[FE8] FE:BR (MOBA Emblem) (1.04)

FE:BR (MOBA Emblem)
A Single Player MOBA-style Fire Emblem Romhack
Apply to a clean US FE8 rom

what’s new in 1.04? (patch notes)

  • tutorial rework
  • hero balancing
  • map tweaks
  • 2 new maps
  • 7 new heroes
  • new hub areas
  • set default settings
  • sudden death
  • class change (every hero has 7 classes to choose from)
  • return rune (teleports user back to their tactician)
  • fishing
  • attack staff rework

bug fixes

  • the Classic Mode permit can now be properly sold (to turn off Classic Mode)
  • fixed a few heroes’ class change event displaying the wrong class name
  • fixed Lysithea’s personal weapon not giving the updated x4 weapon exp
  • Cagnas can no longer be used to farm weapon exp if the deployed hero has not reached an S rank in at least one weapon type
  • fixed Cagnas being able to be killed given specific circumstances
  • fixed Dark Spikes effectiveness against all mounted classes
  • fixed Elffin’s class change event incorrectly taking away staff weapon ranks
  • fixed Erk spawning with unusable weapons
  • updated Mage Masher with new classes
  • Creeps are now correctly unaffected by Seal skills
  • fixed bug where heroes would remain dead after a match under certain circumstances
  • all heroes previously affected by the above bug will now revive after beating a map
  • fixed bug where the player tactician could gain exp in Your Room
  • (hopefully) fixed issue where Elffin’s rings could be stolen
  • fixed bug where player heroes had innate -20% HIT
  • fixed another circumstance where Cagnas could be killed
future content

update 1.04.XX [bug fix] (as soon and as often as necessary)

  • squash bugs
  • adjust balance as necessary

1.05 (2023)

  • 2 new maps based on existing AWBW maps
  • 3 new heroes
  • expansion of the Faith system

FE Recolor

Beaker River (AW)
Max’s Folly (AW)
Climate Status (AW)
Mint Plateau (AW)
Air Defense (AW)
2020 by Walker Boh

FE5 Everything by flasuban
Updated Stronghold by ZoramineFae/N426
Castle Pandemonium by WAve
FF2 Town 2.0 by WAve, N426
Updated Cave by ZoramineFae
FF5 Caves 01 by WAve
Ultimate Old School by Deathbringer, madK, Tropicalsnowcone, xdonthave1xx, Xyssia, Dark
House Zelda Oracle Of Ages by Dark, Red Mage Moogle

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Casino Night Zone by Sme

UI Design based off of a background by Sme

FE6 portraits from “fe6blinks”
Faceless Stranger by MemeStarAlbert
Faceless Mage by AmBrosiac
Mozu by Nobody
Bernadetta Normal by Redbean
Titania by SomeDenseGuy
Cloud by SatoshiKura
Charon by NickT
Lysithea by Vilkalizer
Mogall generic by L95
Shopkeeper Anna by Epicer
Shopkeeper Granny by Epicer
Soldier Base by RandomWizard
Sue by Redbean
Roy Promoted by SacredStones
Echidna by Redbean
Cath by Redbean
Nino by Redbean
Lyn Nomadic Formatted by MonkeyBard
Jaffar Hoodless by Wasdye
Eliwood Promoted by SacredStones
Ike Ranger by Quotedotlass, Electric Serge
Meg by Quotedotlass
Ghost by Eldritch Abomination
Moloch Sorcerer U T2 Style by Huichelaar
Tanith by NickT, Stitch
Jill by NickT, Stitch
Andy by Glaceo
Petrine by Garytop
Sheena by BuskHusker
Soren by NickT, Stitch
Shinon by NickT, Stitch
Ranulf by NickT, Stitch
Priam by Glaceo
Soldier White by Nuramon
Anna FE Warriors by EldritchAbomination

