[FE8][DEMO] Fire Emblem: the five legends

Hello everyone!
It’s me, Alaric, and this is my project Fire Emblem: the five legends!
built through the power of the buildfile! (and Pikmin’s Basefile)
FEE3 Trailer link!


Origins of the project

Wondering what this game is about?
This game was born from the union of my love for two different series: (obviously) for the video game series
Fire emblem made by Inteligent System and Nintendo, combined with my passion for studio ghibli films in particular for my favorite, the one that has managed to mark my life, I’m talking about Nausicaä of the valley of wind. The idea of this project was born in my crazy mind exactly one year ago when I finished reading the original manga created by master Hayao Miyazaki, from there, I got more and more the idea that the world of that masterpiece still had something to tell…Eventually the idea came true when I saw a random video on YouTube reviewing the manga, in which in the end, the reviewer in the last few minutes talked about how nice it would be if someone could create a video game that also still talks about that world from here I could tell of many of my adventures and attempts in trying to recreate it, eventually I came to my current idea, that telling the story of Nausicaa in the form of a video game was impossible … so I decided, that I would tell the story of Nausicaä , but not only about her, but five legends of that world! in practice I created five protagonists, each with its own story, which interlinked among the others but always trying to be faithful to the origin spirit of the manga, and also on how it should continue, and how it will have to end, obviously I don’t have an ounce of Miyazaki’s talent, but I still decided to create something of my own, so you can rest assured which will be faithful to the original story in a main vein but I also tried to give vent to my personal creativity, for this reason the world of Nausicaa of the valley of wind, and of my fan-game, are linked, but at the same time they are completely different , for this you can safely enjoy the masterpiece of the studio Ghibli even if you play my fan-game and vice versa (except that my product will obviously be inferior)

Story of the game

I’m not very good at making a synopsis … but I’ll try anyway

In a nutshell, the world of Five Legends is nothing more than a post-apocalyptic world, the earth has been devastated by a great nuclear war which led to the complete destruction of the old world…
Yet, somehow the earth after its destruction, seems to be able to “regenerate”, recreating itself a new earth, but bearing the indelible mark of the sins of the old world
the earth was no longer the same…thanks to radiation the very flow of life has been altered, this has caused the creation of new forms of life … known as demons.
Furthermore, the instability of the new world was so such that a rapid process of desertification afflicts many lands, while others have an inverse process, where they are created in the immense forests, but where plants release spores that are toxic to humans, also for the more inhabited by demons.
But the new human race is strong, tenacious and courageous, albeit with great effort, manages to adapt to the new hostile world, to the point of recreating great civilizations, the most important are located north of the nest of evil (the largest toxic jungle of the new world), is are the empire of Granorog, famous for its mastery in metalworking, and the Republic of Alistar, where men have developed a greater mastery of “manipulation of the aether”, defined as "magic "
these two civilizations are in constant conflict with each other, always fighting for control of the few resources of the new world, but in the last 20 years, an armistice was signed between the representatives of these nations, where it provided for the permission of colonization of different regions.
But our story does not begin with the bloody wars of men and their heroic deeds, no we must move south of the nest of evil, where nature seems to be more linked to the world of men, where there are no great kingdoms, but small cities of men who co-exist with the nature of the new world.
this land is called, the valley of the wind, a green and fertile world, where although men are not technologically advanced, but live in peace, our story starts from a young girl, princess of the city of Sorya, where her actions soon became the engine of a process that will lead men to the redemption of their sins


(maybe the only part not ruined by my not knowing English)
The gameplay of five legends is very close to the classic one of the titles for gba merged with that of the Tellius series
these are some features I really care about:

  • Skill’System, which implements the Str/mag split, but with the addition that each character will have unique skills, and only when they are promoted will they have a second skill (I don’t like abusive skills), also there will be many new skills created by me, and those existing will be different from the original!

