[FE8] Fren Embelm (v0.4.6) (3/5 chapters complete!) [Under Construction]

Hello everybody!

This is my first attempt of making a fun hack, don't wait for anything serious, I made this hack mainly for honing my skills at romhacking.

Fren Emblem is a Fire Emblem 8 Hack based on Vargskelethor Joel from Vinesauce and the memes and inside jokes surrounding him, this also includes a bunch of stupid and nonsensical dialogue. I mainly doing this hack to enhance my hacking abilities while I still thinking about the story of another hack that I’m doing.

Leaving the stupid story aside, I want people that can playtest this and tell me how good they feel the characters and the game flow, and also, Joel if you are reading this, go to the “Joel Only Instructions” section of the post… Which is the following one after this paragraph.

Joel only instructions

Hey there, it me Anster. You can download the Joey Edition patch that I made exclusively for you. Fire Emblem 8 is a complete different beast compared to the original one from the NES, so I added small tutorial text so you don’t get completely lost.

Don’t worry for the tutorials, I tried my best to make the tutorials cohesive and not too long… Or you can also pick the Standard Edition and argue with chat while getting One Guy’d multiple times :).

I recommend you to use Rom Patcher Js for patching a illegal completely legal rom of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (USA/Australia) for the GBA.

That’s all for the instructions!

Most of the features are:

  • HP bars
  • Enemy ranges
  • Casual Mode
  • Small balance changes
  • Custom Classes

Overall I hope that everyone who playtest the two chapters of this hack delivers feedback. If you want to send feedback (yes Joel, this includes you, but just say it on stream) send me PM here or contact me on Discord at “mranster”.

Also if someone wants to help me with portraits or with map-making it would be pretty nice… But only if any of you are willing to do it.

Have a good one!



Credits (contains minor spoilers)

Creative work

  • AmiPiyo (Joel Portrait)
  • Glofrithu (CBT Wizard Portrait)
  • Konrad_S Navidon1147 (Grammar corrections)
  • Myself (Final Boss Portraits, Bulk Bogan Portrait, Fren Portrait)
  • SSHX (Armored guy Portrait)
  • Jj09, Scraiza, Sword of HaE (Trickster Class Card)
  • Leo_Link (Trickster battle animations)
  • Leo_Link, Nuramon, Spud (Warrior battle animations)
  • GreenTea (Valkery, Paladin, Linus/Hero battle animations)
  • Huichelaar (Legion Animations)
  • IS, DerTheVaporeon, Pikmin1211 (Ephraim-Variant Repalette/battle animations)


  • Konrad_S
  • Navidon1147
  • Crra11

Current versions

Legacy versions

New update released!

Added chapter 3.
3 new units join the party.
Small map modifications.
New Custom Classes for every streamer.

The download links aren’t working for me

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what is exactly the problem?

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I’m clicking it but it’s not pulling up another page. The legacy ones still work.

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Links fixed!

I did the link insertion wrong, so it should work now!

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