Battle Animations
Cloud battle animation by FlyingAce24/Dark Seraph
Headband Archer (F) by DerTheVaporeon
Archer (F) Improved by Flasuban/DerTheVaporeon
Cavalier SALVAGED (F) by Flasuban/Team SALVAGED
Soldier w/ Ponytail (F) by Dr0zz
Eliwood Lance/Bow by Spud/Jj09/PrincessKilvas
Ephraim Weapons by DerTheVaporeon/ZoramineFae
Hector animations by Zane Avernathy/Vilkalizer
Lyn animations by Vilkalizer
Roy animations by Pikmin1211
Cleric Awakening Lissa by BatimaTheBat
Priest Buff Moulder by Vilkalizer
Monk Lucius Style (F) by Marlon0024
Shaman (F) Repalette by Markyjoe/Feaw/Shin19
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Myrmidon Fir by RedBean/Zelix
Cath Repalette by Pikmin1211/Maiser6/Skitty/GabrielKnight
Ninja (M) by DerTheVaporeon
Bael Queel by Seal
Sword Knight by TheBlindArcher
Ike Ranger by Mikey Seregon, Khrene Kleaver, Khardros
Bard by Black Mage, Temp, Wan, Eldritch Abomination, Orihara_Saki
Gwyllgi Repalette by Teraspark
Orange Star Tank by Amyd (coding formatting by Dark)
Orange Star Md Tank by Amyd (coding formatting by Dark)
Wild Wyvern by Mercenary Lord (scripted and improved by FaerieFruit)
Angel by GabrielKnight (Scripted by Skitty)
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Chicken by Eldritch
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Dread Fighter (F) by Nuramon
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Halberdier (M) by TBA
Phantom by TheBlindArcher, Arch, Skitty, Temp
Cecilia Valkyrie by Plant_Academy, ZoramineFae, 7743

Class Map Sprites
Ninja by DerTheVaporeon
Bonewalker (U) Cantor Gaiden-Style by Ryn, N426
Ike Vanguard (M) by Unknown
Ghost (U) by Eldritch Abomination
Knight (U) Sword by Agro
Lord (M) Sword Generic by Leif
Tactician by makefegayer
Mercenary (F) Sword by Agro
Sonneteer by Marlon&Louis
Knight Axe by Agro
Tank by Amyd
Md Tank by Amyd
Cursed Sword by Der
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War Cleric (F) by Der
War Cleric (M) by Der
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Lyn Blade Lord Axe by Vilkalizer
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Dread Fighter (F) by Nuramon
Dread Fighter (M) by Nuramon

Blood Tome Recolor by SHYUTERz, Lovemachine
Sword Wave by lovemachine, Mikey Seregon
Resire - SNES by MisakaMikoto
Monster Summon Normal - Melee by SHYUTERz

Item Icons
Artist Unknown
daggers+plot armor weapon icons from the f2u repository (the credit wasn’t in the file name)

Thanks to 7743 for fixing the S Rank bug
ModularGoalWindow by Contro
FreeMovement by Mokha
Prevent Rescuing by Pikmin1211
16_tracks_12_sounds by Agro/Brendor
CasualMode(Ver Flag 0xB0) by circleseverywhere, Vesly
Fix CG Fade Glitch by 7743
Sell Price Expansion by 7743
Convert Chapter Titles to Text by circleseverywhere
DancerAI by Stan
DancerRingRefresh by sme
Map Danger Zone (Select: Toggle) by circleseverywhere
Define multiple classes to suppress status display by 7743
Remove Enemy Control Glitch by Brendor/7743
Display Escape menu by 7743
Add Event: Split Menu by Stan
Add Event: Bulk Selling, Search Items by 7743
Add Event: Bulk Selling Run Sell Items by 7743
Add Event: Get Unit Status by 7743
Add Event: Set Unit Status by 7743
Add Event: Silently change the unit’s status flag by 7743
Add Event Condition: Item Check(All units and trasporters) by Kaito/7743
Add Event Condition: Item Check(Unit) by 7743
Add Event: Lose Item(unit) by 7743
Add Event: Lose Item(All units and transporters) by Kaito/7743
Add Event: Set Name of Tactician by copy from Text by 7743
Add Event: Difficulty Switching by Brendor
Add Event: GetGameOption,SetGameOption by 7743
Add Event: Death to Player Unit by 7743
Add Event: ASMC_RecoverAll by 7743
Add Event: Send unit’s all items to transporter by 7743
Add Event: SilentGiveGold by 7743
Add Event: SilentGiveItem by 7743
ExModularSave by Stan
ExModularSave with Supply 200 by Stan
FE8-Battle Stats with Anims Off by Tequila
Attack and capture enemies with reduced speed like FE5(Tequila Version) by Tequila
Rogue Robbery by Tequila
Add Event: Set Unit State Conditions (UNCM) by Tequila
01command_hack by Hextator
48command_hack by Hextator
Anti-Huffman by Hextator
FEditorMagicCSASystem_FE8U by Hextator
Fix dodge to front glitch by Snakey1
Fix glitch display when using sort2 by pressing select buttin in Guide by 7743
fix_lz77decompress by Tequila
Fix the weapon level of the Summoned Phantom’s weapon level of the possessed weapon by 7743
HPBars_with_warnings by Circles
HPBars_with_warnings Cache by Circles/Tequila
HPBars_simple by Circles/Zane
Improved Sound Mixer by ipatix
Character Custom Animation by EA ver 2 Table by 7743
Even in fog, it ensures visibility at specific coordinates by 7743
Magic Sword Rework by Sme
Skip World Map Fix (For World Map Users) by Stan
Allow to summon multiple classes by 7743
Allow detailed setting of weapons held by summoned units by 7743
NarrowFont by Scraiza
3 Promotion Branch Options by 7743
Reserved TextID:0xEFF as the display for the tack name by 7743
Set whether transporter can be used fir each map by 7743
Skill SkillSystems by Circleseverywhere
SOUND_NIMAP (Native Instrument Map) by circleseverywhere
SOUND_NIMAP2 (Native Instrument Map) by Alusq
Stairs by Snakey1
Add blink to portrait image on status screen by Stan
UnitActionRework by Stan

