[FE8] Fire Emblem: Oathbreaker [DEMO OUT NOW] (Chapters 1-5)

Hello and welcome. Today I have for you a very special game demo I’ve been working on for almost 3 years now, and just in time for Easter.

FE Oathbreaker is a rom-hack of FE8 with a completely original story, original cast of characters with original portraits done by the very talented monk-han, an original setting and world, and familiar game-play mechanics and troupes that makes FE well, FE.

  • Original cast of 42 playable characters, all with personal skills. (16 playable in this demo)
  • A custom class system with non-branching promotions.
  • Custom overhaul of the classes skills using SkillSystems. No 2 characters will have the same exact skills based off of what they started as/what they promote into. Skills are learned at class levels 5 and 10, for un-promoted and promoted classes.
  • Beloved FE troupes such as the Christmas Cavs, Jagen unit, axe fighter duo, cute anime pegasus girl, crappy archer, and a Lord trio.
  • Custom animations from the repo for some characters and classes.
  • Custom music from the repo, as well as some remixes of songs I ripped from other GBA games.
  • Original maps with unique and varied objectives and side objectives.
  • No supports as of yet in the demo, but a full gba style support system is planned for the final release.
  • I set the animations to 2 and the game speed and text speed to fast right off the bat you’re welcome.
  • And you get a Devil Axe in chapter 1 so you know it’s a good game.

Everyone loves the cast of FEs right? Well here’s your army of units that you can get killed in the most terrible and stupid of ways. All while they praise you for your “Tactical Genius”

Name: Kumatora
Starting class: Lady
Details: The first lord of the game, you will experience the events of the story through Kumatora’s point of view. A thief turned princess, seemingly overnight. Kumatora can have a bit of a short temper and gets flustered when plans start to fall apart. (and they often do with Isaac and Joseff around) Still, a good natured, down to earth, realist. She lived a harsh life of an urchin for years and has a hard time adjusting to life as a noble, let alone as the princess of Veosia.
Age: 19
Affinity: Ice
Personal Skill: Sneak Attack: +4 damage if the foe cannot counter.

Name: Isaac
Starting class: Lord
Details: Isaac is a young gifted mage and the well-mannered crown prince of Veosia. For a male to be able to weave the arcane is near unheard of. Not impossible, but a rarity indeed. Only the most gifted or the most studious pursue such a life. Most young men fall into martial practices, while any that would be magically inclined turn toward the divine side of magic, as the Church of the Omniscient has such a huge impact on Veosia as a whole. Isaac is short (He says hes still growing) well spoken, polite, and quite most of the time, but speaks up when it’s time. Incredibly intelligent, but naive to the true ways of the world. Sheltered.
Age: 17
Personal Skill: Miracle: Survive a lethal attack if HP > 50%

Name: Abram
Starting class: Assassin
Details: The Jagen of the game. Abram is a well-versed, highly skilled weapon. His loyalty to King Vicar is unmatched due to the King saving him from a life of crime years ago. While completely formal in public view, the two men are very close old friends in private. He wears the Fire Emblem upon his clasp, a gift given to him from King Vicar during his knighting.
His daughter, Jael is his pride and joy, and the only family he has left. As a result hes taken on the role of almost a second father or uncle to Isaac.
Age: 46
Affinity: Thunder
Personal Skill: Protector: When within 2 spaces of a Lord, -3 damage taken, +15% hit.

Name: Adelina
Starting class: Cavalier
Details: The green Chirstmas cavalier. Adelina has served the royal family since childhood. Abram was one of her mentors growing up. As a result, in combat she can tend to be a bit… Brutal.
Age: 26
Affinity: Wind
Personal Skill: Pragmatic: When foe is not at full HP, attack +3 and def/res+1.


Name: Jacqueline
Starting class: Pegasus Knight
Details: A kiddish, green pegasus knight of House Chamille. Jacqueline is a young courier who delivers you a gift early in the game as a sign of good intent between House Vicar and House Chamille. Naive.
Age: 19
Affinity: Fire
Personal Skill: Quickburn: +15 Hit and Avoid. This bonus decreases each turn.

