[FE8] Fire Emblem - Wings Beta 2.2 [Ch 1-11]

I freaking love fliers so It urges me make a stupid crossover hack called fire emblem wings using FE8 base. Taking inspirations from fe girls and myrm emblem, characters will be all fliers in the series from shadow dragon through radiant dawn. Planned to be 21 costum chapters long without gaiden bs. The hack will be split into two playable parts(Caeda’s and Elincia’s) consist of different objectives and difficulties. Caeda chapters are focused on sieze and defeat boss objectives while Elincia’s are focused on rout and defense objectives. New items, weapons and their respective prfs will be included(obviously).

In the golden age of Altea, everyone lives in peace and harmony. Caeda had thought on planning for a child with Marth. But all of a sudden, our king of Altea has gone missing. With the disappearance of Marth, everything has gone awry and ruthless rulers had a rude intention to retake Altea. Caeda almost had a trauma and she needs to stop this catastrophe. With the help of Altea’s knights and Princess Minerva of Macedon. Caeda embarks on her quest to find Marth by flying across all nations of the world.

On the other side of the continent of Tellius, full of wars and chaos are happening. Crimea is in danger and Elincia needs resistance force of Ike. However no one had found their group and they had suddenly gone missing without any clue. Elincia is in a hurry and she had to recruit the strongest knights possible. With the success of their fortification of the attacks, Elincia has been worried of Greil mercenaries’ disappearance. No one had a clue on where they are and where they went right now. It’s on her way to recover and find them as soon as possible.



Gameplay Features and Changes:

  • Flacoknights can now use staffs
  • Wyvern Knights can now use bows
  • all wyverns can now access to axes
  • Difficulty is always set to Hard
  • Jugdral and Tellius style canto
  • Throwback to some maps from the older games


Previous version/s



That’s a really fun concept. Better watch out for ballistae, though…

me, discovering my boy Subaki is nowhere to be found



Planned to be all through fates but im too lazy to insert new classes and shit

Beta now released up to chapters 1-6 (first Caeda route) Tell me if it’s just way too hard or way too easy.

i updated the things i just forgot srry about that.

There’s this weird bug in chapter 1.
FE Wings_1642593509320

I tried to open this door but the option won’t show up for some reason. There’s a open entrance so this is a minor issue.
FE Wings_1642600362348

Palla as a Jeigan and healer at the same is so good. I think difficult is on point but if I were to suggest anything I would say nerf Minerva. Or change something about the exp I guess. Got her to level 16 already lol

I know it’s up to chapter 6 but after completing it the game goes back to chapter 1, I’m not sure if it’s intentional.


  • minerva now bulk nerfed
  • minerva removed her lance accessibility
  • balancing the amount of axe units in early game replacing with mercenaries so that minerva could get countered while other lance units can get some kills.
  • palla now hp and bulk nerfed she is now considered as your dodgy jagen
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update BETA 1.2.1:

  • an actual minerva nerf where her spd is heavily decreased. If you liked her before don’t worry she can still kick some major ass.
  • chapter 6x is now playable that let’s you play the first elincia map. Elincia chapters are supposed to be extremely challenging and puzzly forcing you to fight powerful enemies while Caeda chapters are still challenging but units are growing to become more powerful. So let me know if I accidentally made it unbeatable or not. Other Elincia chapters will be released on BETA 2.
  • newly added weapons: Alacalibur, Dime Thunder, Amiti.
  • paladin axes are now back
  • added female hero

If that face glitch in the boss conversation hasn’t been fixed yet, I had the same issue when messing with my hack. In boss conversations, you need to [ClearFace] each character before letting the other one speak. Caused me no end of grief until I tried it.


update beta 2.0.1:

  • beta 2 out now playable chapters up to 6x-11 these chapters are untested so let me know about the strange things and your thoughts on them. Is it made of bs? is it unbeatable? is it really frustrating to complete? Also the story is extremely out of place so ignore it for a while.
  • wyvern knights can now use bows
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I started over and haven’t got to the new chapters yet but I can say that you did really well with the nerfs, Minerva won’t one-round everything and the con nerfs are really nice too.

Edit: Chapter 6x is really annoying. The enemies with Aircalibur have more than 50 hit and they ohko basically everyone if they hit. The following chapter is fine though. Also for some reason the game goes back to chapter 2 after the second Elincia chapter.

It should have been fixed now. Play it with an febuilder to manage bugs or something.

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Thank you, it works now!

FE Wings_1643066890246
Elincia can’t seize. I think it’s because the game is still treating Caeda as the leader.

update 2.0.2:

  • fixed party switching error
  • did some bug fixes and rebalancing on some elincia chapters

Defeating the swordmaster boss won’t end the chapter

are the enemies cleared? Use the febuilder to clear the chapter if nothings working

i changed the entire chapter to route enemy since i cannot do anything at all

FE Wings_1643150794770
She can’t use the Silver Lance she comes with because she has B rank in lances.

Also it’s game over if the green Heroes die.