[FE8] Fire Emblem: Blade Of Grief [7/30 chapters] [v0.2.1 - Balances and Map Reworks]

Hello today I announce my hack Fire Emblem: Blade of Grief. The hack is built off of fe8 with the use of FEBuilderGBA

It is a project I have spent the past few years working on, so my only hope is that it is an enjoyable experience in some sense of the term. Regardless if it is or isn’t please give feedback it can only help.

Currently this is only a 7 chapter hack with a planned 30 [not including gaidens]

  • Slight stat and growth arrangements

  • Slight map and enemy place ment adjustments

  • All 1-2 axe and lances no longer crit and have had a slight wt increase with the exception of the hachet

  • Further fixing of spelling mistakes and ch1 rewrite

0.2 update
  • Ch 1, 2 and 6 have seen a dramatic size reduction, open to future changes of all chapters

  • Hidden items have been moved and now are marked on map with “odd” tiles

  • Many units have received slight buffs and growth changes
    Of note:
    -Sammy has had a significant increase to his bases and to the stats of his personal weapon [Obtained in Ch 3x]

    -Rose has had her growths reshuffled and bases lowered [she has also lost her leadership star as this was an unintentional oversite]

  • Sapling tome now only boost growths by 5% as oppose to 10%

  • Spelling errors have been fixed [“your” welcome ;)]

Credits and Download

FEbog - Google Drive

Plot Summary

The continent of Vallen houses four nations each with different values and beliefs. It is a land of great instability with past wars turning the countries into isolationist and hostile nations. It is in Vallen’s most unstable land, Safir, that mercenaries are essential due to no single ruling power holding the nation together, each noble [or bandit] rules their own land with coin.

A group of these mercenaries, known as The Ivory Mercenaries, are hired by the noble Sir Garno to transport goods to the north western country Galiall, however they eventually find themselves taking part in the conflict between Galiall and its southern neighbour Donta that is tied to the history of Vallen.

Features & Details
  • Only one Gaiden is present in this release [3x] it is akin to ch 31x [Battle Preparations] from FE 7 in that you shop and talk

  • Many magic and melee mixed class options

  • promotions are separated by items for example a F!mage uses an elysian whip to become a witch or uses a guiding ring to become a sage

  • Skill System and Leadership

  • New weapon sets [such as killer, reaver etc.] and weapons in general!

  • Thieves, assassins and rouges are locked to “Daggers” E rank swords only these classes can use Daggers

  • Slight restructure of magic

    • Anima has different range and stats based on type [fire (standard), thunder(better range and might but higher weight), wind(flying effective), ice(1 range but high power and low weight)]

    • Dark Magic every tome has a different effect such as Brave or nosferatu

    • Light has low weight, between 10-20 crit and boost certain stats but lacks might


Special Thanks
  • spiritNinja for help with mugs and text

  • Pandan for his Fire Emblem design videos

  • 7743 for FEBuilderGBA

  • Klokinator for the FE-Repo

  • Repo contributors many hacks couldn’t exist without you

  • The critics down below

Known Bugs
  • Most Vanilla FE8 Cutscenes crash the game at some point however, they can all be skipped easily

  • In Ch 5 and Ch 6 the victory/winning map music cuts off and does not loop


I already can see you need to work on the maps. Make them smaller.

This is very unbalanced. Everyone except Rose is utter trash. Lucca gets killed by every enemy unit in the game. Everyone’s rates are lopsided and terrible, except Rose’s. Sammy might actually be the worst unit in the game?

Sammy's rates make him unuseable.

Rose is far too strong

Rose is so strong, she can do everything. She can:

  • Heal
  • Attack
  • Has very strong combat growths and bases
  • Terrain costs are all reduced to 1
  • Light magic has killer crit bonuses
  • Comes with a rate boosting item
  • Has 38 base Hp, more than any other unit
  • Has leadership stars
  • And all enemies in battle with her have a chance to hurt themselves instead

The maps are dreadfully large, it takes too long to get across them with nothing interesting to make going through them worth it. And no one has the supply skill, so no one can get items you send to the convoy back, which is an issue on the chapter where you need keys to open doors and chests to progress.

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I realised I didn’t update the topic for version 0.2 so here it is for 0.2.1

No new chapters but the larger less good chapters have been redone to some extent

Example, Ch 1

Old Ch 1

New Ch 1
mych1 2

Further more stats, growths, and stat caps have been adjusted

Some spelling errors have also been fixed

Item stats have been redone for example 1-2 range axes/lances no longer crit [hatchet is an exception] and the Roland now has higher might and weight

Note: I have also been working on future chapters