[FE8] FE:BR (MOBA Emblem) (1.04)

Choosing an already chosen weapon rank after a map clear repeatedly will scale into visual corruption (does not corrupt file) to this point.

Not a very threatening bug, but just felt funny to see as I attempted to look through, which made me ask myself - what will happen once you max out all weapon ranks?

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well this is certainly not intended, does look pretty though. i wonder what causes the glitching since you shouldn’t be gaining any weapon levels if it’s at max rank. something is probably overflowing somewhere.

currently, you should only be able to hit max weapon rank on every type of weapon if your tactician is hitting the level cap + you answered the questions at the beginning of the game. otherwise, there will be one weapon stuck 50 weapon level exp from S. i’m pretty sure that green units can’t gain weapon level exp, so there shouldn’t be a scenario where a player maxes everything legitimately /and/ can level up again.

I actually was wrong on what I said and mislead myself on that - the bug that crashes the game is actually caused by the tactician’s third combat (on their phase).
Been playing extra maps and found the crash issue again when having weapons equiped, and thus realized that the crashes happen on his third combat (the second one has a visual bug where the Tactician dissapears completely when attacking)

As an extra note, due to Luck’s cap being 40, pressing +Luck while capped will not trigger the block message, which can possibly lead to lost levels.

it might just be because i just woke up, but i’m very confused here lol. could you possibly get video of this happening so i could understand it better (preferably the whole map from enemy hero select to the glitching)? i haven’t personally come across this particular bug yet and i’m not confident in how to replicate it.

i forgot that the luck cap is handled by a separate patch, for now i’ll just edit the tactician level up event with the 40 luck cap in mind. patch in OP has been updated this change.

Roy doesn’t have a lv10 cap (being able to reach lv20), additionally, Mani Katti, Rapier, Reginleif and Wolf Beil’s description say “Effective against Infantry” and not “Effective against armor/cavalry”

with the help of LeskLyfeld, i’ve squashed a whole host of bugs. the issues with the tactician level up event have been (hopefully) solved.

  • you can no longer attempt to “skip” leveling up by pressing start
  • roy’s level cap has been set to 10
  • tactician level cap has been reduced to 30
  • tactician level up event now gives +3 instead of +5 to a stat
  • new npc has been added to the castle that can reset your tactician back to level 1
  • added journal entries for McCartney and the Reset flame
  • softlocks from summons attacking with s rank weapons fixed
  • achievement added

if your tactician’s level auto-rolls back because of the new patch, talk to the Reset flame to reset your tactician’s level. otherwise you may encounter bugs down the road. the link in the OP has been updated with the new patch.

in other news, serious work on the upcoming map has begun. the map design itself is nearing completion, so eventing everything has started. a lot of stuff is still in the testing phase but i can reveal a couple things.

  • 1 out of 4 of the new characters is done
  • the new character’s class is one that has not appeared in the hack yet
  • the new map is the first map where you can deploy two units (other than your tactician)
  • the new map features a new mechanic

release date? maybe before the end of the year.
as always, if there are any bugs i missed, i will patch them as quickly as i can.


the fe:br discord server is finally up and running, here’s an invite. the link has also been added to the OP.

my intention with this discord server is to recruit people willing to test maps/characters/mechanics/etc before they’re released publicly and to provide a space for players to give direct feedback that i can easily sift through.

finished patches will always be publicly released here. i have no intention of ever locking finished patches behind the discord server.

for those interested, i supposed i’ll talk a little bit about the current changes in the test patch.

  • revisiting previous maps (teleporter/map select) + resetting your tactician has been simplified and moved to your throne, accessible by visiting
  • map 5 (hourglass courtyard) is in a “playable” state (several things have not been programed in yet, more details in the server)

throne ghost

i’ll continue to work on 1.03 and try to get it out before the end of the year. thanks for the feedback so far.


Hello! It’s finally time to show off the long awaited 1.03 update. Saves from 1.02 should carry over to 1.03 with no issue. The patch is a little late because I’ve been playing a lot of the new kaycee mod for inscryption working hard on adding new features!

Map 5 - Hourglass Courtyard

This map introduces a few new mechanics like 2v2 battles and ghosts/summoners (akin to the towers on the way to the core in MOBAs). Learn more about these mechanics using your in-game journal upon arrival.

4 new heroes are waiting for you to take on and add their power to your team. 1 hero from the beginning of the hack makes a return. Can you guess which characters made it in just based off these map sprites?

