[FE8] Equipped Item Preview

This hack draws the currently-selected unit’s equipped item. It now has support for displaying things like staves, regardless of their position in the inventory. If a unit can use both, it defaults to weapons.

Equipped Item Preview

Here’s an example of how I use it:

Any difficulty or anything, let me know.

Updates! This thread will be updated frequently as I continue to improve.

Support for droppable items!

The primary installation method is now an EA installer. Open “Preview Installer.txt” with your favorite text editor, change settings to your liking, and then assemble.

There is also an installer called “Minimug Editor.txt” for editing the minimug box. Instructions for how to use it are within.


Hm, maybe you could use the space under the HP bar for other useful things. For example an exp bar or the affinity like FE10 does. On the other hand I have no clue if that’s even possible RAM wise.

I love you

Fixed an issue where VBA (And possibly other emulators) were refusing to draw the icon properly. If anyone has any issues, hit me up.

New update, some ease-of-use stuff.

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