if you created something featured in the hack and i missed it/you don’t want it in there, send me a message and i will correct it

known bugs
  • some battle animations will cause the game to hang (ex. Nmd Troopers attacking with bow from 1 range, double attacking with staff as Priest/Cleric). current solution is to temporarily turn off battle animations for that hero or hold “A” before the enemy attacks you to skip the battle animation
  • enabling FreeMovement will sometimes cause the backgrounds of menus to disappear (this can be temporarily fixed by pressing L then opening and closing your Journal)
  • enabling FreeMovement will cause the game to hang while traveling between hub world maps (press B to progress, theres a reminder before you transition)
  • recruiting heroes from the book case in your room causes the units to be added to sortie even though they are not “present”, stopping Auto End Turns from working (this is only temporary and can be fixed by leaving and re-entering your room)
  • map sprites for a few classes have minor visual bugs
  • ballista sometimes causes non bow wielding heroes to display incorrect weapon range (just visual)
  • when units with the skill Life and Death attack with battle animations turned off, sometimes the battle ui displays the incorrect amount of damage (the proper amount of damage is done)
  • sometimes when discarding an item due to a full inventory, the game will freeze on a black screen (this can be solved by closing the game, reopening, and selecting resume)
  • speedup functionality in some emulators cause map-resetting bugs
  • save files from previous versions are incompatible, please start a new game to experience the latest release




Eya, just Tried the Demo, and fell in love, its really original and as unique mecanics i have never seen before.

In general i liked everything, but i have something to complain, in the fourth level, a pair of enemys can be Really, really annoying to fight, for example, i was using Erk at level 20, and he had a 30% chance to Hit Jaffar, and lets no talk about the enemy comander, a dirty 18% hit chance, it was terrible.

Anyways, these problems aside, to anyone, pls try this hack, is really fun and interesting to play and experiment.


Wait a second… this is pretty genius

The concept of this game is very cool, I’ll try it later. Also I saw Erk.

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Just finished about an hour ago, I’ll share my thoughts. (It’s a lot of text in a messy format, you’ve been warned.)

First Impressions

Tbh I had no idea what to expect going into this, but the trailer looked interesting. It was definitely a little tough to understand what was going on during the first map, even after reading the tutorial. But I think I picked it up pretty quick, it’s just really different from your average FE game.

First Map

Beaker River was not one of my favorite maps. The bridges create these awful chokepoints and your green units will just get in the way, especially your healers. For reference, I chose Sue as my starting hero, so maybe using a bow was part of the problem. However, it’s an okay introduction overall. The circle in the grass is slightly out of the way, which I like since it summons a stronger unit than what you normally have. Kind of like a risk/reward thing since you leave the main path open for the enemy.

Second Map

Climate’s Folly is definitely an improvement compared to the last map. It’s a little basic, sure, but it doesn’t have anything that I dislike. The worst thing is probably that if your hero dies, you have to walk them back all the way around the map. The circles in the grass are very accessible for the player and show just how powerful they are. Personally, I think this map would be a better introduction than Beaker River.