2 v 2 on Every Map

When revisiting any previous map, you are now given the option to do a 1v1 or 2v2 battle.

In 2v2 battles,

  • Both you and the enemy are able to bring two heroes into battle
  • Enemy creeps/heroes/tactician are stronger
  • You start with 2000 gold instead of 1000
QoL Changes / Bugfixes

Countless small changes have been made since 1.02 to improve the overall experience, here’s a few of them.

  • Revisiting maps has been simplified and moved to your throne, accessible by visiting
  • All menu related events have been updated to remove the possibility for visual glitching
  • Multiple events optimized and shuffled around to alleviate some of the longer loading times
  • Difficulties serve a purpose outside of just a different colored file and -2/0/+2 stat changes
  • Added option to change the current difficulty, accessible by visiting your throne
  • Bags of gold now sell for their full price instead of half
  • Fixed issues with some characters’ default enemy palettes
  • Fixed bug where any unit having an S rank in any weapon would cause the game to hang when they entered battle (thank you 7743)


  • Tutorial map is mandatory
  • When a new mechanic is introduced, a tutorial pop-up will appear giving you a brief explanation
  • After the tutorial pop-up, a new entry will appear in your in-game journal, saying the same thing plus usually a little more
  • Default game mode is 1v1
  • Enemy creeps/heroes/tactician are weaker


  • Tutorial map is optional
  • When a new mechanic is introduced, a new entry will appear in your in-game journal about it
  • Default game mode is 1v1


  • Tutorial map is optional
  • When a new mechanic is introduced, a new entry will appear in your in-game journal about it
  • Default game mode is 2v2
  • Enemy creeps/heroes/tactician are stronger

Hopefully these changes will help both new players and people looking to do speedruns/challenge runs.

tl;dr game coded weird, if you notice your save file change color when saving on a map's prep screen, it's okay it's not a bug

The difficulty shifts dynamically depending on a variety of factors and in-game choices. When you choose your difficulty at the beginning of a file, or when you change it from your throne, you are actually setting your “Default Difficulty”. Your default difficulty is used when you are visiting a map for the very first time. When you are revisiting a map, some of the options you’re given will alter your current difficulty. At the end of the map, your current difficulty returns to your default difficulty.

2v2 Challenge Mode

Stacking the enemy buffs from 2v2 and Challenge Mode, you’re able to take the enemy tactician to level 15. You’re going to have to plan ahead and use proper item management to take down this foe. This serves as the ultimate challenge for each map.

As always, I’ll do what I can to clean up any bugs as they pop up. I’ll update the link in the OP right after I post this.

Massive thank you to 7743 for fixing the issue with S rank weapons softlocking the game.

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1.04 releases today!

Below are the majority of the noticeable changes.


Teleport Flame

  • replaces the “Seize Throne” event from Your Castle
  • new option “Play”, takes you to any of the 6 playable maps
  • new option “Play Specific Map”, takes you to the map of your choice
  • new option “Set Default Settings”, allows you to set options/rules that carry over between maps

Sudden Death

  • a new set of rules that can be turned on/off in your default settings
  • both tacticians’ HP is reduced every 5 turns until they are left with 1 HP
  • starting on turn 50, the event reset no longer occurs and creeps no longer spawn

Tactician Progression

  • end-of-map tactician level up event removed
  • tacticians begins each map with a predefined stat line depending on rules/settings
  • additional stat ups can be temporarily gained by accomplishing different things during a map
  • enemy heroes can also raise their tactician’s stats in the same way
  • additional weapon ranks can be purchased from Priam in the Village

Tactician Changes

  • tacticians can no longer be healed by staff users during a match
  • enemy tactician has access to whatever tactician exclusive weapons that the player tactician has in their inventory

Class Change

  • promoted classes no longer affected by promoted experience calculation
  • promoted classes do not give stat ups upon class change
  • each hero has 7 classes to choose from, including their base class
  • promoted classes given 1 class skill

Map Start Event

  • new pre-map menu option, “Change Settings”, allows you to change the settings for that particular match
  • changing settings before a map overrides your default settings, but does not replace them
  • new pre-map menu option, “Challenge Boss”, unlocked after recruiting all other heroes on that map
  • selecting Challenge Boss deploys the boss, enables Fog of War, sets the enemy hero select to random, and disables Sudden Death

