FE8 Green Patch has STR/MAG split

So yeah, I hadn’t heard of this hack before, maybe some others haven’t either. When I say STR/MAG split, I mean “It lists all the weapon types so you can actually see the weapons you have WLVLS in, even if tomes and physical weapons simultaneously”. It does have MAG and STR as separate stats though too, so that’s a cool thing.

Janky, but it works. Any thoughts on potentially ripping the code? I know it’s Japanese FE8 but it might be useful to the English community if we reverse engineer it?

Download and info here: https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/2dhp50/fire_emblem_green_edition/

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So how many of these sprites are stolen, eh?

  1. I did not know we were capable of using imgur plugins. That’s awesome.

  2. Look carefully, there’s a missing stat. It seems that all they did was take one and replace it with another. The weapon ranks could be cool though. Especially since it still seems to leave enough space for support icons!

Have you tried getting any units to support, Klok? I wonder if/where it appears.

yeah that’s been a thing, people have thought about debugging it and getting a STR/MAG split for the (U) version of the ROM but no one has yet

Missing stat seems to be Res. Having all eight weapon levels displayed is really nice though.

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So, basically what Hex and I have accomplished with replacing Mag with Res.

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Yes indeed, this seems to be it, although they’ve taken the extra step of moving the stat so that it’s below strength.


It just replaces mag with res, isn’t that much easier to do than making a new stat, and why would anyone want to rip that. (and since Agro wanted mag=res for his hack IIRC, why didn’t you mention it to him earlier?)

Well, I failed to notice they just swapped out RES for MAG (To be fair I can’t read japanese) but in other news, what about editing the WLVL screen like they did?

It appears to the right of the Wlvls, Agro. (But it doesn’t have like a bar in the middle like it should so it’s a tad ugly)

There’s also this btw.

Woohoo, MAG as RES and skills just like FE5.

Doesn’t that look like Ray (MK404)'s Sothe mug?

When it comes to mug theft in the Japanese fandom, nobody is ever surprised anymore.

Yeah, it’s stolen. Surprise surprise, a Japanese ROM hack stealing sprites!

I content myself with amusement that while they may have some seeming technical ability, their scene is lightyears behind ours in creativity.

Even their FE4/5 hacks, which they beat us out in all aspects, are still wildly inferior to literally everything else, including but not limited to GBA/NDS/GCN/WII/ and 3DS hacking. Yeah bitches, we hacked all those consoles way before they did. We also made all the tools that they use for their GBA games (A fact evidenced by how their animations in FE7if/FEgirls/etc all use identical file structure to how FEditor sets it up.)

Oh, and we have, count them, 4 custom engines to their zero. FEXP, FEXNA, FETO, and that one HTML engine that caused a shitstorm at NCFC 2012.

Not to mention we have two randomizers for GBA.

With a complete hack randomizer in the planning stages.

If you’re counting one you’re working on yourself, I can go ahead and add a fourth being worked on by a certain other person in the fandom. (Patrick)

By worked on I think you mean “Not at all”. It’s at the absolute bottom of my priority list for the next few months at least.

Aww now im gonna cri

Hmm… there seems to be an interesting “Leadership” stat that’s replacing aid in the Lyn/Ephraim screens. Wonder what they’re using that for…?

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