[FE8] [Incomplete] Dawn of the Dark 0.1 [6 Chapters]

!! WARNING !! This page contains spoilers for the ending of Host of the Dark. I highly recommend that you play and complete Host of the Dark before playing Dawn of the Dark.

Cloigeann. A continent laying to the west of Magvel. Much has happened since Cloigeann’s last tale was told, a new stage has been set.
So, the curtains rise yet again, the Demon King’s awakening is at hand and this time he will not stand alone. The Sol Kingdom, one founded by the hero of the Lost War, Sal, has long since pledged support for Demonkind. Perhaps this cycle will mark the end of Demonkind’s long struggle for salvation, only time will tell.

The sequel to Host of the Dark is finally here! An FE8 Hack created using 7743’s FEBuilder.

This hack aims to tell an engaging story with tight and explosive gameplay, giving the player a variety of different tools and weapons to work with to topple powerful enemies and challenging maps.

Download + Credits

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I look forward to getting feedback! The feedback I get from this patch will determine the course of this hack’s future!



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I wish you luck

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Figured I should update you all on how things are going.

Chapters 1-6 have been completed and are currently in the process of being played by playtesters. 7 and 8 also have their maps finished.
Story writing has definitely slowed down the development process as there’ve been some pretty big revisions and additions, mostly to the worldbuilding and how Cloigeann interacts with Magvel.
I’m sure you guys want some screenshots so I’ll post a few



I dpn’t particularly like Sol’s design, but that’s a me problem.

Serenity as a retainer? Not an ancestor? I though Sal x Serenity would be canon, but looks like it isn’t.

Man, am I eager to use the demon generals! Lots of hype here.

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Welp, I wish I had read that part before writing anything. It’s not that Serenity x Sal isn’t canon, it’s just that Sal’s wife will influence on the kid’s personal weapon. Sure, I’ll take it.

It’s a pity that you weren’t able to release a demo before the end of FEE3, as you wanted. But hey, I was there when The Sun God’s wrath had only 5 chapters! If I had patience for that, I have patience for this.


Thank you for all the support i highly appreciate the enthusiasm! As always the discord server is open for beta testing but there will be a patch publicly released soon enough


Hey all
Been a while since I posted here lol

Progress has been pretty slow over the past 2 months due to refinement of HotD and real life obligations but as of now chapter 7 is being completed at a steady pace and I’m a lot happier with the gameplay of the current build. I’m sure y’all would like some screenshots so I’ve prepared some to go with this progress update. No scheduled release yet, sorry.

Screenshot 2023-11-16 171138
Screenshot 2023-11-16 171102
Screenshot 2023-11-16 165940
Some maps.

Some unique weapons and a look at how the guide will be utilized.

In addition the rewind function present in HotD will make a return and a sort of ‘augury’ mechanic will be present where once a map starts you can get more information on what’s ahead and potential dragon veins.

Oh yeah dragon veins are a thing too.


Hey everyone big day today! First patch has been released, I look forward to everyone’s feedback!



Not even 5 minutes later: how can Fidem be an option for the bloodline choice? They are both men, it’s impossible to continue the bloodline :rofl:. Anyway, I’ll let it slip.

Congrats for the first release ! The hack looks very cool :tada:
When I recover from my Unicorn Overlord addiction I will be sure to replay HotD and try this sequel :smile:


I see a man of culture right here. I finished the game 5 days ago and let me tell you: that addiction doesn’t banish with just 1 playthrough.

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My opinions for now

I see some differences with the original screenshots. Sol, for example, looks very different. He looks so very young, even juvenile or feminine. Meanwhile, in the original screenshots, he looked older and tired, which in my opinion suited him better. After all, he has been fighting for centuries (I know that is not exactly how it works, but you get my point). But hey, the generals are unchanged! That’s good news for me, as I always liked their designs. However… How is it possible for Ilia to be 645 years old, while Lia is 634? Lia is supposed to be the eldest of the two, right? That’s what their descriptions in Host of the Dark says, at least.

I find a similar problem with Akaria, she looks very androgynous, something that I don’t understand unless that’s the point of the character, like with Luminan in Host of the Dark (my opinion is VERY biased on this one. Every time I have seen that model, it was used for a male character or enemy class, so my brain associates it with men). Most importantly, her personality right now is Marth nonexistent. While with Sal we saw a great development during the whole story (even before the time skip, event that left him mentally scarred), Akaria is just… Well, a basic protagonist. Now, I understand this is the first patch, so I won’t criticize that yet. Just saying I hope you do a good job with her, just like you did with Sal. And… ? Why does she have 0 lead stars?

The difficulty is perfect for now. That general with the speedwings took too long to defeat, but I guess that’s the point of it.

The Personal Data screen is a lovely detail that it’s always nice to see. Thank you, Ghost.

Nazan the “princess”? It sounds like a man’s name, but sure! In any case, I am surprised to see it is not a man because you know, keeping the bloodline instead of adopting or naming a distant familiar/random noble next in sucession line, but alright. Although it could be a typo as well, I’ve seen some of those in previous chapters. (If you make them as cute as Fidem and Luminam, I’ll approve anything you write, by the way :heart_eyes:)

The church thinks emotion is a flaw? I’m getting Tales of Berseria vibes. Are you a Tales of fan, Ghost? And who is this Mu guy and why can we name him? Our self insert, maybe?

Who am I missing? Why is there a empty deployment slot here? And why Sol hasn’t support with his generals? Specially with his daughters! Conversations between them would give their characters a lot of depth.

And that’s it for now. As you can see, it’s mostly non-destructive criticism. This is the first patch however, so I understand its lackings. I’ll eagerly wait for the next update.

Hi thanks for the feedback j really appreciate it, just gonna respond to a few things to make my intentions clear

The Sol change was mainly to better fit his personality, Sol’s very much the emotional type so as I continued to write for him I found his previous portrait was unfitting of his actions. Both of his past incarnations in Host of the Dark gave him very youthful appearances. For his current appearance to be so burly I feel is unfitting is all.

Bah I mixed up their age data ig

It’s just how I chose to present her, she’s quite plotting and also a bit hardheaded so such a portrait fits her

Plus I love gender

It’s to decide whether you want to send someone out of the way to dispell the fog or not

Also supports aren’t finished so the list is just vanilla


Makes sense. Also, I hadn’t make it to chapter 6 yet, but now I have. Activating the trap does nothing. There are no changes in the map at all. is it not implemented or just bugged?

the trap in chapter 6 raises ballistae at either side of the house, you have to select a unit to make them appear on the map.