FE8 Custom PME v0.2


This is an FE8 PME that I decided to try out. Really any edit can be made, whether it be characters, classes, events, maps, or anything else.


-Not a single FE8 character or map can remain the same (no edits to vanilla FE8 characters)

-Maps must be larger than one screen (at least 17x13 size)

-Anything requiring graphics insertion has to be sent to me so I can insert it (portraits, custom items, etc.)

-No self inserts, only original characters or characters from other games

-Custom classes or items are fine

-Any suggestor can add as many edits as they like

There are going to be around 25-30 chapters total. Enemy placement and events will be handled by me unless somebody else wants to do it for a specific chapter. Characters will join in the order they are suggested. There is no limit to the amount of characters that can be added. The types of edits that can be made are here. If something is not on here, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. Be creative.

Boss characters are also an option for additions.
New characters must specify a name, class, portrait(formatted correctly), starting stats, inventory, and growth rates. Any extra character edits will also be accepted. I will not be using the skill system, so don’t list any personal skills.

There’s a discord server for the PME, check it out if you’re interested.

I will put any edits I have already applied here.

Currently the PME is finished through chapter 1.

emulator_02 emulator_03 emulator_02

DerTheVaporeon - Archer battle animations
Nuramon - Armor Knight battle/map animation, Sniper battle animation
Alusq - Fighter map sprites
Greentea - Ursula Valkyrie, Kent Paladin
RobertFPY - Ursula Valkyrie, Kent Paladin, Cavalier class card
Team SALVAGED - Cavalier animation
Marlon0024 - Fixed Manakete
Leo_link - Mercenary battle animation
Iscaneus - Mercenary battle animation, Armor Knight battle animation
Teraspark - Shaman battle animation (Monk repalette)
Ash3wl - Shaman map sprite (alternate Mage map sprite)
LordGlenn - Most new weapon icons
Zelix - Fates weapon icons
CamTech075 - Twin jolt icon, Wind edge icon
Anything that I didn’t credit was made by me.

Download version 0.2 here:

People want a gacha: I'm making a gacha

Challenge accepted.


I have a suggestion for a Jeagan/Oifey unit.

Name : Nadia
Class : Valkyrie
Portrait :
Starting stats + growth rates :
Level 1
HP = 30 + 60%
Magic = 13 + 25%
Skill = 10 + 25%
Speed = 7 + 45%
Luck = 7 + 20%
Defense = 10 + 25%
Resistance = 11 + 35%
Constitution = 6 / Aid = 14
Movement = 8
Affinity = Wind
Weapon Rank = Staff : C & Light : A.
Inventory = Thunder tome and Heal staff.


That’s fine, but Valkyries use anima magic in this PME so choose an anima tome for her.


Done. I gave her a Thunder tome instead. Although, I hope it doesn’t make her broken. :sweat_smile:


I’ll pitch in our second & third player characters and our first boss I guess, because I’m sure we’re gonna have a huge cast at some point. Also, Bios are those descriptions you can view with the R button.

Hey look it’s me, the totally not an Erk recolor. Credit to EldritchAbomination for making the FE7 mugs in FE8 colors (used for the base Erk mug and the palette for recoloring)
Name: MrGreen
Bio: An aspiring FE hacker. Also obsessed with FE.
Class: Mage
Level: 1
Affinity: Thunder
Inventory: Thunder, Vulnerary
Weapon Ranks: Anima is around halfway between D and C, and Light is D.
Stats (Growths in Parentheses)
HP - 18 (60)
Mag - 8 (60)
Skl - 7 (45)
Spd - 6 (40)
Lck - 4 (25)
Def - 3 (25)
Res - 9 (65)
Con - 7
Basically how I’d imagine myself as a playable character, with a focus put into Mag and Res.

Credit to Blade for the Lukas mug, available in Mugging Blitz 1’s package.
Name: Lukas
Bio: A member of the Deliverance. He is best boy.
Class: Soldier
Level: 1
Affinity: Ice
Inventory: Iron Lance, Vulnerary
Weapon Ranks: C Lances
Stats (Growths in Parentheses):
HP - 23 (80)
Str - 7 (55)
Skl - 6 (60)
Spd - 5 (30)
Lck - 3 (25)
Def - 8 (60)
Res - 2 (25)
Con - 8
We need our first physical wall in our magic-using starting party, and Lukas must grace this PME with his presence.