Name: Guinivere
Starting class: Fighter
Details: A woodcutters daughter who’s taken up the family business. A kind-hearted kid from the country side, her father can be a bit overbearing. She wants to see the world beyond the 10 mile radius she’s been from her home.
Age: 18
Affinity: Fire
Personal Skill: Heavy Strikes: Add weapon weight to critical chance.

Name: Rodbert
Starting class: Fighter
Details: An everyman from the countryside. His daughter is his world. Father to Guinivere, a humble woodcutter in the days since his wife left. He hides all the sorrows of a lonely father behind the biggest smile, and loudest laughter. Larger than life, his arms are the size of tree trunks. Overprotective.
Age: 39
Affinity: Ice
Personal Skill: Father’s Pride: Gain 2 damage and take -2 damage per 25% below max HP.

Name: Joseff
Starting class: Lord
Details: House Joventon’s only son and closest friend of Isaac. Strong, good looking, and personable, the young lord Joventon has everything going for him. An old friend of Isaac, they studied together at House Vicar in their teenage years. Though he was a bit older than Isaac, the two became fast friends in their private lessons. Carefree and loud.
Age: 21
Affinity: Dark
Personal Skill: Puissance: +3 Damage when the user’s Strength is higher than the enemy’s.

Name: Frances
Starting class: Cavalier
Details: The red Christmas cav, Strong, polite, and well-mannered, Frances is the paragon of knighthood. …And most of his composure is lost when he meets a fellow cavalier in green.
Age: 28
Affinity: Fire
Personal Skill: Chivalry: When foe is at full HP, attack and def/res +2.

Name: Ephraim
Starting class: Nomad
Details: House Joventon’s best mercenary client. He doesn’t take shots he can’t hit. Smart, sassy, and brutally honest, Ephraim tells it like he sees it. He does actually back up his cocky attitude in combat.
Age: 25
Affinity: Wind
Personal Skill: Outrider: Take -1 damage and gain +3% crit per space moved.

Name: Blackleaf
Starting class: Armor Cleric
Details: A mysterious wandering cleric of the “Blade” and a meticulous professional adventurer. He always has the right random object for the job on hand, thanks to his strenuous prepping. He says no man has ever seen him remove his helmet, and lived.
Age: 31
Affinity: Dark
Personal Skill: Will of the Blade: Luck % chance to not consume weapon durability.

Name: Cinder
Starting class: Mage
Details: A talented mage who you meet studying under a local witch, not by her choice mind you. Her financial situation is too tight for her to get a proper education. So she does chores for the forest hag instead, and maybe on occasion the witch will decide to teach her something useful about magic.
Age: 18
Affinity: Fire
Personal Skill: Quick Study: Weapon experience gains are doubled.

Name: Brooklyn
Starting class: Troubadour
Details: House Sauret’s secondborn. She seeks to prove herself. Always living in the shadow of her big sister, Brooklyn has recently left home for a life as a mercenary. Unfortunately she’s so paranoid that she has a hard time landing jobs.
Age: 21
Personal Skill: Lily’s Poise: Adjacent allies gain +1/-3 damage dealt/received.

Name: Seraphina
Starting class: Archer
Details: A spoiled noble from House Tricaea. She insists to see the world. She decided to travel 'cause she got bored.
Age: 18
Affinity: Wind
Personal Skill: Vanity: Gain +2 Damage and +10 Hit when fighting enemy at 2 range.

Name: Bertran
Starting class: Armor Knight
Details: A weathered old knight way past his prime, he refuses to retire and lives for adventure. Probably has a screw or two loose.
Age: 69
Affinity: Thunder
Personal Skill: Let Them Come: When under attack, damage +3.

Name: Conner
Starting class: Wyvern Rider
Details: A simpelton of a wyvern rider. Fancies himself quite the ladies’ man. Conner is a young soldier whose priorities are set more to his uh, future lineage, than his family history that he’s fighting for.
Age: 23
Personal Skill: Gentilhomme: Female allies within 2 tiles receive -2 damage.

As of now all the portraits are not f2u/f2e. This will most likely change when the hack has it’s full release.

