the forces on the Western Isles.

  • Death Quote
    I can’t die like this… Clarine…

  • Personal Skill
    Bow Range +1

  • Credits

  • Any other pertinent information
    I dislike Neimi.

Argent Bow Specs

Mt(Silver Bow-3)
Crit(Cannot Crit/255)
Wgt(Steel bow weight or 10, whichever is lower)
Other: Brave, Negates crit attacks, debuff targets defense by 7.


Awesome, I’ve been wanting to create maps again since that PME with the maps was finished. I’ll start with something simple.

Replaces: Chapter 1 Escape!
Chapter Name: River Skirmish
Chapter Objective: Seize Gate
Snag HP: 15

Unit Placements

Player Placement (Place units from Prologue and recruited at start of chapter 1 here):
Screenshot 2024-06-09 165043

Green Placement (Place just Franz and Gilliam in the center):
Screenshot 2024-06-09 165128

Enemy Placement:
Screenshot 2024-06-09 170504

Shop info
  • Armory has iron and steel weapons, along with slim swords, javelins, and hand axes.

  • Vendor has vulneraries, heal staffs, and pure water.


Add reinforcements wherever you want

Map File Link


Replaces: Gilliam
Role: Player
Name: Bors
Gender: Male
Affinity: Wind
Class: Knight → General/Great Knight

Level: 1
HP: 20
STR: 7
SKL: 4
SPD: 3
LCK: 4
DEF: 11
RES: 0
MAG: 2
CON: 14

HP: 90
STR: 30
SKL: 30
SPD: 40
LCK: 50
DEF: 35
RES: 10

-Iron Lance

FE-Repo → Portrait Repository → FE6/FE7 → Vanilla FE06 (Blinking) {Lenh, Obsidian Daddy} → Bors

Description: A knight serving Ostia. Loyal and dutiful.

Death Quote: “Sorry… Lady Lilina…”

Personal Skill: Spur Resistance


Role: Player

Replaces: Seth

Name: Machina

Gender: Female (She/Her)

Affinity: Ice

Class: Mage Knight

Level: 4

Hp: 42
Str: 8
Mag: 15
Skl: 17
Spd: 14
Luck: 10
Def: 14
Res: 8

Hp: 85%
Str: 7%
Mag: 55%
Skl: 65%
Spd: 55%
Luck: 48%
Def: 50%
Res: 35%

Inventory (personal weaponry allowed)
{Celice} Anima 20

Basically just bolting but with infinite durability, 5 Mt, and with the skill Savage Blow


{Nickt} F2U OC Nidor
Portrait by NickT

Description: A vetern of the Renias Knights. Both dutiful and very irritable

Death Quote: Come on-! Just… move-!

Personal Skill: Celerity

Credits: Portrait by NickT, Icon by Celice

Any other pertinent information:

Could you edit it so every Promoted Mounted class has Canto+ instead of Canto.


It’s surprising that Renais didn’t instantly win the war considering they had this thing on their side


She’s very possesive about it.

This works, but we’ll need two or three extra starting units in the first chapter to compensate.

The post does say that units can be recruited in any chapter, so maybe some additional units in the prologue or start of chapter 1 will show up.

Bors and Machina have been added as well as the new map.

AnneEgge, do you have an idea as to what to give the enemies? I’m defaulting to Iron weaponry.

  • Role (player/enemy/NPC)

  • Name: Arreus

  • Gender (add pronouns if you wish):

  • Affinity: Thunder

  • Class: Thief

  • Level: 3

  • Bases
    HP: 21
    Str: 5
    Skl: 14
    Spd: 13

  • Growths
    HP: 60%
    Str: 30%
    Spd: 45%
    Def: 15%
    Res: 40%
    Luck: 160%

  • Inventory (personal weaponry allowed)
    Killing Edge

  • Weapon Ranks
    C Swords

  • Portrait (regular format)
    JiroPaiPai - The Hatman

  • Description: A happy-go-lucky thief. He seems to be surrounded by fortune.

  • Death Quote: Whoa, hey! Not cool. I’m outta here!

  • Personal Skill: Drive Speed (or Drive luck if possible, but I dont think skillsystems has that)

  • Credits
    Portrait by JiroPaiPai

  • Any other pertinent information

Joins at the start of chapter 1. (info about player and NPC placement in chapter 1 has been updated)


Replacing: Franz
Role: Player
Name: Ferdinand
Gender: Male
Affinity: Thunder
Class: Cavalier

Level: 1
HP: 28
Str: 8
Skl: 6
Spd: 8
Lck: 6
Def: 6
Res: 2
Con: 9

HP: 70%
Str: 50%
Skl: 45%
Spd: 40%
Lck: 40%
Def: 40%
Res: 20%

Iron Lance
Iron Sword

Ferdinand von Aegir (Ferdinand von Aegir)
(Credit to MeatofJustice)

Description: A noble from the Adrestian Empire. Overconfident but otherwise, friendly.