First boss time!

Credit to DerTheVaporeon for this portrait (available in Mugging Blitz 3’s package.)
Name: Slayder
Bio: Captain of General Dozer’s army. Reduced to a generic boss.
Class: Paladin
Level: 1
Affinity: Dark (although it won’t have any affect on gameplay)
Inventory: Iron Lance
Weapon Ranks: Doesn’t matter, enemies autolevel weapon ranks to use their stuff.
HP - 30
Str - 8
Skl - 7
Spd - 7
Lck - 0
Def - 6
Res - 4
Generic cav boss here we go.


Here comes the good mercenary.
Name: Enoch
Bio: A mercenary with a simple quest, protect and fight. For a price.
Class: Mercenary

Starting stats + growth rates :
Level 3
HP = 23 + 70%
Strength = 9 + 55%
Skill = 9 + 40%
Speed = 9 + 45%
Luck = 4 + 25%
Defense = 10 + 65%
Resistance = 3 + 15%
Constitution = 8 / Aid = 7
Movement = 6
Affinity = Fire
Weapon Rank = Sword: C
Inventory = Steel sword, Pure water and Vulnerary


You mind if I put my character in

All credit to Batimathebat for this portrait
Level: 1
Affinity: Wind
Weapon Ranks:(oh boy here we go)C Anima and E Light
Inventory: Wind,Vulnerary
Bio:A new Rom Hacker with a ton of speed
Starting stats and growths:
Pretty much Mr Speed and memes


All the new characters have been added. At this point I need a map for chapter 1 so I can start figuring out where the enemies will go. New units are fine, but I would also like some other edits to work with. You can make as many edits as you like.


Name: DarkChibi

(Just a recolor Kent, Got the Kent in FE8 colors from Animation Repository Version 0.85)
Bio: Small time FE hacker. Likes Undertale and Digimon
Class: Cavalier
Level: 1
Affinity: Dark
Inventory: Iron Lance, Vulnerary
Weapon Ranks: Lance: D rank
HP - 19 + 65%
Str - 8 + 65%
Skl - 4 + 50%
Spd - 6 + 60%
Lck - 4 + 35%
Def - 6 + 65%
Res - 0 + 25%
Con - 9


Here’s a first map I guess. Ignore the red square, I took a screeenshot of FEBuilder’s display of the map and cropped it.
The .map link also contains the tile change (the snag).
EDIT: Noticed a map error (cutting the snag erases one of the trees from existence, so I just got rid of the tree)


The map seems fine. I’ll need to replace the destroyed village with a castle to seize, though. If you were planning to have a visitable village there, I’ll need to add another one somewhere on the map.


That seems fine to me.


Speaking of maps, they won’t be limited to the FE8 tilesets. The FE6 frontier, frontier castle, snow, and snow castle will also be options for maps.


Here’s an armor knight for you.

Name: John
Bio: An emotional knight who loves theatre.
Class: Armor Knight
Level: 3
Affinity: Thunder
Inventory: Iron lance, Iron Axe, Vulnerary
Weapon Ranks: Lance D and Axe E
HP- 25 + 75%
STR- 8 + 60%
SKL- 4 + 30%
SPD- 2 + 10%
LCK- 6 + 40%
DEF- 11 + 80%
RES- 2 + 20%
CON- 10


What’s his name and speed stat?


fixed it, sorry


Recruitable brigand
Bio: A foolish tribal trying to fulfil some prophecy.
Stat and growths:
Level 7
Hp: 34, 70%
Strength: 14,55%
Skill: 11,65%
Speed: 9,50%
Res: 5,30%
Affinity: Ice
Weapon Rank: C Axes
Inventory: Hand axe, Killer Axe
Boss edit

Bio:A edgy cyst white male and total menace to society.
Weapon Rank:S Dark, C Staff


Self inserts are now no longer allowed. The previous ones will stay, but from now on there will only be new characters or characters from other games. This is just to prevent most of the cast being people’s avatars instead of actual characters. In addition to that, all portraits need to be correctly formatted when they are posted. Both of these rules are now added to the first post I made.


Hey I was just wondering are music tracks allowed as an edit? If not thats fine