FE8 PME, including maps (In Development)

Hello I am that lurker that created and account and posted a ROM hack out of nowhere. I have actually been around longer than it seems.

I thought I’d make a PME, while in between projects, to connect to the community a bit more, or just to stroke my ego who knows lol. However my one main issue I’ve had with PMEs being how it’s the same GBA maps, which I have played so many times before, so this PME will also include custom maps, which may be bad idea but I won’t know until I try lol.

Unit Rules

growths total can be max 300%
Can give either the base stats or a bane/boon for player units. No overpowered units (if the stars are too high across the board I will communicate with you to adjust them)
Bosses must be bane/boon, for stats
Skillsystems will be installed each unit can have 1 personal skill.
Custom weapons are fine, just make sure to list how they work they could be either hard or soft unit locked.
Some custom classes are allowed: specifically classes from other FE games such as dark knight, war monk, etc.
Anyone can be replaced by a trainee, and the trainees Don’t need to stay a trainee. (Max 3 trainees, unless you make the palletes for them)
Up to Four playable units max per person, no limit on bosses

Map Rules

Try to keep the maps to a similar size as the vanilla ones they are replacing, use the FE8 tilesets, I may allow the FE7 snow tileset but I need to check to make sure I have any unused I can replace.
You can list an enemy placement or not, either way is fine.
For now just Erika route maps, unless I get lots of map submissions then I will allow Ephraim maps too.
make sure to add any details you have for tile changes or items.
You can submit as many maps as you’d like.

Unit Template

Unit: Erika
Name: Richard
Description: uhhh idk
Class: shaman
Items: Flux, vulnerary
Skill: Forger
Stats / growths (Bane/Boon for bosses)

HP: 26 /50%
Str: 0 /0%
Mag: 5 / 30%
Skill: 3 / 25%
Speed: 1 / 30%
Def: 5 / 82%
Res: 5 / 82%
Luck: 1 /0%
Con: +1 (can be increased or decreased from class by a max of 3)
Weapon Ranks: D dark

Death quote: I died

Battle Dialog (Boss only): it’s morbing time

Map Template

Chapter name: Gheb Land
Chapter number: 9a
Picture of the map:
Link to the map file: {totally a real link.bruh}

Below this is completely optional-
Reinforcements and the turns: Fighters with steel axes turn 2-3 from the north.
Tile changes (no need to list chest, doors, and villages):
Picture of enemy/player placement:
Unit Placement
Special enemy equipment notes: all enemies have devil weapons.
Enemy skill notes: all myrmidons have pass
Droppables/stealable items: 1 fighter has a stealable red gem
Vendors/Armory items: Armory has iron weapons
Fog of War?: yes/no

Units Available

Playable -
Erika: Grant {Omnifox999}
Ephraim: Roy {Thief}
Seth: Rudyard {Florian}
Franz: Negal {Omnifox999}
Gilliam: Henry {Florian}
Moulder: Boulder {Omnifox999}
Vanessa: Anna {Lord Propane}
Ross: Renais {AnneEgge}
Garcia: Nickolas {Taylor}
Colm: Marty {Fringus}
Neimi: Ezera {Stormblight}
Artur: Galaaz {Florian}
Lute: Eliwood {Thief}
Natasha: Hector {Hector}
Joshua: Jack {Jackofbladed1991}
Forde: Lilina {Thief}
Kyle: Lyla {Aswink}
Orson (note if you want him to stay after 5x or not): Tristan {Florian}
Tana: Silvanna {Aswink}
Amelia: Amelia 2 {Fringus}
Innes: Okuu {GreatDoot}
Gerik: Mi-Nyeo {VelvetKitsune}
Tethys: Ninian {Aswink}
Marisa: Celia {Taylor}
L’archel: Dexua {Taylor}
Dozla: Dana {AnneEgge}
Salah: Nino {Ryan3921}
Ewan: Aryana {MakoQueenofAdrestia}
Cormag: Nayuta {MakoQueenofAdrestia}
Rannac: Janozs {Rushless}
Duessel: Decimus {Florian}
Knoll: Deirdre {Taylor}
Myrhh: Irina {MakoQueenofAdrestia}
Syrene: Limstella {Thief}
Creature Campaign units (They will be added in the normal game instead of postgame, feel free to specify a chapter if you wish (two cannot be added to the same chapter))
Caellach: Hiyori {MakoQueenof Adresita}
Glen: Lyra {AnneEgge}
Orson: (I will be doing this one, I have a stupid idea lol)
Valter: Anna (again) {Aswink}
Riev: Fredrick {Omnifox999}
Hayden: Evan {AnneEgge}
Fado: Darius (pending) {Taylor}
Ismaire: Karina {Taylor}
Selena: Aswink {Aswink}
Lyon: Gimlal {Omnifox999}