Third Map

Mint Plateau is another good map, probably the best one in the demo. (Quick question, though. Is the terrain near the center supposed to be desert? Because there’s two awkward desert tiles that are hard to see unless you put your cursor over it.) The only thing I dislike are the lower left and upper right corners, since they seem a little useless. Sometimes the AI will try to go to the forts to heal, but that’s about it. Since the map is mostly open terrain in the center, there will be a lot of battles taking place there which I like. You won’t be able to attack your foes from a chokepoint like you can in some other maps.
However, this map also introduces something that I really dislike. The berserk status. It’s not very likely, but Hector can proc Enrage on your hero. If this happens and your hero dies in the following turns, they’ll spawn next to your tactician with the berserk status, with a pretty high chance of killing them.

Fourth Map

Fog Defense is absolutely the worst map in the demo for one very specific reason. It combines two mechanics that are tough to deal with and amplifies them: Fog of War and Berserk Staves. Moulder is the biggest threat on the map for sure. Infinite use berserk staves are far too much for the player to handle, even with a trained unit. The only way to reasonably deal with it is by using a magic hero, which is okay in theory. I like that it incentivizes the player to train multiple units rather than investing into one and calling it a day, but the player won’t know this on their first playthrough. However, I think this map is pretty easy to fix. Just extend the player’s view from 3 to 4 and make the Berserk staff breakable, it should turn out to be more fun.

Fifth Map

Boss Battle 1 is very cool. I enjoy the idea of using a couple of units that you’ve trained and fighting all of the heroes from the last 4 maps. The only thing is that it gets pretty easy once you defeat the bosses since no more reinforcements spawn. However, there is a major bug that I found (I think it’s a bug?). After defeating the foe’s tactician, the map doesn’t end and you can’t seize the throne. I cycle through my saves, so I didn’t lose my progress, but it sucks for people that only use one save file.

Secret Shop

Just a good place to buy equipment and train at the arena. The shop in the bottom left of the market doesn’t work, maybe remove it or add some things to sell there? It’s just a little strange. Also, maybe add a new terrain type to replace the forts by the arena? In FEBuilder, there are unused tiles that you can designate as something else, like the ‘C. Room’ tile. You could go into the ‘healing/recovery’ setting for the new terrain tile and make it 100 (As in 100% HP healed per turn as opposed to the standard 30 from forts.)

Final Thoughts

I had a lot of fun with this demo, it’s a very good concept with solid execution. As for criticism, one thing I dislike is how many characters you get. I think it’s nice to get a few at a time, but by the end of the first map you’ll have 7 heroes to use, only one of which is trained. Not to mention you’ll get 4 more at the end of each map, with 4 secret characters to unlock as well. It can be a little overwhelming, so maybe ease the player into to it more? Or at least increase the levels of the new units you get. I don’t see why Nino should come at the same level as Cath. You have to grind in the previous maps anyways, which is alright a couple of times, but it gets annoying after the third character.

Another thing is the way you unlock the secret characters. I got the first 3 just fine, but the last one was tough. I decided to open FEBuilder and saw that they only spawn on Turn 20 and beyond, but since it’s random I couldn’t tell what I was doing wrong. Maybe just state somewhere how to unlock the secret characters? I don’t think it would ruin the surprise.

Anyways, that’s about it (I say, after writing an entire wall of text disguised as a couple of sentences).
I hope I wasn’t too harsh, cause I really did enjoy this! And I wish you good luck on future updates. There’s a lot of potential here!

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oh wow thank you for the responses!

i’ll take a look at the enemies on this map again, i definitely did not intent for the player to only have 18% hit chance on any enemy (except maybe trying to cast sleep on a magic user)

thank you!! i very much appreciate it! (wait i knew i recognized your name! thanks for the summer anna portrait, via the f2u mega repo. it’s a great stand in until i think of someone better to take her spot)

this is totally fair, i definitely need to do a better job at informing the player about how everything works.

i think i was just going for whatever looked good, but i’ll give that level another look over and see if i can make it more consistant

i totally agree with this. i want to change up how those corners work because right now they just aren’t very practical.

first let me say that i did let out a chuckle reading this and i apologize. i think its fair to assume that if a character dies, they would be cleared of whatever “bad status” they have, especially if that status is going to immediately cause a game over. i’ll see if i can edit the revive event to clear any sleep/beserk/poison status.