  • Also, inspired by Fire emblem radiant dawn, there will be an implementation of a third tier of classes extremely linked to the development of individual characters

  • A new support system, which the series has never seen (more or less), where it is based on the progress of the story, and this will also lead to different outcomes in the development of the various characters

  • the number of characters will be really high, where probably its only limit will be the RAM, do not worry the characters will not be thrown there by chance to make up the numbers, but each one will have its own story to tell

  • The story will be composed of five acts, where there will be five protagonists where their stories intersect with each other, it will not be said if they will be allies or enemies, this you will have to find out by playing

  • Also inspired by the exploratory parts of Gaiden, there will be some interlude chapters where they will perform the task of “preparation camp” or places to explore with small puzzles or missions to solve.
    (for this Sme be praised)

  • (Working in progress) obviously the game will have a completely suò graphic sector, battle screen, arrow movement, system icon … also each character and faction will have its own palette


ROTTO.emulator-2 ROTTO.emulator-3 ROTTO.emulator-4 ROTTO.emulator-5 ROTTO.emulator-6 ROTTO.emulator-1

Age content

I write this small section to be clear with what types of content:
Although the project is based on a story by studio ghibli, we must not fall into thinking that it is for children,
I don’t think anyone can ever say that Tombstone for Fireflies or Princess Mononoke is really suitable for a very young audience (in some cases maybe not even adolescent).
Although the Nausicaa of the valley of wind film is considered 7+, the manga is aimed at an adult audience (16+) and since my project is more based on the manga in terms of content, I don’t recommend playing my project if you are too young (less than 15)

(Similar to the pegi classification)
you can find these content descriptors:

  • Bad Language (moderate-low)
  • Discrimination (moderate)
  • Drugs and alcohol (moderate)
  • Fear (absent)
  • Gambling (Low)
  • Sex (Low)
  • Violence (moderate)

I hope this is enough to make you curious to give the game a chance.
I am aware that in the beginning it will not be quite clean, and my initial plan was to finish the game before releasing it, but that would have entailed a big problem … I would have based only on my judgment, instead I need the feedback of the community, for this reason, if you play the game, I invite you to send a feedbeck as articulated as possible, so I can always improve, this concerns everything, maps, stories, graphics, bugs, really everything.
I am also convinced that the biggest limitation of this project will be my poor knowledge of English, but without feedback, I will never be able to improve myself


Download link
the demo contains six chapters + the prologue, of which two are exploratory chapters!

Would you like to give me a hand?

If you want to help develop my project too, and would like to collaborate with me, the best thing you can do is download the game and play it, then send me all your feedback! (positive and negative, you don’t have to worry, it would be better to know the negative things)

Also if you would like to collaborate with me I need people who know how to work with gba: graphics (pixel art, spriter), music, and also a person who can help me write better the dialogues, you don’t have to be afraid, I am not demanding since I am not good at these things.

Special Thanks!

In this section I want to give special thanks to all the people who share their work with others, but in particular to these people who have actively or passively contributed to the development of my project!

  • Special Thanks:
    Snakey1: was the first to welcome me on FEU, and immediately he was available to help me with my stupid problems with the ASM code and the buildfile
    Alfred Kamon: Thanks to his videos on his youtube channel I discovered the world of Fan-games, in particular thanks to his project, Path of the Midnight Sun, (when it was still a fire emblem hack)
    Alusq: he was one of the first to welcome me into the community, he also helped me a lot to insert the music through his tool
    RandomWizard: thanks to him I can make beautiful Sky maps! thank you so much!
    Vesly: Really, I think every time I asked a question in the discord channel, or on FEU, Vesly was always there to give me advice, for this I thank him very much
    Sme: Without her support, and its ASM code, my project would not have so many small, but very nice features
    Shuusuke: He really helped me so many times on Discord, even though he didn’t know the buildfile, thank you very much
    7743: for FEbuilderGBA, which however helped me a lot in the initial development of the project
    Zaim/Zmr: same for Vesly, he really helped me a lot, thank you very much!
    Huichelaar: it helped me a lot on discord, especially as regards the music
    Pikmin1211(Kirito): for being a living encyclopedia of the Buildfile, really, thank you very much!
    Peerless: helped me a lot on the discord channel!
    Leonarth.it helped me a lot on the discord channel!
    Clendo: i think i made the easiest to follow tutorials on the buildfile, really for dumb like me
    thank you so much to all of you!