Bosses (in order)-
O’Neal: Batta {Omnifox999}
Breguet: Roy? {Thief}
Bone: Aaron {Taylor}
Bazaba: Barin {Taylor}
Mr. Zombie (Ch 4 boss): Dorcas {Omnifox999}
Saar: Kuraat {RNGSomeone}
Zonta: Shelle {AnneEgge}
Novala: Vidkun {RNGSomeone}
Murray: Brontes {Taylor}
Triado: Rachel {Florian}
Binks: Ignatius {TheEmeraldKing267}
Pablo: Reed {Omnifox999}
Skelly boi (Ch 11 Boss): Fargus {Taylor}
Horsy boi (Ch 12 Boss): Ninta {Taylor}
Aias: Kastilla {Taylor}
Carlyle: Alex {Florian}
Valter: Tenisha {Taylor}
Caellach: Bernard {AnneEgge}
Orson: Tristan {Florian}
Lyon: Lana {RNGSOMEONE (let me know if you want it moved somewhere else)}
Snaky gril (Ch 18 Boss): Roro {Omnifox999}
Reiv: Aswink {Aswink}
Morva: Kanovise {Taylor}

Maps Available

Prologue: Florian
Chapter 1: Florian
Chapter 2: Omnifox999 {Sieging the Fortress}
Chapter 3: Omnifox999 {Inside the Fortress Walls}
Chapter 4: Omnifox999 {Poison Banquet}
Chapter 5: RNGSomeone {A Harrowing Rescue}
Chapter 5x (God I hate this map): AnneEgge {Soldier hell}
Chapter 6: RNGSomeone {Horrors of Betrayal}
Chapter 7: AnneEgge
Chapter 8: AnneEgge {RNGfest}
Chapter 9a: AnneEgge
Chapter 10a: AnneEgge {Feathered Waters}
Chapter 11a: AnneEgge {Creeping Darkness}
Chapter 12a: Omnifox999 {Infantry, Charge!}
Chapter 13a: AnneEgge {Swift Strike}
Chapter 14a: RNGSomeone {Scaling the Tower}
Chapter 15: AnneEgge {Raging Storm}
Chapter 16: AnneEgge {Enfeebling Halls}
Chapter 17: AnneEgge
Chapter 18: Omnifox999 {Amidst the Rabble}
Chapter 19: AnneEgge {Descent into Darkness}
Chapter 20:RNGSOMEONE (who hurt you? lol)
Chapter F: I have something in mind for the final boss and map


we playin with vanilla skills only or custom ones?

I’ll have skill systems, I accidentally posted it before writing everything I intended to so I’ll be updating the post in a bit with the rest of the info.

Sounds interesting.