World Map

Until I can figure out how to do the infernal world map events, here’s an image of the continent of Veosia along with pointers to where each of the High Houses are located.

In game Screenshots

KT ktbattle
Isaac Isaacbattle abram Adelina
Jacq jacq battle
Guin Rod
Guinbattle Joseff
Frances Francesbattle
Ehpraim Ephraimbattle
Brook Blackleaf2
blackleafheal Cinder
Cinderbattle Cinder2
KT Abram brook2 Brookbattle abrambattle Sera Joseff2 Joseff3 Bertran Bertranbattle Conner Sera2

Detailed Super In-Depth Guide for Difficult Parts *Warning Spoilers*

git gud


The great and talented monk-han for the majority of the custom cast
Random Wizard
Plant Academy
Sterling Glovner
Errant Shepherd
Lt Smirks

Spell animations:
St Jack

Tact Hack
FE Girls

MysteriousDancer for rehosting the repo.


Lord Glenn
George Reds


Special Thanks:
Klokinator for hosting the repo.
UltraxBlade for their massive FAQ post.
And players like you. :slight_smile:


4/8/23- Game went live :tada:

  • Fixed a visual bug when skipping dialogue in the prologue
  • Nerfed Thornes Str by 3 and Spd by 1
  • New Icon for Charisma
  • Chapter 3 is now also cleared when defeating the boss
    – You now cannot miss the guiding ring (and therefore be softlocked) if Reggie kills the boss before you steal it. You will get it in the end event if you do not already have one. (So no, you cannot get 2 by cheesing it)
  • Reggie now has a goodbye scene if he lives. Bye Reggie. :wave:
  • Fixed a palette for the soldiers in chapter 5 (They are no longer all wooden dummies)
  • Wing Spear no longer gives you 5 mag. That was weird.
  • Slight portrait updates


  • More slight portrait updates. Joseff now smiles when he should. :grimacing:


  • Nerfed all blow skills slightly.
  • Nerfed Wing Spear Mt. by 2 and hit by 5. Idk what I was thinking basing it off FE12 stats.
  • Buffed Frances’ Con by 1.
  • Buffed Joseff’s Str by 1.
  • Joseff now has a prf. weapon, which is a stronger axereaver.
  • Moved location of south door on chapter 2
  • Changed Cinder’s personal skill from Hit +20 to Discipline.
  • Changed Bertran’s personal skill from Provoke to Strong Riposte.
  • Ethel now spawns the books around the escape point instead of around herself when stealing the ring.
  • Jarred now has a ranged option. Removed his killing edge and changed his personal skill.
  • You can now buy steel swords in chapter 4x prep shop.
  • Swaped 4x’s southern chest’s armorslayer with lancereaver.
  • Kumatora and Isaac now gain support rank C after the scene in the beginning of chapter 5. You can support with up to 5 people instead of 5 convos in this hack, with only 1 A support partner. Most units only have 5 support partners anyways. Still haven’t implemented other supports and do not plan to for this demo. :frowning:
  • Minor changes to some units growth rates.
  • Slight portrait updates


  • Added Chapter 6

Apply the ups patch to a clean FE8 rom and make sure the .gba file name is the same as the .sav file name for these changes to take effect.

And of course the download link, the discord server is just to host the link for now. Please leave any feedback on FEUniverse for now.



congrats on the launch brober!

It was a pleasure to work on the portraits for this project and see how much passion you have for the stories and characters

hope everyone enjoy the demo!


I must admit the « detailed guide » catch me off-guard


also its totally in character for blackleaf

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Its a really fun demo, will wait for the rest


So I played through the demo, and I want to lay out my detailed thoughts here.

Before I start, I want to make clear that these criticisms are not to stop you from continuing the hack or completely change it against your will. From what’s in the game so far, these flaws are not due to a lack of effort. I’m going to trust that you can take these to heart and improve.


This seems to have been your main focus, considering how many characters get time in the main story scenes and how they seem to connect to each other. My issue is that there is far too much of it all. There are many chapter intros in this demo that drag due to the sheer amount of content and dialogue. Chapters 1, 2 and 5 were the worst about this to me. There were so many separate scenes going on and characters fighting for screentime that I found myself wishing that they would finally run into an enemy and let me start playing with them.

