FE8+ Light Redux Release

Hello! I’d like to say welcome to my first FEBuilder Project.

While this is not the most adventurous Redux of an FE game by any means, I hope anyone who plays it finds FE8 slightly more fun.

This originally started as just me making Scorched Sands into a not trash map but just expanded as I realized how easy it was to do so much in FEBuilder and I progressively added (or removed a few annoyances) to FE8 a Fire Emblem game I hold a lot of fondness for.

The most notable changes are:


Scorched Sands is now a “Defeat both bosses” map

Phantom Ship now has an alternate “Recruit L’Arachel” objective to end the map

Hamil Canyon Cormag spawns turn 2

Restored Japan Secret Shop stat boosters in chapter 14 and 19

Added many more promotion items to maps, mostly droppable but a few stealable

Misc Mechanical Changes

Gate/Throne/Cliff Avoid reduced to 15

Removed Big Shield. Tirado be gone!

Reduced innate accelerated chapter 1-8 exp gain

Inserted Skill System for certain patch access while removing most of its innate features such as leadership stars, the strength/magic split is effectively null with setting non used caps to 0, viewable growths with monotone coloring and a general lack of skills in this hack.

Added Thracia Trading and Rescued Unit handling

Buyable Doorkeys

100% desert item pick up rate

Classes and Units

No unit nerfs, although Seth gets affected with significantly reduced boss kill exp

All non Paladin/Cav mounted horse classes gain +1 move (Ranger/Valk/Mage Knight/Great Lord/Great Knight/Troubadour)

Most promotion choices have been altered to be more equal, even if there is still a better option it is not as one-sided as it was prior.

Crit bonus for classes restored to FE6’s 30 crit

Armor Knights and Generals have standard infantry unit movement

Many units are given enhanced base stats/base level, but only three units had altered growths.

Falcoknights given Slayer as a Gaiden Reference, their real buff comes from higher Aid (lowered class con but buffed class speed so same Attack Speed)


A handful of prfs added to units that need just some extra help, or just for fun

Added Wind Edges in limited quantity, and a singular Storm Sword

Rapier Might buffed to steel sword might to match Reginleif being steel lance might

Some S Rank Weapons have been altered to be more rewarding to use:

  • Glenpir weight reduced from 20 to 12 weight and made monster effective
  • Nidhogg bonus into +5 speed
  • Ivaldi now has +5 magic
  • Vidofnir 17 might, one less weight
  • Excalibur less heavy at 10 weight (-3 from vanilla)

Supply stores up to 200 items but if you save and exit, supply gets cut down to 100 and you lose the items. Save states can easily mitigate this but I will just have a standard 100 if people encourage it.

Turncounts seem slightly messed up at the end with a chapter 0 but you can just subtract that from the rest of your turns.

If you find any else please do not hesitate to mention it

Patch Link

Detailed non unit Changes

Unit Changes


My deepest thanks go out to everyone who helped me figure out builder along the way while I was making this. Namely, the FEU discord server members helping with random questions, and the main discord servers I like to hang out in giving feedback when I had questions whenever I popped up. There are many people who have playtested this hack already and it makes me happy you were willing to play and give feedback on something I made.

I would like to make an especially large thanks to KrashBoomBang for walking me through my first eventing change and is why I didn’t give up within 15 minutes trying to understand FEBuilder. He was almost always around for me to ask questions and ideas. Later he also ended up being the first person test and finish FE8+ and pointing out errors I originally missed in my run.

And of course, I hope you all enjoy and are willing to give feedback!

6/12: My Dropbox account got deleted somehow so just replacing the patch location with a google drive link. No major changes but I think I fixed one item that was meant to drop but didn’t a long time ago and never published that update.


Buff Ross.

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Ah, redux hacks… The pastime of the FE hacking community! And also a great way to learn the ropes of how to make a hack. Looking forward to what you make next. Perhaps an original project?

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Hm, it is fun using FEBuilder and getting creative with it… but I don’t have any striking ideas right now.

Although I might play around with the difficulty of enemies, just for myself to see. If I think I found a good sweetspot maybe I’ll update this with an extra patch. Don’t count on anything though.