Pandan(FE4(Ally attack) and FE2 + The legend of zelda music)
RandomWizard(Pokemon music + FE7 music)
Sme (other FE + Pokemon mystery dungeon music)
SaXor_the_Nobody(Lufia Music)
Pikmin1211 (Riviera music)
Alusq(Final Fantasy tactics music)
Alfred Kamon(MIDI)
Runa(Custom music)
–Re-crating midi of Radiant Historia :
Maelstrom (An ernest desire of grey)
Renaud Bergeron (The garden where the Celestite lies)
spitlama (Where the wind and feathers return)
Stella Lu (Affectionate Moment)

Skill’s System Team!
Zeta’s Code
Alusq(Amazing Music Tools)

TEAM SALVEGED(Animation and MapSprites)
Flasuban(Animations and Map Sprites + Portrais)
Eldrich Abomination(Animation)
FE7if(Animations and Map Sprites)
ji09(Animations, Class Card, Map Sprites)
SHYTURZ(Animations, Spell Animations, Map Sprites, Class Card…a lot of thigs)
Sax_Marine(Improved Animations)
Huicjelaar(Animations and Map Sprites + Class Card + Skill’s Icon)
MeatOfJustice(Animations and Map Sprites)
Nuramon(Portraits and Animations + Map Sprites)
Jeorge_Reds(Skill’s Icon)
Melia(Calliope’s portrait)
BuskHunter(Portrait, Eruca)
RandomWizard(Portraits and TileSet)
Peerless(Portraits and MapSprites)
Alusq(Map Sprite)
WAve(Portraits and TileSet)
WarPath(Map Sprites)
yikes(Map Sprites)
Blood(Map Sprites)
TBA (Map Sprites)
StreetHero(Map Sprites)
IS(?)(Map Sprites)
Unknown: (Map Sprites: War Monk[M][F], AromorKnight)
DerTheVaporeon(Map Sprites and Class Card)
Feaw(Map Palette)
HyperGammaSpaces(Portraits, ClassCard, Map Sprites, TileSet)
ZoramineFae(TileSet and BG)
FireEmblemier(Item Icons)
Lord Glenn(Item Icons)
Celice (Item Icons)
GabrielKnight(Item Icons)
Ereshkigal(Item Icons)
AlfredKamon(Item Icons, Animations, Map Sprites)
Extra stuff:
Ghast(ClassCard Villager)

If anyone notices that I have spelled someone’s name wrong, or that there is any mistake in the credits, please notify me immediately, so I will immediately immediately correct any mistakes.

Thanks a lot to you reader too!
I wish everyone a long life and prosperity! :vulcan_salute:t2:

for anything about the project, you can safely write me here!


tag urself I’m the mid left titan descending onto greggs


Zmr, but your is Discord name is “Zaim is Zoof”?

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This is really awesome!
I can’t believe someone actually started something like this.

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That’s my nickname on the server, my username is Zaim/Zmr.

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thank you so much for the support, but out of curiosity, in what sense do you not believe it? :sweat_smile:

thanks, it seems that I have to update the special thanks section

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I just didn’t think there would be a project to adapt a studio ghibli film into a fire emblem game

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early sword cav with a weapon called the Quickblade


Joking aside, this looks pretty promising, especially what looks like custom CGs. I think I’ll give the demo a spin sometime today or tomorrow and let you know what I think.


Oops, I think I quoted another beautiful project unintentionally

I really hope you enjoy the demo, even if you don’t like it at all, especially in this case, I would be very happy to have all the possible feedback, I really care about this project, and I want it to be the final product has a good quality

Alright, I blasted through the demo, so I can give some thoughts. I won’t really be commenting on the story. All I’ll say is that the grammar could use some work (seems English is not your first language). You’ll want an editor or two to help with that.

