FE8 definitive/best rework hack

I see so many hacks of FE8 to better the gameplay. I was wondering which one people thought was the best to play? I’ve played The one that Blood made and it was really good but now there’s at least another 5 that popped up. Which one would you guys say is the best one and has the most added/best content?

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Midnight Eclipse


I’m personally partial to The Sacred War. It adds a ludicrous amount of content (seriously, there’s so much new stuff that they had to make a second patch that’s basically the ROMhack equivalent of a Disk 2), changes up the map design of a lot of the less interesting vanilla levels, and makes almost every class and character feel like they have an important niche. It also adds in more skills without overwhelming the player with, like, 5 million skills per character (I assume the creator used their own crazy ASM witchcraft, as it doesn’t seem to use Circles’ Skill System to achieve this.)

All in all, It feels like what would happen if you added a dash of FE4 and FE10’s best aspects to FE8’s formula, and it’s just generally a really great experience.

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I’d say literally play every one of them. Play them up to the route split and then choose the one you like more.
Something I love about FEU is how it makes me play through all those different versions of FE8 (or GBA FE in general) without getting bored and having fun with all of them for different reasons.