Tutorial Popups

  • if a map features a mechanic that the player has not been introduced to, displays a short tutorial
  • the option to allow tutorial popups is set once during the intro event at Rebirth
  • regardless of whether or not you allow tutorial popups, info will still appear in your Journal

Hero Exclusive Weapons

  • can no longer be traded

Objective Display

  • new objective display that shows what turn it is, how much gold you have, and an icon to indicate different types of events

Gold Management

  • gold is now automatically managed between maps
  • before beginning a map, all of your current gold is converted into bags of gold that are put into your convoy
  • once a map has been beaten, all of the bags of gold in your convoy are sold for their full value
  • gold acquired during a match, that has not been spent before the end of the match, will be kept to spend on various things in the hub areas


  • “Circle with the Dot in the Middle” has been changed to “Church”
  • interacting with a Red House now additionally grants the appropriate tactician DEF/RES +1
  • interacting with a Gray House now additionally grants the appropriate tactician SKL/SPD +1
  • ending your turn on a Church now additionally grants the appropriate tactician ATK/MAG +1


  • interacting with the computer in Your Room allows you to toggle FreeMovement within the hub zones
  • if enabled, please press B once the screen has gone completely black during map transitions
  • most maps have been given an additional armory and have had their available items changed to give greater access to E Rank weapons and staves
  • breakable walls are now more visually distinct

Your Castle

  • removed and reworked into multiple areas


  • new map
  • all dialogue reworked, hopefully easier to understand
  • new armory inventory

Beaker River

  • additional armory
  • various small map design tweaks

Climate Folly

  • additional armory
  • various small map design tweaks

Mint Plateau

  • additional armory

Bog Defense

  • additional armory

Hourglass Courtyard

  • added the ability to play 1v1


  • intro map
  • wider pool of starters (12 choices)
  • 1 free skill for tactician

Your Room

  • the new map that you return to after a match
  • NPC that can provide various information and settings
  • ability to change the tactician to any class (once they have reached an S Rank in at least one weapon type)
  • ability to purchase heroes with gold
  • mogall added to provide a “what should i do next?” event


  • teleport flame
  • shop that sells tactician exclusive weapons
  • shop that sells various items that effect gameplay
  • inn that currently contains 5 quests
  • Priam, who can train the tactician in any weapon type

East of Impact

  • access to Cave of Knowledge
  • teleport flame
  • fishing

Cave of Knowledge

  • change the class of any hero that has reached an S Rank in any weapon type
  • each hero has 7 available classes

Anna’s Secret Casino

  • Member’s Card needed to enter
  • bet gold on a game of luck

2020 Redux

  • new playable map
  • first map to have 3 deployable slots
  • 4 new heroes (including boss)

Return Rune

  • purchasable from accessory shops
  • costs 500 gold
  • allows the user to teleport back to their spawn
  • takes one enemy turn to charge, then teleports on NPC turn

Fishing Rod

  • purchasable from a shop in the Village
  • costs 2,500 gold
  • allows the tactician to fish off the bridge at the bottom of East of Impact

Teleporter Permit

  • purchasable from a shop in the Village
  • costs 10,000 gold
  • allows the tactician to keep a functional teleport flame in their home

Class Change

  • purchasable from a shop in the Village
  • costs 20,000 gold
  • allows access to the Cave of Knowledge

Classic Mode

  • purchasable from a shop in the Village
  • costs 20,000 gold
  • uses a classic nes style tileset instead of the standard tileset for all playable maps

All hero personal weapons

  • weapon exp gain 1 → 4


  • weapon exp gain 1 → 3

Bright Lance

  • weapon exp gain 1 → 3


  • weapon exp gain 1 → 3

Beacon Bow

  • weapon exp gain 1 → 3

All tactician exclusive weapons

  • weapon exp gain 1 → 0

Guiding Flame

  • weapon range 1-2 → 1-3


  • no longer has innate renewal
  • restores HP to allies at a distance (physic-esque)
  • unbreakable
  • 1-3 range

Draumstafir [Moulder]

  • weight 6 → 20
  • weapon range 1-2 → 1-3
  • innate Seal DEF
  • uncounterable
  • effective against monsters (Revenant, Entombed, Bonewalker, Wight, Spider Queen, Elder Bael, Cyclops, Mauthe Doog, Gwyllgi, Tarvos, Maelduin, Moball, Arch Mogall, Gorgon, Summoner (Undead), Gargoyle, Deathgoyle, Draco Zombie, Demon King, Soul, Mimic, Phantom)