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well then, I’d like to suggest some changes for the peg knight and knight bases, for knights easy enough change, make their base HP 20, for pegs:
Buff their bases to:

and falcon knights bases to:

I think this will help make these classes better especially for enemies


Right, after borrowing a template…
Name: Grant
Character Replacing: Erika
Class: Knight Lord (Uses Swords/Bows) Promotes to Grand King (Uses Swords/Bows/Staves, gains C Staves on promo.)
Anims for both:
Knight Lord

Map Sprites
Knight (U) FE10-Style Sword {Unknown}-stand
Knight (U) FE10-Style Sword {Unknown}-walk

Both map sprites by Unknown
Grand King anims

Grand King Map Sprites
King (U) Generic Lance {EN, L95, Pikmin, Der, Huichelaar}-walk
King (U) Generic Lance {EN, L95, Pikmin, Der, Huichelaar}-stand
Both sets by EN, L95, Pikmin, Der, and Huichelaar

Gender: Male
Description: A dimensional traveler who just seems to keep popping up in these.
Bases: (Keep in mind, Erika has litterally no bases, so uh… yeah. Also, these should just be his stats at lvl 1.)
HP: 24
Str: 6
Skl: 7
Spd: 3
Def: 11
Res: 4
Luck: 5
Mag: 3

Growth Rates:

  • HP: 60
  • Str: 40
  • Mag: 40
  • Skl: 30
  • Spd: 30
  • Lck: 50
  • Def: 75
  • Res: 25

Inventory (up to 4 items):
Great Blade (WT 14, Eff vs Armor, 9 Mt, 75 Hit, 40 Uses, 1 Rng.)
Icon: {JPN} 4
Credits to JPN
Iron Bow

Personal Skill:

{Ghostblade} OC 4
Credits to Ghostblade


Credit to JeyTheCount

Character Replacing: Ephraim
Name: Roy
Description:The Mighty King of Pherae.
A talented and gifted genious.
Class: Lord (Roy) Promotes to Great Lord (Roy)

Iron Sword
Binding Blade
(WT 8, 15 MT, 95% Hit, 20 Uses, 1-2 RNG
Rank: Sword S, Crit: 10%)
Credit to SacredStones

Skill: Skillful Blade
Stats / growths

HP: 21 /50%
Str: 6 / 50%
Mag: 0 / 0%
Skill: 6 / 50%
Speed: 8 / 30%
Def: 5 / 40%
Res: 4 / 35%
Luck: 7 / 45%
Con: +1
Weapon Ranks: E Sword

Death quote: I died lol.


Unit: Garcia
Name: Nicholas
Description: A knight in service to Renais. Deteremined until his last breath.
Class: Armor Knight

Portrait by DertheVaporion

Iron Lance
Killer Lance

Skill: Double Lion
Stats / growths

HP: 26 / 40%
Str: 7 / 50%
Mag: 0 / 0
Skill: 8 / 45%
Speed: 7 / 50%
Luck: 6 / 35%
Def: 8 / 40%
Res: 6 / 35%

Con: +1

Weapon Ranks: C Lance

Death quote: I had this coming to me…


Unit: Seth.
Name: Rudyard.
Description: Court Mage of Renais. Helping Grant is his quest.
Class: Sage.
Items: Fire, Elfire, Heal.
Affinity: Fire.
Skill: Sol.
Stats / growths

HP: 26 /60%
Str: 0 /0%
Mag: 12 / 45%
Skill: 9 / 30%
Speed: 11 / 35%
Def: 6 / 20%
Res: 10 / 30%
Luck: 8 /35%
Con: +1.

Death quote: Forgive me, but I need to retreat.

{MegaCowsamMan} F2U OC 14

Credits: MegaCowsamMan.

I will make a color palette for him later. A question about the bases, should we write their final bases or just the personal bases that will be added to the class bases? I wrote for the former.

Edit: Sorry for any incovenience, but the old portrait had a small problem in the mini mug, so I changed the portrait for this one.


Magic Jagen those are fun, and final bases is best. I will always appreciate palletes, I can do them they just take a while when you have to do a lot of them.

I’ll also note here if no weapon ranks are listed I will just make it whatever the highest rank weapon in the inventory is for that weapon type.

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Okay got it.

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Credit to JeyTheCount

Unit: Forde
Name: Lilina
Description: Lady of Ostia.
Gentle and kind-hearted.

Class: Mage
Items: Thunder, Flux, Lightning, Master Seal
Skill: Sol
Stats / growths

HP: 18 /45%
Str: 0 /0%
Mag: 7 / 60%
Skill: 5 / 40%
Speed: 6 / 40%
Def: 5 / 30%
Res: 5 / 55%
Luck: 1 /30%
Con: +1
Weapon Ranks: E Anima, E Light, E Dark.

