[FE8] Fire Emblem Blazing Stones: FE8/FE7 Character Replacement Rom Hack V1.6

Fire Emblem Blazing Stones
Download:Fire Emblem Blazing Stones: V1.6:

Greetings, FEU. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to use FE7 characters in FE8? Then you should use this hack. My first romhack is called Blazing Stones, and it replaces the vanilla cast of FE8 with all 44 of the characters from FE7. The majority of the script and the plot are still the same as in FE8. The supports and endings from FE7 were also imported into this hack. The changes to QoL (quality of life) brought about by this hack are listed below. The inclusion of the strong 10 additional characters could make the hack very easy. Therefore, I recommend you to play on difficult and Iron-Man this. I also included an alternative patch which includes the Japanese hard mode bonuses.


Character Replacements:
  • Eirika > Lyn,
  • Seth > Rath,
  • Franz > Lowen,
  • Gilliam > Oswin,
  • Vanessa > Florina,
  • Moulder > Serra,
  • Ross > Bartre,
  • Garcia > Dorcas,
  • Neimi > Rebecca,
  • Colm > Matthew,
  • Artur > Lucius,
  • Lute > Nino,
  • Natasha > Priscilla,
  • Joshua > Guy,
  • Ephraim > Eliwood,
  • Forde > Sain,
  • Kyle > Kent,
  • Tana > Fiora,
  • Amelia > Dart,
  • Innes > Louise,
  • Gerik > Karla,
  • Tethys > Ninian,
  • Marisa > Raven,
  • L’Arachel > Isadora,
  • Dozla > Hawkeye,
  • Saleh > Pent,
  • Ewan > Erk,
  • Cormag > Heath,
  • Rennac > Legault,
  • Duessel > Vaida,
  • Knoll > Canas,
  • Myrrh > Nils,
  • Syrene > Farina,
Class Changes:
  • Rath: Paladin > Ranger,
  • Bartre: Journeyman > Fighter,
  • Nino: Mage > Pupil,
  • Priscilla: Cleric > Troubadour,
  • Dart: Recruit > Journeyman,
  • Karla: Mercenary > Myrmidon,
  • Raven: Myrmidon > Mercenary,
  • Isadora: Troubadour > Paladin,
  • Legault: Rogue > Theif,
  • Vaida: Great Knight > Wyvern Lord,
  • Nils: Manakete > Bard,
  • Hector: Ch3: Automatically from turn 1.
  • Marcus: Ch5x: Automatically from turn 1.
  • Wil: Ch6: Turn 1 appears as an NPC. Talk with Lyn to recruit.
  • Merlinus: Ch7: Turn 2 appears as an NPC. Talk with Lyn to recruit.
  • Karel: Ch10(Lyn): Talk with Karla. Ch13(Eliwood): Talk with Karla.
  • Harken: Ch10(Eliwood):Turn 3 appears as an NPC. Talk with Eliwood, Marcus, Lowen, Hector, or Oswin to recruit. Ch15(Lyn): Automatically from turn 1.
  • Wallace: Ch12(Lyn): Turn 3 appears as an NPC. Talk to with Lyn, Wil, Florina, Kent, or Sain Ch15(Eliwood): Automatically from turn 1.
  • Geitz: Ch12(Eliwood): Appears as an enemy. Talk with Dart to recruit. Ch13(Lyn): Appears as an enemy. Talk with Dart to recruit.
  • Jaffar: Ch16: Appears as an enemy. Talk with Nino to recruit.
  • Renault: Ch19: Talk with Lyn or Eliwood.
  • Athos: Final: Automatically from turn 1.
  • All 44 of the playable FE7 characters have been added.
  • New Classes: Three Lords and their promotions, Archsage, Bard, and Transporter which now can use bows, swords and staves.
  • New Weapons: Mani Katti, Sol Katti, Wolf Beil, Durandal, Armads, Forblaze, and Aureola.
  • Dancer Rings(Thor’s Ire uses 15 > 25 Set’s Litany uses 15 > 40).
  • Support Conversations imported from FE7.
  • Character Endings and Death Quotes imported from FE7.
  • Preparation Shop Expanded: Restore, Unlock, Torch/Staff, Vulnerary, Antitoxin, Pure Water, Lock-pick and Keys.
  • Rausten Vendor Expanded: Physic, Barrier, Hammerne, Fortify, Silence, Sleep, Berserk, Warp, and Rescue.
  • Assassin retains steal skill.
Quality of Life:
  • Skill System Patch: Convoy 100 > 200, Battle Stats with Animations Off, Talk & Weapon Warning Icons, Actionless Talk & Support, Select Enables Danger Zones, HP Bars, Growth Rates Stat-Screen, etc…
  • L button to skip Animations.
  • L button can cycle between enemies.
  • L button on status screen switches to prep support screen.
  • Fast unit/Text speed on by default.
  • Forced units can change their starting position.
  • Show Heal amount.
  • Units can build twice amount of support points at 5 tiles.
  • Riev and Hayden only now require 100 kills.
  • Support and Sound Room unlocked.
  • Master Seals replaced all promotion items.
  • Restore staff range increased to 1 > 3.
  • Unlimited S ranks.
Bugs and Glitches:
  • Eliwood’s or Lyn’s promotion has a minor graphical bug.
  • Potential issues with the character limit in the creature campaign.

