[FE8] Sacred Echoes [v1.1] [COMPLETE]

Archsage didn’t exist in Gaiden. It didn’t exist in SOV either. So it’s not likely going to get put in at this stage, sorry. Complaining about a game that’s basically done (apart from bugfixes, an extra scene, at least one support, and perhaps some songs, the game is essentially all there). Major changes like those to balance are unlikely to happen at this point.

Nomah was a bishop in both. Also his starting speed was 8 in both. He’s the “archetype” of some old person who joins lategame prepromoted with barely enough stats to scrape by, and this Nomah is buffed.

Check item descriptions using R.

He’s literally the old-ass bishop of a priory.

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Wow. thanks, i didn’t know that :smiley:
So he was like jagent with buff :smiley:

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Well i not Complaining. I just find it’s hirious for bishop that don’t have single light spell :smile:.
Nomah remain me of Super Gandhi from other tactic game :rofl: Who also call Magic lord of light and what he do is punch enemy in the face in his turn and all his spell in game is fire base which complete useless near final chapter when enemy have magic shiels that immune to fire and dark. :joy:
I really enjoy the game, the cut scene, the conversation between characters and the story too.
This may be the most amazing project i ever play. (To be fair the other romhacks are not bad either, but Support always stop at 5)

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More like what some call a Gotoh archetype! A Jagen, but for the endgame. Nomah isn’t meant to be offensive; he wants to support the younger generation, so he’s a support unit. He’s old, so he’s fairly weak. But he’s learned, so he’s a prepromote. He exists to shore up armies where players have lost characters or haven’t grinded levels, but he’s not meant to be a late game powerhouse.

It is kinda funny in retrospect, but light magic didn’t exist when Nomah was created.

Gamma could have theoretically added it into Sacred Echoes, but then it becomes an argument of what needs to be changed or added… fighting what you personally wish to be changed for fun or profit. If every single person on the playtesting team got what they wanted, everyone would be thieves, boat maps would be replaced, Conrad wouldn’t exist, the infinite pegacheese glitch would still exist, there’d be an avatar character, and so on. It’s about being faithful to the concept of Gaiden and SOV, if not the writing or mechanics of the game itself, so Nomah was left with anima magic.

Thank you. For me, at least, all the love the project gets makes the hard work worth it. I hope Gamma feels the same.


Just thought everyone would like to know that Rodney, star of Fire Emblem: Sacred Echoes, has spawned a royal rodling!


My adoration goes out to the people on the Sacred Echoes discord server and players on Tumblr who expressed their love and support of Rodney. :heart:


Hey all, currently doing a playthrough of the new update since it’s been awhile and i got to thinking. Is it possible to completely remove the backfire rate of the devil axe and shadow blade if you have max luck and hold an angel ring? That question popped up after i encountered blake.

Hey there, noticed that reverse recruitment was mentioned a bit in this thread, and was wondering if there was a rom for that specifically, or if I’d have to do it manually? And if I do have to do it manually, any recommendations on how to do that or should I just manually swap characters around using something like FEBuilder? (Also as a slightly unrelated question would I break the game if I had postgame characters like Randal or Emma join earlier in the game)

How to make reverse recruitment (or scale and swap any character):

There are two ways to do this. First, keep the unit ID, and replace the old ID with the new ID in events and such. This is good if you want to keep each character’s supports the same. The other way is to copy and paste the data into the slot you’re replacing. This is essentially reskinning a character as another. This is good if you want to make nonplayable characters beyond ID 0x45 playable and have BWL data.

  1. If the unit will change starting class, ADD THE CLASS BASES TO THE PERSONAL BASES!
  2. Increase/decrease each stat by its growth rate x the amount of levels the unit gains/loses. Remember, a 20/20 unit has gained 38 levels. Level one doesn’t count.
  3. Promote/demote the class if needed, adding or subtracting promotion bonuses.
  4. Change weapon ranks.
  5. Finally, if the class has been changed, subtract the new class bases from the personal bases.
  6. Edit the unit’s placement.

Hello, i’ve been playing the whole game to the end, i really loved it, but something bugs me a bit, is there any extra chapters and what to do to get access to them, also, where are the locations of the secret shops, i kinda missed it

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Only ones currently is the post-game boss-rush map and the side story you get from promoting Fernand before he leaves.

Secret shops are secret for a reason! Look out for weird tiles!

Helloo, I’ve ended this hack once and it’s really fun. Although I do have a few questions/comments about it. For the first one, this happened.

Fire Emblem - Sacred Echoes (11)|240x160

When I try to demote Genny into a villager, the game giltched out and her sprite blackened. Strangely enough, the pitchfork works fine on other units like Mae and Leon for example. This glitch is in 1.1v and I wonder if it has been fixed in 1.1.2v.

For the second minor question, is the infinite Paladin reinforcement in a chapter after the Mathilda rescue chapter intended?

About that, how exactly do I access the postgame chapter? A quick read through the thread says it’s south of Duma Tower, but no new spots have appeared on the world map for me. Do I need all of the bonus units first?

v1.1.2 did fix this issue.

The paladins in chapter 20A do eventually stop (after another 15 turns), but they’re meant to be a bit of pressure against taking too long.

For the postgame chapter, it will appear after you switch your lord unit at least once. (I had to do it this way so that beta-testers’ saves could still unlock it.)

Thank you, for your response! Also I want to ask another question. Is there a a complete spreadsheet for character’s base stat, growth, level, and class? Preferably with the secret post-game character included if allowed. I asked for this since I noticed some of the character are buffed and I want to do some planning for sacred springs and stat booster distribution.

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Post game? So in the end there IS going to be a post game. Please tell me you found the way to put Thabes in the game, please please please!

Hello umm i am newbie. Can i see recruitment guide? I feel missing someone maybe est?

How exactly do I update to the newest patch? I tried the app I originally used to patch it, but this time it said the rom was incompatible with the patch or something like that. Not sure if it matters, but I’m on android

Also, on Sonya’s map, can someone tell me what the all secrets are? I think I got all of them but I’m not sure. I’d also like to know all the secret shop locations

You have to patch a fresh Sacred Stones ROM again. You can’t patch over an already patched ROM.

Recruitment is almost exactly the same as vanilla SOV.

In that case, is there any way to keep my save file while still updating?