[FE8] On the Edge [5* Chapters] [COMPLETE] [GONE WRONG] [NOT CLICKBAIT]

While you were all busy talking about “good design”, “class balance”, or “please for the love of god don’t make maps where you only control one unit”, I studied the blade. And I’ve come to teach you all I’ve learned.


Features of this radical hack
  • Over the top swordmaster action
  • Skills
  • New classes
  • New weapons
  • No weapon triangle
  • A focus on weapons and matchups nonetheless
  • Also pretty much everyone has 0 in all stats, should have started there
  • Epic swordmaster action
  • Very serious, dramatic, dark, compeling story
  • Cool swords
  • Open ended, puzzlelike gameplay
  • Edgy swordmasters being edgy swordmasters
  • A number of layers of irony I lost track of
  • Autosaves every turn
  • A single playable unit
  • Five chapters, give or take
  • Jokes
  • 1vs1 in Fire Emblem
Pictures that will blow your mind



Credits (Spoilers)

His World - SurfingKyogre
At DOOM’s Gate (The one in Prologue) - Sme
Venom’s Theme (The one in Courtyard) - Meat of Justice
Chaos Angel Act 1 (The one in Stairs) - Meat of Justice
Oblivion’s Joy (The one in Overlook) - Psyche
Song that may play when you fight Sans (The one in the secret chapter) - Sme
On the Edge - KrashBoomBang

Quad Retz - Zorura
Mr. Raffurens - BuskHusker, CranJam
Alguien - Uses Character Creator as a base

Status Screen Background - Kirb_1

Angel - N426

Main Menu Background - Fenreir

Improved Castle Tileset - N426
Village v2 Tileset - flasuban, N426, ZoramineFae, Venno

Female Swordmaster - Greentea
Protagonist - Redbean
Ninja - Pikmin and Der
Gold Knight - Nuramon

Map sprites:
Knight - Salvaged
The other knight sprite that’s used in Overlook - Agro
Swordmemer - N426
Ninja - Der
Gold Knight - Hypergammaspaces

All that weird shit in the Rom that’s not actually used in the hack:
Please ignore all that! I’m lazy and stupid and reusing my Rom from other project.

-------------->Download the Patch Here <------------
Tier List Maker


I laughed, I cried, I died. Highly recommend this hack, a really unique experience that pushes what a fire emblem hack can be. 11/10.


The world’s first lose inspired hack.
Don’t miss it.


This hack is truly peak.


There are entire games, vanilla and romhack alike, inferior to the mere tutorial of this piece of art. Don’t miss out, or you’ll be missing in too.

Possible unironic bug?

EDIT: are these guys supposed to have 0 DEF?


Played the tutorial and cut myself on all the edge. Played the first turn of the next chapter and Nekhbet proceeded to do the same.

This hack will go down in the annals of history.


Really interesting concept, excellent jokes, and well thought out puzzles: what’s not to love? Played this with a group of friends in discord and we all loved it. The tutorial is really good, and the later maps threw in enough unique twists that the game never felt stale. Map 4 is probably the weakest one, obviously the map is built around clever use of killing intent, but I found myself almost never using it. The strongest one is probably the finale, it took us about an hour to figure out what to do for the second bit alone, and we were all cheering when we won. My only minor gripe is that I wish there were more tools like lunge that you got access to in maps 2-4. There’s not a lot of progression, intentionally so, but it still feels weird.

I eagerly await the sequel

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A joke hack that doesn’t seem to just spam ancient memes? Sign me up.

Made a few fixes and minor updates, including the armor issue mentioned above.
That said, there’s two known major bugs I should mention. There’s the black screens that happen when resuming after a game over, wich I’ve been told is a skillsys issue so it will be more of a hassle to fix. For now resuming after reseting the game has no issues. Explaining the second bug has minor endgame spoilers, so…


Opening the chest sometimes opens a very bugged convoy. This seems to be unrelated to the event, so for now I have no idea about what’s causing it. The one time I managed to get the bug myself, resetting seemed to fix it, so try that? If anyone figures out something, tell me.

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