Intelligent Systems.
Fire Emblem Universe.
Fire Emblem Wikis.
Fire Emblem Resource Repository.
Skill System Patch.
Additional patches from FEBuilder.

Old Download:Fire Emblem Blazing Stones: V1.0:
Old Mirror: Mirror Download:


I appluade you on this. I will definitely check it out.

Who does Hector replace? He’s in the screenshots but not in the list of changes.

Hector doesn’t replace anyone from the vanilla cast. He appears as an extra unit in chapter 3 because Blazing Blade has 44 playable units but Sacred Stones only has 34.

Will the bosses also be the ones from FE7?

No. The bosses are still same as FE8’s.

Why not replace fe8 bosses with fe7 boss?

O’Neill > Zagan
Breguet > Bool
Bone > Bug
Bazba > Migal
Saar > Boies
Zonta > Beyard
Novala > Zoldam
Murray > Cameron (because there no Cavalier bosses in fe7)
Tirado > Lundgren
Bink > Oleg
Pablo > Aion
Aias > Maxime (because there no Great Knight in fe7)
Carlyle > Lloyd
Gheb > Paul
Beran > Uhai (because Ranger is similar to Nomadic Trooper)
Selena > Ursula (because Mage Knight is similar to Valkyrie)
Vigarde > Darin
Caellach > Linus
Valter > Pascal (because there are no Wyvern Knight in fe7 and Vaida is already recruit by the time you get her)
Orson > Eagler
Lyon > Sonia
Riev > Kenneth
Morva > Nergal
Fomortiis > Fire Dragon

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I dont know why gerik isn’t raven and marisa isn’t Karla but looks cool.

Raven has replaced Marisa because both Marisa and Raven are enemy units in their respective games. Also Karla is a higher level than Raven.

With the exception of the playable characters, I tried to keep the game true to the original FE8.
The difficulty balance may also alter if the bosses are changed.

what does mirror download do?

It’s an alternative download link in case the main one doesn’t work.

Awesome. Now I’m dreaming of full port of FE7 to FE8 like that one dude did for FE6.

New update! Here is the changes.

  • Added New Title Screen.
  • Fixed Class Reel.
  • Fixed some portraits not fiting correctly.
  • Fix minor bugs.

So, my usual emulator only supports (U) zip files, and I haven’t found any emulators that support .ups files.
Anything else I can do?

You’ll need to extract the ROM from the zip archive, then patch the ROM with the UPS file.

There is an online patcher available here,

Isn’t the ROM the .ups file though? Or is it a different file?

It’s different file. The Rom is .gba file.

Sorry, I know I’m asking a lot of silly questions.
The zip file only had 2 .ups files, the title image, and two text files.
Am I missing something?

ROMs can’t be packaged alongside patch files due to legal reasons (I assume). It’s your responsibility to find the proper ROM file to patch