Feingur [Serra]

  • hit 45 → 90
  • weight 6 → 20
  • weapon range 1 → 1-3
  • sleep on hit → poison on hit
  • innate Seal RES
  • uncounterable

Fomortiis (previously Fracture) [Sonia]

  • monster weapon → dark weapon
  • weapon range 1 → 1-2
  • attacks RES


  • no longer a starting hero
  • fightable on 2020 Redux
  • available classes: Thief, Assassin, Rogue, Ranger, Hero, Dread Fighter, Wight


  • available classes: Lance Knight, General, Halberdier, Paladin, Great Knight, Wyvern Lord, Wyvern Knight


  • available classes: Fighter, Warrior, Berserker, General, Wyvern Knight, War Monk, Maelduin


  • available classes: Shaman, Druid, Dread Fighter, Mage Knight, Sage, Bishop, Arch Mogall


  • available classes: Monk, Valkyrie, Bishop, Sage, Mage Knight, Druid, Arch Mogall


  • available classes: Brigand, Warrior, Hero, Berserker, Wight, Maeldun, Cyclops


  • available classes: Mercenary, Hero, Swordmaster, Paladin, Ranger, Mage Knight, Berserker


  • available classes: Soldier, Halberdier, General, Great Knight, Wyvern Knight, Falcoknight, Wight


  • available classes: Archer, Sniper, Ranger, Warrior, Assassin, Falcoknight, Wight


  • available classes: Myrmidon, Swordmaster, Assassin, Hero, Rogue, Berserker, Falcoknight


  • available classes: Cavalier, Paladin, Great Knight, General, Hero, Wyvern Lord, Wight
  • ATK Growth 90 → 135
  • HP Base 19 → 23
  • SKL Base 3 → 5
  • SPD Base 4 → 6
  • DEF Base 8 → 9


  • available classes: Lord, Paladin, Knight Lord, General, Sniper, Griffon Rider, Wight


  • available classes: Lord, Blade Lord, Nomad Lord, Hero, Swordmaster, Sage, Wight


  • available classes: Lord, Great Lord, General, Berserker, Great Knight, Hero, Cyclops


  • available classes: Lord, Knight Lord, Sage, Mage Knight, Swordmaster, General, Falcoknight


  • available classes: Mercenary, Swordmaster, Hero, Ranger, Berserker, Sage, Mage Knight


  • available classes: Shaman, Druid, Dread Fighter, Sage, Mage Knight, Gorgon, Arch Mogall


  • available classes: Mage, Sage, Bishop, Druid, Mage Knight, Valkyrie, Pale Flower


  • new summon Skofnung the Cursed Sword
  • summon weapons: Iron Blade, Steel Blade, Silver Blade, Binding Blade, Runesword
  • available classes: Priest, Trickster, Berserker, Bishop, Summoner, Valkyrie, War Monk
  • Skill Lv 7 Seal Res → Gentilhomme
  • Skill Lv 10 Slayer → Flare


  • available classes: Ninja, Assassin, Swordmaster, Ranger, Rogue, Berserker, Trickster


  • available classes: Mage, Spider Queen, Sage, Mage Knight, Dread Fighter, Valkyrie, Gorgon
  • HP Growth 170 → 120
  • ATK Growth 100 → 55
  • DEF Growth 106 → 80
  • RES Growth 100 → 120
  • HP Base 10 → 7
  • ATK Base 3 → 0
  • MAG Base 11 → 9
  • DEF Base 4 → 2
  • new personal weapon


  • available classes: Archer, Nomad Trooper, Sniper, Ranger, Assassin, Falcoknight, Wight


  • available classes: Bard(Elffin), Dancer(Tethys), Dancer(Lalum), Dancer(Ninian), Bard(Nils), Sonneteer
  • portrait changes when you change class
  • additional “Ring Change” option in when interacting with Cagnas that lets you swap out your current ring for either Fila’s Might, Ninis’ Grace, Thor’s Ire, or Set’s Litany


  • available classes: Sword Knight, General, Paladin, Great Knight, Hero, Swordmaster, Falcoknight


  • available classes: Mage, Mage Knight, Sage, Bishop, Valkyrie, Druid, Gorgon
  • Base DEF 4 → 5


  • available classes: Ranger, Vanguard, Hero, Swordmaster, Berserker, Nomad Trooper, Great Knight


