FE8 PME, yay(submissions closed)(cancelled)

Could set that as having no rank if not already, that way they work for their intended character whenever (As long as the weapon locks are done up of course), I dunno how they look in FEBuilder so that’s the only thing I can think right now, maybe someone smarter than me can say something better.

Do you need any rom testers?

Ah, of course there’s always something wrong with my characters, lol.

I think I went through something like this before. It might have to do with something on the array or something in the rom could be broken(or my charcaters are cursed). It might even be the item slots… If you’re unable to figure it out then boost their starting stats to what you think is best.

I’m sorry if I’m being difficult and not that helpful.

Well…i don’t talk anything in a while right? So, i just posted this to say That this pme is probably cancelled, why? For some problems in creation unbalancement and overall that fact that i think that i should regulate more the submissions, things that i just didn’t liked, so… is just that, sorry for this, but i Just don’t want to continue


Oh dear, that puts one more to FEU’s PME kill count. Well, y’know, if you’re not having fun with it and all. Good luck with whatever you do decide to do next!


Very unfortunate, but I hope the experience you gained here will help on your next project! : )