[FE8] Fire Emblem: 7 Siblings [COMPLETE] [LET THE FEAST BEGIN]

Where’d you get that UI? Is it free to use?

I made it using HyperGammaSpace’s Tale of Ternon UI as a starting point, with his permission.

I plan to make everything in the hack formally F2U eventually, but I haven’t gotten around to formatting and organizing everything yet. That may not happen for a bit, so if you’d like to use something in particular, shoot me a DM and I can give you what you need.

Alright I’ve got a problem with 1.1. I crash right after I get the gauntlets at 9x. I don’t really want to reset my save back to square one either.

Hello, I’m sorry you’ve encountered this. I’ve seen this bug once before, and it came from a save file being corrupted before this point and that causing a problem here, not anything in particular at this point. So I’m unsure what caused this in the first place if it is indeed the same thing.

If you’d like to send me your save file, I can try to manually move you past this point and preserve your save, and then I can send it back to you after having advanced it to Ch. 10.

Hey all, a new update, version 1.6, has been released. Changes here include:

  • Tweaks to enemy placement including enemy position, weapon loadout, and reinforcement timing. Specifically, some effective weaponry has been changed or moved around to help open up your options on a couple of maps while still being threatening.
  • Various minor tweaks to player units for balance.
  • Brave weapons were given a minor uses buff.

Download link is in the opening post as always.


Hey, I just wanted to thank you for this beautiful game, I still haven’t finished, but i’ve been having a blast so far, specially with how lovely the characters interactions are. I’m usually very critical of story, characters and plot, which, to me, is often the Achilles heel of the vast majority of hacks, and your game was a very welcomed surprise in those regards, I’m super invested on the characters and in many moments they truly hit me very hard on the feels.
I just read the backstory of your process making the game and I was so moved that I couldn’t refrain from crying, the way you translated your own family story it’s really amazing, to me it’s absolutely wonderful and inspiring, thank you so much for sharing your story in such way, I wish for you and your family nothing but the best in life, health and happiness, and thank you again for this, it truly moved me beyond any other experience with fe hacks I’ve had.


Thank you for the kind words and well wishes, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the story! I hope it does not disappoint as you continue to play.

This game was great, really enjoyed it. Used all 7 siblings and the mother sometimes… but great game. If there is a sequel, i’d totally play it