this seems like two easy fixes to make the level more fun. i will definitely consider nerfing the berserk staff, and extending fog vision seems like a no brainer.

the level should auto clear after defeating the enemy tactician, so i think i may have borked up the end event. will definitely look into this. (i forgot to create a victory event oops -_-)

the 1 unusable shop was going to have all the S rank weapons, but since no tier 1 class can hit S rank I decided to just leave the shop unavailable. i’ll either fill it when the player can use S rank stuff or remove it until then. the point of the secret shop, or at least the intention, is basically like a debug room for the player. access to the majority of usable weapons to play around with. i’m not sure if i want to make arena grinding easier for the player, because it kindof turns the game balance/loop on its head. honestly i don’t intent to have any arena access in the later/final builds, it’s kindof just in now as a “congratulations” kindof thing.

this is another thing i totally agree with. i wanted to put as many characters as i could in the first demo so that i could get some feedback on character balance. but then you’re going into the boss level with like 20+ characters in your party. definitely not something that would scale up well (especially considering i don’t think the max party character limit would allow for it). in later/final build, i’d like to lower the amount of normally available characters per level (from 4 to 2 maybe?).

so i didn’t write about the secret characters in the write up because i thought that might be a spoiler. but considering that you need them to even access the final level, i agree that there should really be some indication of how to find them. secret characters have a 1/50 chance of spawning every turn starting with turn 20 on levels that you’re revisiting. i’m gonna throw a little section in the tutorial write up for this.


i see sue, i download

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Can i ask a question? There is a way to make secret characters to appear faster?

right now its just about getting lucky. i’m trying to think of a better/more fun way of doing secret characters though.

Just like real MOBAS at low ranks smh.

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hello here’s the weekly-until-it-isn’t hack progress update post

new map

based off of 2020 by Walker Boh

progress on the hack has been slow recently (and will continue to be slow until september) due to work related stuff. i’ll still be following the original plan of releasing bug fix updates as needed and the next content drop in september.


Hello everyone! I’m back with some info about the upcoming 1.02 update. I apologize for the long absence, I’ve been busy with irl stuff.

This is just a brief overview into some of the more major changes coming. Expect full patch notes and details once the update has been released.

Changes to Heroes

All player heroes now reset to level 1 upon the completion of a map

After the congratulations screen at the end of each map, all hero characters will revert to their level 1 status. This includes setting all stats to how they were at level 1, forgetting any skills that have been learned, and clearing any items that were purchased during the map. All current maps have been rebalanced around this change.

Note that weapon experience does not reset.

Level cap lowered to 10, Growths doubled

This change is intended to speed up battles and increase access to “late game” skills. The doubling of growth rates should theoretically keep stats in line with how they were with a level cap of 20. Skills are now learned at levels 3, 5, 7, and 10.

Characters of the same class play differently

Characters of the same class felt a little too similar, especially considering they would share 5/6 of the same skills. Growths and a single skill slot just isn’t enough to introduce the kind of variety I want. Each hero now has;

  • 5 personal skills (4 learned through leveling up, 6th skill slot reserved for canto on mounted units)
  • Prf weapon (tailored to complement each individual character’s playstyle, some ported over from the unit’s original game)

Accessories are items that give heroes passive stat boosts while they are in the hero’s inventory. Their inclusion is intended to add more variety to the gameplay and level design. Examples include the Hiker Boots giving +1 Mov and the ability to traverse specific normally untraversable terrain while held and the Hero Crest giving +5 Str and +3 Spd while held.

Turn-based enemy level scaling

Previously, enemies gained levels by visiting villages/spawning additional mobs. There were several drawbacks to this approach, such as the limiting enemy ai, the enemy not properly learning skills (this was me not scripting the event properly), and a complete lack of retaining levels between deaths.

The new system works like this. When an enemy hero has been defeated and is respawning, the game checks what turn it is. For every 5 turns that have passed, the enemy hero will be leveled up once. Stats gained per level up are based on the individual unit’s growth rates. Skills are learned at the same rate as the player (levels 3, 5, 7, and 10). Some characters will “buy” new weapons/accessories/heals at certain levels. Items acquired by the enemy from leveling up vary by map.

Note that this applies exclusively to enemy heroes, not mobs or the enemy Tactician.