I thought the prologue and 1-1 were pretty solid maps. The reinforcements in the prologue worked to push me forward, as did the villages in the prologue. I do think that giving the player both a paladin and a general (with high bases and comparable growths to some unpromoted units) makes things a bit too easy though. In 1-1, I sent the paladin alone to handle the bottom part of the map, and in the prologue, the paladin also did almost all the combat in the front while the cavalier mainly grinded on reinforcements until they become too numerous. I also think all the personal skills are super lame, but that’s more something I dislike about skillsystems in general.

After those two maps, though, 1-2 was really boring. The sage was able to completely solo the map without any effort, and trying to let other units do stuff didn’t seem like a good idea. Also, I was only able to deploy the lord, the mage, and the sage, as everybody else was removed from my party. The fog didn’t make a difference since the sage was just so powerful.

Sadly, I could not go any further than this. In the prep screen of 1-3, it would not allow me to deploy any units. It said the deploy limit was 0, so I couldn’t play the map.


didn’t chapter 1-3 make you select units? this is really strange, now I’m going to check and fix this problem right away…and as soon as I can get everything working I release the patch again, thank you very much for reporting.
Regarding why 1-1 gives a unit that looks very good, I understand that at first it may seem strange, but as the story goes on, you understand why
however the difficulty in general is low, also because Hard mode and normal mode have no differences (provided that you have chosen the Hard difficulty level)

1-2 let’s say it’s my bad attempt to try to make a desert map, and when I have better ideas I will try to improve it as much as possible (I consider it the worst chapter of the demo honestly) As for units, the game allows you to field other units as well, but in the setup chapter you have to talk to them first (one thing I will probably change) The question of why the pre-promoted units are extremely good will be clarified as the story continues, and after certain events

however in general, the difficulty level of the game is relatively low, something that when I have finished working on other details I want to immediately “solve”

As for the speech on the language, yes I don’t know English very well, and I’m trying to learn it recently, let’s say I try to use google translete … but sometimes it does worse things than mine

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Well… this is certainly interesting.

For some reason, it’s not patching for me. What do I do?

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Now I investigate why it is wrong, thanks for the report, I tried it myself, and there is something strange…

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Alright- this would be my first patch/beta test.

After I got past the prologue on hard mode, and proceeded to chapter 1-0’s map, the game glitched. The map itself turned to mosaic, the units locked in place, and the game froze up.

I’d again, recant that some help may be needed with the english translations. Overall though it was highly entertaining, up until the freeze.


Hi, thank you so much for giving it a chance.

there are no differences between normal or hard mode at the moment

thank you for the report, but I don’t understand what caused the error, can you record a little game clip and send it to me so i can investigate? because the prologue and ch 1.0x have never given me problems, but it may be that something is not going as it should, I know unfortunately the quality of the translation completely ruins the story of the game, I am aware of it.
I hope someone can give me a hand or over time can improve me enough to improve the quality, I am really sorry that at launch there are all these problems, also because during the tests I did I never had them, but in the next few hours I should release a new patch that fixes several things


Ah, I see. So it’s not just me. Got it, I was worried I was doing something wrong with patching it.

I can’t go past 1-1. When I talk to Salem to leave for the desert, the game goes to the title screen. Also, I think you’re supposed to be able to use the shops in Sorya, but when I press the A button, the game softlocks and i can’t do anything after that.

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Hi GabrielKnight, can you send me a game clip of when the problem occurs?

Ch 1-1x I have tested it multiple times and I cannot recreate these problems


SkillsTest.emulator-0 SkillsTest.emulator-1 SkillsTest.emulator-4 SkillsTest.emulator-2 SkillsTest.emulator-3

Now, except for a graphic glitch about a portrait (which I have already solved), I can’t find any problems in this chapter, if you can, you can send me your save too