FE8 Prologue events help

Hey, FEU. I just got back here and I want to get started with a project, a reskin, that is. I feel like I am behind and want to catch up.

I have a question that really needs to get answered, so hopefully someone with great hacking knowledge will help me out. Hear me out.

I want to start simple, with a reskin. I would actually love to make a custom hack in the future. I know some stuff and think I will be okay… that is, if I can get past my first problem. For this reskin, I want to edit the whole prologue using FEBuilder, but I can’t seem to get to the event parts so I can delete them and start fresh. I can only edit Seth and Eirika on the map with O’neill and the events there, but I want to go further back to when Fado tells Seth to take Eirika and delete all that. Those are the events I can’t find, or get to. The units are there in the Unit loader, but not the events. Anyway, does anyone know how I can get to them?

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I’m not greatly knowledgeable in hacking, but you should be able to delete/edit those by first opening Start events. then open the very first event in there (Call Event).


That worked. I deleted some stuff and that got rid of the whole intro and went straight to what I wanted: Seth talking to Eirika.

There is still the very first event, the opening about the sacred stones and realm leaders, but I guess I can keep that. I am just curious, is there a way to edit those events too?

Thanks a lot for your help, I really appreciate it. :slight_smile: Now I can move on and get some stuff done.

Edit: Never mind about the other question, I actually was able to get to that by going to World Map events.

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The easiest way to find an event is to press F5.
As the game progresses, the event currently running is displayed in the debugger.
When you get to the event you want to edit, just double-click.
That’s all.


Another way is to find it from the text.
Enter the text you want to find and click search button.

Once you find the text, click on the Ref tab.

The location where this text is referenced is displayed.
Double-click it.


Wow! That’s gonna help me like… a lot with my projects. Thanks a bunch, 7743. Some call you savior, I can see why. Maybe because you created FEbuilder, but I also want to believe because you help those in need.