Other Noteworthy Changes

In-game Tutorial

At the beginning of the game, you are now asked if you would like to play the tutorial. Here you’ll learn the basic mechanics and interactions of the game. Hopefully this will provide a better idea of what you’re actually supposed to do.

Map Tweaks

Multiple maps have undergone changes to hopefully create a more fun experience.

  • 1 tile choke points have been given nearby alternate pathways. While choke points were intended to be used as a defensive strategy, they wound up just getting gummed up by mobs, making it hard to traverse the map.
  • Additional pathways have been created to make use of the Hiker Boots

Things That Still Need to be Finished for 1.02

Mint Plateau (Level 3) Tweaks

I’d like to make certain sections of the map more useful/viable. Also need to fix the paths in the center being desert tiles.

Hector has lost the Enrage skill (it’s now a different character’s max level skill).

Secret Character Acquisition Rework

Getting the secret characters is currently a little too “random”. When it happens, it seems players are more confused about why than anything else.

The new system that is being implemented is this. Currently, once a map has been beaten, you are given the option to revisit it by talking to it’s flame. Now, when talking to the corresponding flame for a level, you will be asked if you would like to activate “Challenge Mode”.

In Challenge Mode;

  • The enemy hero that spawns will be fixed (not chosen randomly during respawn)
  • The enemy hero that spawns will be the secret character for that map
  • The enemy hero will be given more favorable levels during respawn
  • The enemy hero will have a wider variety in inventory to combat the player’s ability to plan ahead and counter pick their hero

Once a map has been cleared using Challenge Mode, you will recruit that map’s secret character.

I’m considering keeping the old method alongside this new method, but lowering the chase of the secret character randomly spawning to something like 1/100.

New Content

I want to add at least 1 new map and 1 new secret character, so the people who played through the entirety of 1.01 have something new to play with. The new map could be the 2020 map that I previewed in the last post, but I have been working on a separate map as well, so who knows. Also gotta find/make some weapon icons for the new prf weapons.

Release Date


2~3 weeks from now, maybe. I work on this project in between irl stuff so that time could go in either direction.

edit - ran into a small snag with the enemy level up system. i thought the 0x46 limit didn’t apply because i had units beyond that able to retain skills after suspend/resume, but i was actually just corrupting chapter turn count data. currently shuffling around character data and redoing events to account for this limitation, will probably effect release time. thank you for your patience, also thanks to vesly epicer and smethlyn in the feu discord for the help


(these + more will be added to the OP when patch releases)


Oh, so cooool!
Willing to see the next update, i already want to play it!

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Hello everyone!

Today, I finally release 1.02. Thank you for your patience.
Download link + tl;dr is in the OP.

Before I get into the new changes, I just want to address the lack of a new non-tutorial map. I’ve decided that I need more time to test everything and make sure it’s, well, fun. The next update that I release will include this new map. Until then, please give the current game overhaul a chance.

Please note that 1.01 saves will not work properly. Please start a new game to experience 1.02 as intended. This should not be an issue in the future.

New Castle

Your castle has been expanded to accommodate the new (and future) content. Rooms open up as new things are unlocked, such as the shops or achievements.

Hero Changes

  • A hero’s level resets to 1 at the end of a map, along with losing all learned skills and items purchasable through the Armory or Accessory Shop
  • Level cap for heroes is 10
  • Base Mov is 5 across all unpromoted classes
  • Each hero has 5 available skills that are unlocked as they level up. Skills are awarded at levels 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10. The sixth skill slot is reserved for Canto on mounted classes. Different heroes of the same class do not (usually) learn the same skills.
  • Each hero starts with an unbreakable Pfr weapon with a unique effect
  • Unit status (poison/berserk/sleep/stone) no longer carries over after respawn
Enemy Hero Changes
  • The enemy hero you face will be consistent throughout the duration of the current visit to that map
  • The first time a map is visited, a random unit from that map’s enemy hero pool will spawn
  • Revisiting a map allows the player to choose which unit from among that map’s enemy hero pool to battle
  • On respawn, enemy heroes level up (stat up, skills, new items) depending on how many turns have passed so far (5 turns = 1 level)
  • Enemy heroes gain skills at the same rate as player heroes, at levels 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10
Secret Character Acquisition Rework
  • Once all of the enemy heroes available on a map have been defeated, you are given the option to take on Challenge Mode for that map
  • Challenge Mode includes; fighting that map’s secret character, enemy tactician starts at level 10, and inducing fog of war (3 tile visibility)
  • Secret characters are recruited if they are defeated, just like normal enemy heroes
  • To enable Challenge Mode for a map: make sure you defeated/recruited all of the enemy heroes available for that map, talk to the teleporter, choose the map you want to visit, say “Yes” to revisiting, and a new pop-up will ask if you would like to enable Challenge Mode
Revisiting Previous Maps Rework