There aren’t a ton of scenes that have to be removed. I didn’t like sitting through the intro with the past heroes since that doesn’t seem to affect anything right now (And you took a lot of time to characterize several characters I don’t think we’ll ever see again), and some of the minor character scenes could have been slashed out. I feel like consolidating your dialogue and not dragging out points/jokes will really improve the player’s desire to put up with it all.

On a related note, there are many scenes that seem to be intended to be humorous/jokey. I find that these are the prime things you have to be careful with. Scenes with the party bantering or just encountering a humorous fellow were dragging for me. Especially with characters like the peddler boss or Blackleaf (I was told he was based on a DnD meme by people I was showing the hack to). This also has the effect of confusing the tone in some spots such as the end of the gaiden, where Seraphina’s scene completely deflated what was actually a fairly touching scene. You need to be careful with how you balance it and establish the kind of tone that you’re trying to go for.

On other notes, I’m note exactly a huge fan of having characters talk to themselves, especially to the amount that they do it here. If the content of your script is effective, then it should be able to convey your characters’ feelings fine with only the need of a few instances of monologuing.

The story so far seems to be going for a simple direction of passing through all the other seven lands while unfurling V’s plot. Just be careful not to make the structure of this repetitive. It can be easy to fall into a pattern of “Heroes visit nation, solve X problem, get plot ticket and move on to the next”. Not saying this is where your going with it because I don’t know for sure yet, but just be mindful of it.


The Prologue map is barely a map, so I won’t talk about it.

I find that in a lot of maps, you’re required to circle around a lot or go through very tight chokepoints in order to get all of the items. This often cause the middle of the maps to drag because in the process of getting this, all of the mobile units will come to you and get killed in the process. When it comes time to advance, most of their threat range is neutralized and you just walk through, moping up whatever is left waiting. You can solve some of these by consolidating the maps to reduce size/backtracking and better placing the items to be along the way.

I found there to be several bosses that lacked any range, but were stationary. This leaves them easy prey to all of your ranged attackers, especially the mounts that all come with Canto+. I guess letting the first boss be like this is fine, but by Chapter 4’s boss this was rather inexcusable.

Chapter 4 was my favorite one. I had to be proactive to get all of the chests and save Brooklyn (Only because she was constantly getting hit by sub-20 hit chances). The pirate brothers having a conjoined portrait was also the funniest part of the hack in my opinion.

I found myself really not liking Chapters 3 and 4x. Chapter 3 is a fog map where you constantly get assaulted by flying enemies from out of your typical view range. I lost a run where I had Cinder talk to the cyclops and two enemies flew in from way above to kill her from full health. The safe way is to just advance with the Jagen, but I wanted to get EXP with other units and people that could counterattack the books. The boss was also really obnoxious because of her high crit rate. Abram could soften her up, yes, but the dialogue about stealing her ring made me want to use Kumatora to do so, which left her in a nasty trap that I could not see coming. Especially with the boss deciding to move afterwards.

Chapter 4x has a nice story, but it is incredibly frustrating to play. With only Abram available. Gameplay came down to letting enemies attack me on a pillar and hoping enough didn’t hit and kill me. Especially with the lance cavs at the end of the map. They’re way too deep into the map and cause you to completely restart if you get even a little unlucky against them. The boss can also be tough to kill when base Abram has around a 60% chance to hit him. Throne healing and Nosferatu also presents a real possibility of Abram breaking all of his weapons (There’s enough enemies on the map to get him all the way from level 1 to 5), softlocking you since he doesn’t have access to the convoy.

On a final note, I’d advise reducing the throne’s avoid bonus. It only serves to make throne bosses more annoying and out of your control.


Be aware with the following that I didn’t use everyone equally. (I forgot to take a picture of Seraphina, but she could at least shoot down wyverns reliably, which was very useful in her join map. Also the armor knight has provoke which is super, super powerful. Be careful with that.)

Got a fair amount of favoritism from being the first lord and having bows to chunk fliers with. Being so fast is pretty helpful for her. Acrobat didn’t help a ton even in Chapter 3 because most enemies were dead before she got it.


