[FE8] 【JP version Complete】The Nameless Heroes

Hello everyone!
I’d like to announce a project I’ve been working on since 2017.
The project is made in FE8J, but the story takes place in the setting of The Binding Blade (FE6).
Thanks to my friends Pikmin1211, ヒューマン主義 (Humanism), Vlak, and blue punch, an English translation is completed up to the end of Chapter 8.
The hack was created using Event Assembler in conjuction with FEBuilderGBA.
You can also patch the FE8U ROM.

Even if it is not encrypted, the assets inside are not free.


・ FE8N’s Skill System
・ 2 new commands, Capture and Refuge
・ Guide conversations for every chapter
Similar to Advanced Wars: Days of Ruin
・ Shields from FE2/15
・ Custom music, animations, and mugs
・ 25 chapters and 5 Side Story chapters
・ A base system
A map you visit bewteen chapters that allows you to shop, support, and have special dialogues.

Planned Features:

・ A route split with 2 seperate endings
・ More custom animations
・ A full translation

Plot Summary:
The Etrurian special forces commander, Isaac, caused some form of incident, which caused him and his allies to be chased out of the country.
To make a living, Isaac and friends began working as mercenaries, roaming the continent.
Until one day, the group meets a female knight, Lizzy, who changes their fate.

The setting is the Western Isles, before the beginning of The Binding Blade.
On the islands, the governors and lords impose high taxes and labors on the residents.
Isaac and his group are dragged into a great conflict on the islands.

Translation Notes:
The story translation is completed up to the end of Chapter 8. In addition, all playable characters have their names, descriptions, and quotes translated. All characters have their names translated. The UI (menu options, class names/descriptions, item names/desciptions) is also fully translated.
Supports and the Lore menu are not currently translated.



We are also always looking for helpers and contributors. If you would like to contribute maps, graphics, etc, are able to help with the tranlsation, or would like leave feedback on the gameplay, story, or translation, please leave a comment, or join us on Discord!

FE3 :

EN - For FE8 9/22update!
JP-For-Fe8 complete TNH


Nice to see this here. Have enjoyed playing this a lot.

If you like Thracia then this is a good one to try out.


Super excited for our release! I hope everyone enjoys.


You had me at the Valkyria Chronicles 3 character expies.

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Edgy cowboys? I’m in.

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It look so good. Can wait to play it


Where the HECC is Pikmin’s Japanese name? He deserves one.


Fe6 and Western Isles…
Is there


Echidna - Goddess of the West (西方の女神 Seihō no megami )



Pikmin isn’t already Japanese?!?

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Some of the texts is missing Anh%20Hung%20Vo%20Danh-3 Anh%20Hung%20Vo%20Danh-2 Anh%20Hung%20Vo%20Danh-1


Thanks for the report, the fixed version will be uploaded soon.

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Edgy cowboy reminds me of Joe from Dragalia Lost.

Other than that, I hope this hack rises up.

Chap 2 the archers has d rank but cannot use iron bow, is this intentional?Anh%20Hung%20Vo%20Danh-5 Anh%20Hung%20Vo%20Danh-6


Thank you for playing.
The “Guide” mistake has been corrected.
The bow problem was not reproduced.
Can you give me save data?


I don’t know how to post gif and can’t post videos right now but in that save file : that archers maps sprites is shaking non-stop
Anh%20Hung%20Vo%20Danh-3 Anh%20Hung%20Vo%20Danh-2 Anh%20Hung%20Vo%20Danh-1

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Thank you for the report.
I confirmed it.
It seems that it will take time to find bugs because it cannot be reproduced.
The save data was corrected.
Use this!


Can’t use longbows either . I hope there’s another archer/nomad/bow-knight

Are you using the above saved data?

Yes. I dunno why it happens. Re-downloaded ups files won’t help fixing it.

Use this Sav instead of a UPS file.