Death Quote: This is as far as I go. Why must it end here?

Personal Skil: Perfectionist


Both Arreus and Ferdinand have been added.

Thankfully both Ferdinand and Bors can hold the chokepoint. Machina can literally just snipe the snag on turn 1 to come help them.

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  • Role Enemy

  • Name Jiol

  • Gender Male

  • Affinity Dark

  • Class General

  • Level 8

  • Bases
    Hp: 53
    Str: 15
    Skl: 11
    Spd: 10
    Lck: 4
    Def: 16
    Res: 13

  • Growths

  • Inventory (personal weaponry allowed)
    Flame Lance. (Drop)
    Credit to BatimaTheBat
    Silver Sword.

  • Weapon Ranks
    Lance A
    Sword B
    Axe D

  • Portrait (regular format)

  • Description The cowardly king of Gra. Now an ally of the empire.

Battle Quote Grrrr. You piece of human trash! I should have killed you all back at Renais when i have the chance!

  • Death Quote Urgh… my kingdom Gra… shall not… fall here…
  • Personal Skill Vantage+ (Always be the first to attack everytime.)
  • Credits thorn for the portrait
  • Any other pertinent information
    Jiol actually will appear in Chapter 1 at the very bottom right corner. However fighting him is not required to beat the chapter. Beside Jiol is far too powerful for any of your units to go up against. Jiol is the main boss of Chapter 14A. However if you choose Ephiraim route instead, then Jiol will appear in Chapter 19 instead as a secondary boss of that chapter and not the main boss of the chapter.

Dialogue for Chapter 1 at the start of Enemy Turn 1.
Jiol: Listen up men! Don’t let a single one of those rebels escape my clutches! Put our enemies through the sword!


wait what i can actually make male characters

Role: Player
Replaces: Garcia
Name: Ingolf
Gender: Male (He/Him)
Affinity: Dark
Class: Mercenary
Level: 5

HP: +9
STR: +4
SKL: +6
SPD: +2
DEF: +4
RES: +1
LCK: +4
MAG: 0
CON: +4

Growths: (I just use 375% all up as my standard, let me know if you want it reduced!)
HP: 95%
STR: 70%
SKL: 50%
SPD: 40%
DEF: 55%
RES: 15%
LCK: 45%
MAG: 5%

Oswalt (To be detailed later)
Iron Blade

Weapon Ranks: C Sword


War-King, a title given to one of great
ferocity and skill, While a hardened
veteran, he is a bit rusty. Very dedicated.

Death Quote: “H-Hah… another scar to the collection… well, maybe n-not…”

Personal Skill: Heavy Strikes (C6)

Oswalt icon - CamTech
Ingolf Mercenary - SALVAGED
Ingolf Hero - Greentea, DerTheVaporeon, Nuramon

Any other pertinent information:
Needs the ‘mug exceed’ patch thingy to work properly.
Tile 1 X: 2, Y: 254
Tile 2 X: 8, Y: 254

Oswalt (Basically Wolf Beil, Axe PRF (The ONLY axe Ingolf can use before promotion!))

(10 WT, 10 MT, 75 HIT, 5 CRIT, 30 USE, 300 COST, 1 WEXP, Armour/Horse effective)
I think the skillsystem makes it so that if a character uses a type they can’t use they don’t get weapon exp out of it… but if when testing he suddenly gets an E in axes just set the WEXP to 0.

Animation stuff~

Hero (Durandal for normal sword, Basilikos for normal axe!)~

You can probably ignore the mercenary handaxe since he should never be able to actually use them as a mercenary in normal playthroughs, the normal axe is just so Oswalt works.


Iron weapons are fine, maybe the armor knights could use steel lances


Both Jiol and Ingolf have been added.

Since the route splits have been changed, would having him leave after 15 turns in 14a work instead?

Is this your portrait? I assumed so since there were no credits given.


Hey i do have an idea for more bosses? I propose about making the Four Hounds, Zephia, Griss, Marni and Mauvier all recurring bosses in many chapters of this pme. This is just to poke fun at that in Fire Emblem Engage the Four Hounds are the most overused bosses in that game. However there doesn’t exist portraits for any of four members of the group yet. If anyone is interested in making portraits for all four characters that i just mentioned can you let me know.

I guess that will do instead.

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