[FE8] Proj.Lysithea: a prototype of FE16 rework on FE8U (W.I.P)

Hello guys, this is @Mokha.

For a long time, my dream has always been to be able to build a FE16, Three Houses style system on the FE8.

Now, although there are still many imperfections, the basic system has been roughly built out as a prototype.

This is not a polish of skill system , but an SkillLite cored(Credit to @StanH ), open sourced, CHAX-style project and based on FE8 Decomp(credit to @MisakaMikoto ).

See the Soure Code here and I can’t wait for introducing you to my Garbage:

一、On System

1. Three Houses Style Magic System

As we all know, the character-based magic system in Three Houses is not counted as items. At the beginning of each chapter, the number of duration of different magic will be reset according to the character, class and weapon rank (or, mastery level of REASON).

I made a similar one:

It can also be used when unit be attacked, magic weapon will be automaticlly set if unit does not equip any weapon when as target:

The idea on construction of gaiden style magic system (by genius @HyperGammaSpaces ) is similar to this, which is also hack on BattleUnit->weaponafter seting process. However, it has with some problems: (1) The magic list can only be read from the rom, and the duration of each magic uses cannot be changed; (2) It is difficult for the character to use magic weapons to fight back when being attacked if they don’t have magic weapon item in their 5 item pockets; (3) Did not refer to the source code of Dcomp, but directly inserted the asm.

I reworked on Weapon-Setup function and make an extra Save Sa/Su space for the characters to solve more informations (suck as skills, equipped weapon, magics and more.)

2. Gambit, Three Houses style AOE attack:

also as what I pubilished previous, inflict non-death AOE damage to enemies in the area.


3. Another RNG system and Three Houses Sytel Level-Up


I have built an additional random number system so that it will be recoverable after each judgment (and does not affect the existing random number system). In this way, even if the player consumes any amount of random numbers, the growth stat at each level of the character will not change.

It is still random, if you restart the current chapter, the random number system will be reset, which will change the character’s level up.

4. Skill System and Battle System

Skill-Lite has been applied, and now skills are more closely integrated with the combat system (personally thinking). You can get into FE16re/EngineHacks/CoreHacks/BattleSystemRework to look more on it.

Let me take an example: Blow skill of Mag+6 for attacker. If you are using SkillSystem, inside the skill routine it will judge for whether current weapon is or not magic. But here you will not considering on it, just:

Put the weapon type judgement and other what should battle system work on back to Battle System, instead of giving it all to Skills like patching.


There is also a lot of work I have been polishing. For example, the unit with “Desperation” Skill attack to unit who have “Vantage”+“Quick Riposte”, The battle flow determination can now be implemented more efficiently, and the side forcast window can also display proper information. I reorganized the entire battle process, you can go to view the source code

5. Combat Art

Give unit bonus of range/Avo/Hit etc and disable attacker from double attack.




This looks incredible. Especially the gambit stuff imo. Nice work.

Awesome work so far Mokha, feel free to “borrow” the equip code off my git

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nice of you, thanks!

Something Woriking in Porcess



Those minis are so adorable.

2021.12.18 Update
Mainly working on MenuItemPanel:
Now Combat Art and Black Magic all have their Menu-Text-Draw function and MenuItemPanel:


This’ll be on the list of hacks I’ll wait for to be completed before playing. Good luck with this project

2021.12.23 Update
a polished Weapon/Staff Range Getter with Text Display fix.

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Just wanted to say that your Lysithea and Edelgard minis and portraits are spot on. Like, damn. They’re so good. I don’t know if you made them, but if you did, that’s sick.

Bookmarked this, I’ll come back as soon as I learn asm, great job.

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a more polished three houses style combat art.
also these are ram skills


has completed Unit-Status Rework and Post-Action Proc Hook.

Below is shown as unit-status debuff combat-art: gravity