FE8 Custom PME v0.2


Ah that works even better , that way everyone is happy and you aren’t left with a necromancer joining up in chapter one and one rounding everything lol.

I sent the links ro some of my friends off discord that are FE nuts. They should response positively.

So if you don’t mind me asking, what is the storyline for this ROM hack you’re working on. Like what is it’s main premise

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I don’t have one. I’m hoping for people to come up with ideas for it.


Sure I can help you out with some ideas if you would allow, maybe make a discord server or something to get people on the project to contribute in and then you can edit out the things you like out of them.

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Here, I made one. https://discord.gg/n5M3vYE
Yeah, I’m fine with you suggesting ideas.

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are all the characters taken?

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Maybe, just leave your character first and let’s see what the admin says


No, there are still plenty of characters to go. Currently there are about 10, and I’m expecting to have about 30-40 by the end of the hack.


11 / 30-40 characters so far


That’s 9 playable characters and 2 bosses.
There will be a boss for every chapter, and since I plan on having 25-30 chapters, there will
be 25-30 bosses.
So including all the characters together right now, we’re at about 15% of the way through the PME’s characters.


Eh gradual progress, will get through this eventually. 9/30

I could help give more characters if that’s ever needed anyways. Sorry btw the friend I asked to join said he wasn’t interested.


We’ll just have to be patient. Hopefully, removing the pastebin and some of the rules made people more eager to share their creations.


Playable Unit
Name: Dork
Class: Mercenary/Hero
Bio: A quiet and serene man looking for love in all the wrong places.
Affinity: Fire
*Stats and Growths
Level 5
Hp: 30/ 70%
Strength: 8/ 55%
Skill: 10/ 45%
Speed: 12/ 30%
Luck:6 / 45%
Defense:6/ 30%
Res: 2/ 20%
**Weapon Rank: D Swords/ C-Swords D Axes
**Inventory: Steel Sword/ Killing Edge, Hand Axe

*Stats double or increase a reasonable amount if hero
** Inventory changes If hero


Playable Unit
Uhh hope that works,
Name: Hugh
Class: Thief / Rogue / Assassin (Depending on how much there are)


Name: Alex
Bio: A very strange one from an unknown land. He’s very silly.
Class: Shaman
Level: 3
Affinity: Thunder
Inventory: Nosferatu, Flux (2)
Weapon Ranks: Dark: C
HP - 16 (50%)
Mag - 5 (40%)
Skl - 4 (45%)
Spd - 6 (50%)
Lck - 4 (100%)
Def - 3 (15%)
Res - 9 (55%)
Con - 10

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Both of the characters have been inserted.


The PME only has one map so far, so I encourage any editors to post maps if they can.
Characters are nice, but it becomes difficult to place characters in the game without maps to put them in.


Sorry if you mentioned it in the OP but is there a story established yet or are you gonna make one after the characters/maps are made?


There already is a story. Right now, it just includes the backstory and a basic outline for chapter 1,
but it does exist. If you look at the discord server, you can find the story.

There’s still more to go for the story, so ideas are still appreciated. The PME will just be built as it goes, off the maps and suggestions. I’ll put any story suggestions with the characters and maps in the pastebin document (found here).


You wanted a map… eh?
Well, I had some spare time, so here’s this little concoction.

I planned on your units either arriving to the right side, so if you do take this map in, I’d recommend you do it like that.

While I’m at it, let me drop some neat trinkets as well.

Item Edit: Prac. Katana
uses an Unused item slot
Might: 6, Hit: 80, Weight: 5, Durability: 20, Weapon Rank: C, Cost: 2700
Grants Speed +3 when held.
Description: A foreign, nimble blade.

Item Edit: Guard Nagina.
uses an Unused item slot
Might: 5, Hit: 75, Weight: 11, Durability: 20, Weapon Rank: C, Cost: 2300
Grants Def & Res +2 when held.
Description: A foreign, defensive lance.

Item Edit: Great Club
uses an Unused item slot
Might: 6, Hit: 45, Crit: 55, Durability: 20, Weapon Rank: C, Cost: 1900
Description: A foreign, deadly club.

I think I’ll put more maps down here later, but for now, this is my addition to your (incredibly amazing, yet ambitous) project.


Thank you. This will be the chapter 3 map. Will these items be used as normal weapons, or character specific weapons?