Fairly basic mage lord. His stats seemed to get overshadowed by Cinder, so I’d much prefer using her. Miracle might be useful for baiting stronger bosses down the line at least.

I don’t like proc skills that much since it’s tough to plan around getting them, but Assassinate is horrible for a Jagen. The early enemies are set right up for him to chip down with his Iron Sword, but sometimes he’ll activate it and steal the kill. Otherwise I wish he was better in 4x, as he needed to use the Silver Sword to trade favorably against the mercenaries in it.


One of my main frontliners. She unfortunately got a bit strength screwed, but good speed and Canto+ let her wear down enemies pretty quickly for other units to finish.


Pretty obviously my most used unit. Canto+ lets her pick off enemies willy-nilly and get to her good skills really quickly. Darting Blow immediately takes care of her AS issues, and the Wing Spear will only add icing to the cake.


Got even more screwed by her strength than Adelina did. Heavy Strikes is a funny skill, and getting Death Blow will let her do some really serious damage.


Far worse at a glance than Guinivere. His skill is fairly risky to set up and his speed didn’t seem very good. Didn’t seem worth training compared to her in my eyes.


Being a foot lancer makes it really tough to stand out compared to the mounts. He doesn’t even have any PRFs to stand out with. He needed a rapier-esque weapon way more than Jacq did.


I could put accept using Guinivere as a name, but reusing one of the twin’s names for a random unit is pretty sketch. I often found this guy just too slow to double things, so he mostly just chipped with Poison Strike.


He definitely seems like the slower, stronger one compared to Adeline, but his con makes it tough to work out. Using his steel lance, he only has 9 constitution so he’ll get doubled constantly with it. If he can make up for that, he would definitely be more worthy than Joseff.


Healer knight is fairly fresh. He didn’t end up doing much tanking though, either because there were mages present or there weren’t enough axe guys to fight that couldn’t be beaten by Axereaver Jacqueline.


Insight seemed like such a nothing skill, but combining it with her Level 5 skill turns her into a high-accuracy nuke. I’d way rather use her than Isaac if the opportunity presented itself.


Heals on wheels are great, though she was constantly getting hit by bad odds. Her damage is really poor and mostly just serves to let her get something on occasion, which is probably the right way to do it.


I know I barely got to use him, but I appreciate him having unique recruitment dialogue for everyone that can get him. His growths also seem super good compared with the footies. I don’t know why I would ever use them over mounts when they have all of this AND Canto+ to work with.


I don’t have much to complain about with the portraits and art. Most characters are distinct enough from their spliced parts that I can see them as their own characters. I do want to say that the blue-haired king seems to have his blink frames glitched. Double-check that.

Also I like that there’s some extra expressions for the characters, such as Jael blushing. But when you load these in, the first portrait fades out to let the next one come in. You can have them appear instantly just like in FE7 by raw-spawning the portrait in the same slot. I’ve included a dialogue sequence from my hack as an example below:



-You may want to peruse your script again for a couple of formatting typos. I noticed a lot of spots throughout that could use extra commas to separate points.
-Many map events fade out, then refade as the next scene show up. You don’t have to clear the fade-out when loading in new backgrounds. Also use this to hide the spawning of units, as there are several instances of enemies popping into thin-air on the map during intro events.
-The Wing Spear seems to give a +5 magic bonus while it is equipped. The description says nothing about this, so I assume it’s an error. You can fix this by clearing its stat boost section in the item list.

I hope this all can help you.


Hey thanks for playing the hack, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Also holy moly that Jacq is cracked.

I’ll try to address your points in order, and have already changed some oversights you pointed out too.

Story wise I won’t say much, I’m aware the prologue is long, It originally began with Abram and the king on the road but the heros scene was added for lore and stuff. I’m aware it’s a demo, so no one really cares at this point about history and crap. Which is why I try to show rather than tell instead of an opening boring world map exposition dump. Humor is subjective, some people I’ve watched play lost it on some jokes, others I got a small chuckle out of. Can’t win them all. I’m aware of my bad habit of run-on sentences, my college English professor drilled me for this. So yes, more commas and periods in the future.

