FE8 PME, yay(submissions closed)(cancelled)

there’s a line in Ch2 Starting Event that moves Bone to his starting position. Change the destination in that line of code

just saiying that i needed to make some growths lower because the growths are higher than 375

i just realised, her growths equal 270, not 375

also, why she is so strong? she don’t join chapter 4?

Think of her as a jaegon

but we already have a jagen, and her growths don’t equal 375

I just used meladys starting stats and growths

well, the original joined after chapter 10, this one joins chapter 4

Just think of it as a Mekkah unit, bases over growths.

i didn’t understanded, but okay

Ah mekkah is a fire emblem pitfall YouTuber

okay then

Well, i think that it’s time for a tiny update(tiny because this pme already has 800 replies and that scares me)

I already did all the characters, just need to put little things like text and palettes, and talking about it, a lot of the units will be without pallete because was not sent, so if you want your character to have a palette you can send any time

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Hehahaha lets raise it to 1000

First person to beat Exia and get fortresse+ specifically gets free art of him.

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Time to cheat. Where’s the max magic code.

If it’s not too late here’s a portrait for Moondram and palette.
Moondram124 Final...ish

BlockX:3 BlockY:3
X:0 Y:0
W:32 H:16

BlockX:3 BlockY:5
X:0 Y:0
W:32 H:16

Palette: Wyvern Rider & Wyvern Knight

Took me the last 2+ days making him. But I’m pretty satisfied how he/I? came out~


Anna: 55537F25A514D518BF533C251F4BFF7F67393F3E94012E19DA3EFF6B342AF51C
Tressa: 55533B5FA5146F19BF53F5291F4BFF7F6739BD7394012E19DA3EFF6B342A734E
Aileen: 5553FF7FDF57DD3A501DCA41BF2717121F7F5A7E10550831FA7F3377062DA514
Aurora (Mage palette works just fine for Sage): 5553FF7FFF6B1F4B2E19DF439D27D80E316ECE4D4A41392AE95BEA43071FA514
Volke: 5553FF7FFF577C36EC10734E8C310821186331464A29B521734ECE39E71CA514
Hapi: 5553F75EF936DD3A501DCA413D0D72043446D039EA1C650C8F312D250B21A514
Lisha (Shaman): 5553FF7FFF6B1F4B2E19FF1B167A8F493A7B535E0931ED5D6A490641622CA514
Lisha (Druid): 5553FF7FFF6B1F4B2E19FF1B9E1A52093A7B535E0931ED5D6A490641622CA514
Weiss: 5553176B18221F4BFF6B925E956A177BA514EE45514E156F387794523967FF7F

it’s been a lot of time, but i came to simply ask a question, why when i tested the rom, the personal weapons of two characters simply can’t be used? i am a confused

There are a lot of reasons it might not be working, and it’s hard to know if you don’t say what weapons they are or something.

then i will be more specific, they are the weapons of Monathea and Lacer, and they simply can’t equip their weapons, if necessary, the weapons are a bow and a sword