  • available classes: Transporter, Trickster, Berserker, Falcoknight, Great Knight, Sage, Mimic
  • Lv 7 Point Blank → Vanity


  • available classes: Cleric, Bishop, Valkyrie, War Cleric, Falcoknight, Sage, Summoner
  • Base MAG 2 → 4
  • Skill Lv 7 Seal Str → Demoiselle


  • HP Growth 65 → 130
  • SKL Growth 40 → 80
  • SPD Growth 110 → 100
  • DEF Growth 20 → 40
  • RES Growth 75 → 80
  • LUK Growth 30 → 60
  • Skill Lv 1 Skybreaker → Slow Burn
  • Skill Lv 3 + Seal Str
  • Skill Lv 5 + Skybreaker
  • Skill Lv 7 + Silent Pride
  • Skill Lv 10 + Wind Disciple

Mounted Classes

  • Class Skill: Canto

Flying Classes

  • Class Skill: Canto
  • River Mov Cost 1 → 2
  • Mountain Mov Cost 1 → 2
  • Peak Mov Cost 1 → 3
  • Sea Mov Cost 1 → 3


  • Class Skill: Rally DEF


  • Class Skill: Rally STR


  • Class Skill: Crit Up


  • Class Skill: Lethality


  • Class Skill: Rally SKL


  • Class Skill: Rally MAG


  • Class Skill: Slayer


  • Class Skill: Rally RES


  • Class Skill: Black Magic


  • Class Skill: Counter


  • Class Skill: Crit Up


  • Class Skill: Daunt

Wight (Sword/Lance)

  • Class Skill: Rally DEF

Wight (Axe/Bow)

  • Class Skill: Rally SPD


  • Class Skill: Defiant STR

Arch Mogall

  • Class Skill: Rally RES


  • Class Skill: Rally MAG

Dread Fighter

  • Class Skill: Crit Up


  • Class Skill: Rally Spectrum


  • Class Skill: Rally LUK

War Monk/War Cleric

  • Class Skill: Rally RES

Blade Lord (Lyn)

  • Class Skill: Crit Up

Great Lord (Hector)

  • Class Skill: Axefaire

Vanguard (Ike)

  • Class Skill: Axefaire


  • Class Skill: Bargain

Tank/Md Tank

  • Class Skill: Point Blank
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Currently re-editing the Tier List in order to set tiers for all starters as of Update 1.04, and beginning plans in order to tier characthers in both their available classes and on 2v2 gameplay.


This is a really creative idea and actually looks like it works well.


I like this hack very much, and I want to know if tihs have new heroes or new maps after 1.04. I am from China ,I want to translate the hack’s language to Chinese. Can I get a permission from you about this hack? My English is not very good ,please forgive me for any grammatical errors.

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there will be new heroes and maps after 1.04. should be at least two new maps.
i’d love to get this project translated into other languages. i’ll send you a message.

Hello! This game is really great! :grin:
When in the enemy’s turn, if one of our heroes gets killed, and the enemy’s director dies by the striking back of the other hero of ours, the dead hero will get lost. :thinking:
I’m not sure if it is a bug. :thinking:

hey thanks a lot!

When in the enemy’s turn, if one of our heroes gets killed, and the enemy’s director dies by the striking back of the other hero of ours, the dead hero will get lost. :thinking:

the ups in the OP should be updated with the fix (any hero that’s waiting to revive when the enemy tactician is defeated will respawn after the Congratulations! screen). so going forward, it should no longer be an issue. i’m currently working on a fix for any heroes already affected by the bug. i’ll try to get that out as soon as i can.

My friends mentioned that it seems that the enemy’s hit rate is higher than our hit rate. It is said that the hit rate is 20% higher than normal. Is this an existing setting or a bug?

hm i’m not sure if that’s a bug or not.
i know that enemies get promoted stat bonus if they’re in a promoted class. so player nmd trooper sue vs enemy nmd trooper sue, the enemy sue will have higher stats. other than that, i don’t know what could be causing the 20% higher hit.
what heroes/classes are affected?

:+1: :saluting_face:

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My friend mentioned if it was because we were directing the stars to the enemy,

after removing both tacticians’ leadship stars, the dorcases (dorci?) are back to an even playing field.
it seems leadership stars are just borked. i am using a pretty old version of the skills system patch at this point so that may be the culprit. for now i’ll be removing everyone’s leadership stars. the .ups in the OP should be updated with the fix.

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