Death quote: I…love…you…r…o…y


The world needs a hero…and by a hero I mean something truly munted between all the sensible

Unit: Amelia
No new portrait, just same good Ol’ Amelia that we all like to see win.
Name: Amelia 2
Description: It’s OK, she’s good now, guys! Yippee!!!
Class: Recruit (But her promo line’s been changed to just Soldier, which promotes into Master Knight)
Master Knight gets D rank in all weapons upon promo, as a treat for sticking with an insanely hellish unit to train.
Animations for MK:
Map Sprites

Battle Anims

By Unknown
Master Knight (F) Lance {Unknown}-walk

Palette (Coming soon)

Items: Steel Lance, Steel Lance, Steel Lance Speedwing
Skill: Blossom
Stats / growths:

HP: 21 /63%
Str: 0 /55%
Mag: 0 / 55%
Skill: 0 / 35%
Speed: 0 / 75%
Def: 0 / 1%
Res: 0 / 1%
Luck: 0 /65%
Con: -3 (can be increased or decreased from class by a max of 3)
Weapon Ranks: D Lance

Death quote: I guess…I really DID need bases…


Fringus, Because zero bases if you want to allocate another 50% bonus to growths, so new total being 350, go ahead.

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Thanks I hate it


Is that -3 con i see thats 3 con. Broo wth i agree with DATonDemand i too hate it lol. Even if i unsee the 0 bases 3 con is like -5 speed when using iron lance and -1 speed when using slim lance the lightest weapon in the game. The Allocate she needs is 5 to con rather than 50%. Imagine being doubled by a armor knight with 4 speed :rofl:

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Portrait: Just use Moulder’s base one.
Unit: Moulder
Name: Boulder
Description: He’s got the power.
Class: Priest, but change promo options to either Druid or Bishop, rather than Sage/Bishop
Items: Heal, Moustache (Just a physic staff with less staff rank, and 10 uses. Desc.: The best 'Stache known to man.) Vulnerary
Skill: Powerstaff
Stats / growths

HP: 26 /50%
Str: 20 /0% (Yes, 20 Str on a priest. This is funny to me.)
Mag: 7 / 40%
Skill: 7 / 25%
Speed: 0 / 40%
Def: 5 / 75%
Res: 8 / 50%
Luck: 1 /20%
Con: +3 (can be increased or decreased from class by a max of 3)
Weapon Ranks: C Staves

Death quote: Hm, it seems my wonderful moustache could not protect me forever. Forgive me, m’lord.

Special thing: There’s a random tidbit I’d like to include here.

Funny Animations

Please use this for his priest anims.
Please use this for his Druid anims.


I think the point is for it to be bad lol. But yeah it takes bad to a whole new level


Ah, I realized I hadn’t given an Icon for the staff. Here you go!
The weapon should be Boulder locked as well.

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Unit: Gilliam.
Name: Henry.
Description: A mercenary of Frelia. Serious and experient.
Class: Fighter.
Items: Iron Axe, Hand Axe, Vulnerary.
Affinity: Dark.
Skill: Shove.
Boon: Strenght.
Bane: Defense.


HP: 75%
Str: 60%
Mag: 15%
Skill: 40%
Speed: 40%
Def: 30%
Res: 10%
Luck: 30%
Con: +2.
Weapon Rank: C Axes.

Death quote: Fighting with you all was a honor… I’m happy to have met all of you…

Its_Just_Jay F2E 16

You mentioned in the post we could choose between manually putting base stats or giving them boons and banes. So I hope me choosing just boon and bane is alright.

If you’re are accepting balance changes, maybe you could make it so that when a character is promoted and gains access to new weapons, instead of them gaining an “E” rank, they could gain “D” or “C” ranks in the new weapon.

Edit: I noticed that I forgot to give my units weapon ranks. Rudyard can have A in Anima, B in Light and C in staves.