  • After the first map has been cleared, you will unlock the ability to revisit previous levels
  • Have your Map Selector talk to the Teleporter flame to revisit any map you have previously beaten
  • After selecting a map, you will be shown some info about that map including the available enemy heroes and secret character (now called “Boss”)
  • Once the Boss has been defeated, the “???” on the map’s info will be replaced with their name

  • Unequippable items that give passive stat buffs (and debuffs) for as long as they are in a unit’s inventory
  • All stat boosters and promotion items from the base game have been turned into accessories
  • There are currently 5 achievements
  • 3 achievements are tied to quests
In-Game Tutorial

  • At the beginning of the game, you are asked if you would like to participate in the tutorial
  • If you choose “Yes”, you will be taken to an optional new map that explains the hack’s mechanics, as well as test out some those mechanics
  • If you choose “No”, you will be taken to the first map, Beaker River, as per usual
  • Regardless of your choice, a referenceable version of this tutorial is added to your Journal (Guide)

  • There are currently 3 quests
  • After certain requirements are met, quests will become available
  • Available/Active quests are indicated by NPCs that appear in the center of your castle
  • Active/Completed quests can be referenced in your Journal (Guide)

  • Guide is now Journal
  • Contains tutorial info and active/completed quests
Map Tweaks

All of the current maps have undergone changes aimed to improve gameplay.

Beaker River


  • Additional bridges have been added to all sides
  • Red Houses have been moved
  • Forts in the center have been removed
  • Forts at the bottom of the map have been moved
  • Additional path added to the top of the map, taking advantage of the new Hiker Boots accessory
  • Mountains blocks the bottom pathway have been removed
Climate's Folly


  • Breakable Wall HP reduced
  • Additional pathways for when the way to the tactician is congested
  • Forts moved to this new pathway
  • Center opened up
Mint Plateau


  • Unintended sand tiles now correctly plains tiles
  • NE/SW corners reworked
  • Gray Houses moved
  • Forts moved
Bog Defense


  • No longer has fog by default
  • Name changed to reflect this

I will be creating a discord server soon, link will be in OP when it’s ready. If you’d like to help test things before they’re released, stop in.

In the next update, I’d like to add at least 1 map and more quests/achievements. As always, if there are any major bugs I missed before release, I’ll try to release fixes as soon as possible.


Wow, there are a lot of update, you really worked hard in those, i’m going to try it ASAP.

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radical thanks for giving it another chance!

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I have been playing for a while and found a few glitches and bugs that should be reported.

First, when you get the missing ring, if your inventory is full, when you discard an Item, the game will Crash instantly.

Next, on Challenge mode (i cant renember if this happened on the other modes), when Cath weapon level reaches S rank, the next time you chose, fight, with anyone, the characters freezes and nothing happens, forcing to reset the game.

This aside, im having a lot of fun with the new updates, i like it.


thanks for the feedback! i’ll see what i can do about those glitches.
i’m honestly not entirely sure what could be causing these issues, could you possibly upload a copy of your save file?

edit - nevermind

i was able to replicate the S Rank glitch with a different character, so i think there might just be an issue with unpromoted classes being able to hit S Rank in general. there are no S Rank weapons available currently so i think the best option for now is to just set unpromoted classes max weapon rank at A again.

the missing ring glitch might have something to do with the lack of access to the convoy, but i’m not sure why discarding crashes the game. for now, i’ve just made it so that the missing ring goes right to the convoy on pickup.

hotfix in the OP!

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I tried the new Patch, and the A weapon rank was a good way to prevent this glitch, sadly i found a new one.

Moba Emblem_1637247354044

In this chapter, bosses spawns every turn, but the worst is one of them get 2 lvls per turn witch make this impossible to complete.

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oh boy that definitely shouldn’t be happening!
looks like when i did the enemy hero rework, i somehow forgot to update the event for that map -_-
hotfix now in OP.
thanks for letting me know!

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This looks like a really creative hack! I will definitely give this a go, after I finish this game I’m working on!

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