Balance wise I am aware how busted canto+ is, most mounted units will probably have their bases nerfed because of this. My design philosophy is to give the player more tools to work with and make the difficulty rise to the challenge, instead of nerfing across the board. I have not touched enemy class growths and I’m aware FE8 enemies are pretty easy. Most maps are on Hard+3 or +4, but even still. The merc on chapter 4 is a tricky boss with the range since he’s, well swordlocked. And I don’t want him promoted this early either. He does move if Isaac attacks him though, and he’s terrifying in melee.
Might just change his class to something with lances or axes but I felt merc was the most fitting for a hitman this early.

I am aware that 3 is a BS map. This was the intent kinda. :grimacing: You do have a thief, an assassin, a torch from talking with Blackleaf to Joseff, and a torch staff that drops from the first tree you kill to help deal with it. So uh, see the the detailed guide I guess? Stealing the bosses ring nerfs her mag by 5 and her skl by 10, so shes way less scary. I may make these penalties even lower down the line.
Latest patch makes the map end if the boss dies as well, so that makes the book reinforcements less scary if you can finish her.

I’m aware how much of a slog chapter 2 is when you get clumped in the alley. I will probably move the first door on the left side of the map to the middle to help with this.

Chapter 4x is tricky, but very doable. Abram does actually have access to convoy this map. So there’s no need to worry about that. He can use bows also to fight archers/ bait mages into the edge of their range. The pure water in the top chest helps with the boss fight so he doesn’t heal as much. The infinite busted vulnerary that is the Fire Emblem gives him near unlimited survivability. You can always disengage from the boss and heal. The bottom chest was originally a lancereaver to deal with the cavs, and I changed it to an armorslayer to deal with the knights. In hindsight they aren’t really a threat since they don’t move and you can just pass them. So I’ll be reverting it to the lancereaver again. You can buy iron swords in the prep screen shop for this chapter as well, and I will be adding steel swords to this shop as well. Not sure how to edit stat bonuses of tiles. If you do let me know. As for now I want to revert lethality to its vanilla gba version so you can control when you proc it by using killer weapons instead. No idea how to mess with skillsystems though. The idea is even if Abram falls off with Str he can still set up kills with lower rank weapons and kill stuff with lethality. I know its frustrating when it procs on a bandit you were gonna leave at 2 hp.

Units! Not all units are created equally, that’s for sure. Personally I am surprised you got Jacq that many kills, but the axereaver in chapter 1 helps a lot vs early brigands so she actually has something to do. Imo Guin is the worst unit in the demo due to her bases and class, I find Rod a bit more useful.
I agree that Joe is underwhelming, will probably up his bases. Not sure if I want to give him Reginleif.
Wingspear is again so Jacq can actually contribute to combat, but I guess if you funnel all your exp into her it is pretty bonkers. Fixed the mag stat gain in the most recent patch.
His name is Ephraim, sorry. His description pokes fun at this.
Frances will be getting a con buff, I just don’t want to do it too much cause it nerfs his mounted aid.
For Blackleaf and Brooklyn they use swords so they can actually do something/ defend themselves. Sword has no 1-2 so I think they perform like you said nicely, they can pick up kills at least with them.
Cinder is the glass cannon mage. Isaac is the all rounder. She will perform better in her niche most of the time. This is intended. Isaac kinda sucks.
I don’t think Brooklyn can die on chapter 4 if she does get hit she should immediately vul back to full. Her Ai is set as such, but green unit gonna green unit I guess. Will probably nerf Conner a little. Can’t nerf his def/hp cause I don’t want Sera to oneshot him accidentally in the crowd of wyverns.

Thanks for the portrait fade fix I had no idea about that. It did always bug me but I just thought that was the limit of the engine.
I cannot figure out map fades. I set them to fade to black in the chapter settings too and they always seem to fade to the map for an awkward split second.

Anyways thank you so much for playing the demo and for your feedback. Will be implementing some of the stuff you suggested. :blush:


Amazing you did such a detailed review, happy you liked the portraits! I´ll double check the king´s blinking, also felt there was something strange