[FE8/GBAGE] Trouble with getting chapter titles to change

Yes, yet another thing I’m having trouble with

So I’ve been trying to get this to work for about a week now with no success.

I’m trying to change my chapter titles in FE8, but the changes aren’t showing up.

So I’m gonna post what I’m doing and hopefully someone can tell me where I’m going wrong.

[spoiler=What I’m currently doing]

Here’s the prologue image, I click import a bitmap and get this, I change the offset for the graphics to some free space so it actually inserts and isn’t rejected for being larger than the old stuff. (the new offset is 0x1139F70)

And that’s the image that I’m inserting.

So I hit okay and it finishes:

And now I see this:

So I save and now it should be good, right? But when I load up my ROM:

It still uses the vanilla FE8 title…

Honestly I’m at a loss with this one because as far as I can tell, I’m doing everything right, but I’m clearly not because otherwise it would insert and I would have had to make this post.

You need to repoint or else it will keep reading from the old location which you didn’t change.

Ah, got it. Thanks.

Course the palette is messed up, so I’ve made a mistake somewhere else as well.

(Well either I did or the guy who made the chapter images did)