[FE8][Demo] Fire Emblem: The Shadow Stones [Concept]

Hello there and welcome to this side project I am currently working on at the moment.
With that being said, let’s see how this will turn out or if I have to to edit something here afterwards.

[This is an image of a title screen… IF I HAD ONE!]

First things first. What is this? This is Fire Emblem: The Shadow Stones. An FE8 concept Hack where I try to recreate FE11 in FE8. Why FE11? It was the first FE I’ve played in my childhood and since that day I just love this game with Marth and his story. And for years of passionate hacking I’ve always wanted to try recreating the game in GBA. But after the years I have ganed more and more knowledge and the assets and tools have been evolving so that should be a lot more possible then before like 4-5 years ago.

Let me say. To this day, I am NOT the spriter of the year so I only used F2U portraits from the repo, or, in my case… Made a crappy Frey portrait in like… 30 Minutes.
But this is fine for now because this is only a side project I am doing beside my main project that I am doing in my native language german. So yes, the demo you see may contain some writing mistakes because I am still new to writing storys in english, but I want to give something to this community that I am in for years now, even so I am a silent one.

First of all, I should give you some screenshots that you can understand one major thing.


Here are some screenshots that I made from my current version to share with you as a first look.
FE8 The Shadow Stones.emulator

Oh no, he is using the World Map! Yes, thanks to that post I got to know how!

Here you can see my… good portrait of Frey! At least Dorcas is in the game for now somehow
FE8 The Shadow Stones.emulator

So, if you have seen the screenshots or not, let me tell you. I have been working on this for like 1-2 months now and my progress goes just to chapter 1.
BUT! I have recreated the whole FE11 prologue that is playable in all 3 difficulties you can, however, skip it if you want to, but then you have only one chapter to play and might even miss something important.

FE8 The Shadow Stones.emulator

BECAUSE! As I am doing with a Pokémon Platinum hack I also started long time ago and work on when I want to, I don’t want this to be 100% FE11. You might notice that Marth is mentioning something about strange things that seems off to him. And if you played the Prologue of FE11, you also might notice that these chapters are in fact not 100% like the FE11 counterpart, but you will see it when you play it.

My maps for this project

Prologue 1
Prolog 1
Prologue 2
Prolog 2
Prologue 3
Prolog 3
Prologue 4

Chapter 1
Kapitel 1

Credits for tilesets are in the download files!

I think maybe I should come to an end with this introduction and give you a link to the patch.

And here it is: The link to the patch (With credits and a list of changes in classes and Units)!

You can try it out and tell me what you think about it. I’m curious to see if something like this is something that the people can enjoy or just think about as something that is not good.

Keep in mind please, that all new dialogues have been writen by myself and can be contain some spelling or grammatical errors!
Most of the text is taken from this site (Fire Emblem fandom.com) because this has the story script in it to copy and paste from. It’s way easier than just playing FE11 myself just to get all the textes and probably even missing some.

And some things that might be good to be pointed out by me:
  • This hack uses a version of the skill system with “Modern Character Growhts” so I could recreate the “Unit + Class” growths.
  • I have a reclass system in mind which can be found in my OpenOffice/Excel file. I made a list of “Tiers” because for now I have to make it a bit… shorter to get it working with the palette limitation of the editor in FEBuilder.
  • Cavs/Knights have been split up into every physical weapon type. And every class has got a little boon and bane to stand out if you want to reclass into a specific one of them.
  • Due to the reason that - Growths are not possible, they were changed into a little buff in the growth, like magic for physical units. and strength for magic units.
  • I am trying to let every map stand out or be special in its own ways by trying different tilesets or even new “weather condition” like the prologue 4 map in the snow tileset. I hope you will like it.
  • Every weapon has been changed to the FE11 weapons in usesage/might/acc. etc.
  • There will be new weapons. One is already in the game.
  • I have used some not FE1/3/11/12 Music, because the prologue music does not really exists for GBA so I helped myself in other ways.
  • Oh yeah, and don’t wonder why everyone has like every weapon type. I used the “weapon lock array” but gave units a little boost in some weapon types as a first buff, if someone wants to reclass into the weapon type.
    As it can be seen here.
    FE8 The Shadow Stones.emulator

Weapon Triangle and Avoid calculation! So, I’ve seen on Serenes Forrest that the calculation is done by the weapon ranks. But I don’t know how to recreate it, so I made it the middle.
Adv. now grants +8 hit and -8 avoid.
Avoid is now change to avoid=speed+luck/2

Phew… this is indeed a lot. But maybe you should give it a try. I am a bit nervous to see where this is going and I hope that I did not mess up in any way with the content of my Rom. If so, please tell me and I will change it immediately to adjust it to not get in ANY trouble with anyone here. This is the last thing I want.

And with that, I am out for now! Enjoy this demo.


Another one.

Well, good luck.

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