FE8 Custom PME v0.2


Yes they are. Just send me music and I’ll insert it. I’ll add in a link to the original post to specify what people can edit. Here it is. Anything goes for this PME, so music is fine.


Are you looking for maps for future chapters yet? If so, then I’ll whip something up


That’s fine.


Can I have Dark Emperor in the game pls


Sorry for taking so long but stuff you know


Where can I find the track and what should it replace?


lemme find it real quick


I found a game rip on Serenes Forrest but its not in midi format but i can transfer it to it if you want
heres the link if needed

It should replace the enemy phase theme


Okay, I’ll insert it once I get the midi file.


your welcome


How should i send it?


Just post it in the thread.


The new boss is fine, but I’ll have to give him a flux or dulam tome instead of eclipse or nosferatu. Having a nosferatu druid boss in chapter 2 sounds a bit too strong for that point in the game. The only way to defeat him safely is to use an archer, but there don’t seem to be any archers by chapter 2.

This PME is still going, for anyone that still cares. I’m still accepting maps and characters. If you just want to do a quick mug splice or generate a quick map, that’s fine. Or you can build a plot for the PME with some dialogue, or whatever you feel like doing. A couple of new classes have also been added: Ranger and Bow Knight (promoted form of Ranger).


cool I hope it’s going good, if you could change my portrait to the one in the link


Name : Malik
Bio : A mysterious, amnesiac kid that likes boats and touching people’s faces ( 3ds era reference )
Portrait : unknown
Class : Urchin ( A costume class that’s basically a cross between a bard and a thief, without any offensive capabilities. He can play music, steal items and use lock picks. ) Promotes to a Manakete at level 20/ if given a fire stone ( Pokemon reference ) [ If that class are allowed Anyways ]
Level : 1
Affinity : Ice
Invantory : Lock pick , Vulnerary.
Starting stats and growths :
HP = 15+40%
Strength = 3+65%
Skill = 2+75%
Speed = 11+70%
Luck = 5+50%
Defense = 3+80%
Resistance = 2+80%
Con = 4

He’s just your stereotypical comic relief, port kid.

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Nice. I’ll give him the pick skill instead of a lockpick, though.

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Really? Wow thank you dude haha. I was worried you might get mad at me for necro posting or even adding the words " might promote to manakete " :joy: haha.

But sure the pick skill will go in perfect, I always some him as like a stereotypical dnd bard with the thief and music. Thanks again for considering me haha, I’m sure this hack will be great when it’s out.

Oh I can give you Malik’s back story if you would like or were just wondering why he’s an amnesiac tween lol.


Yeah, it’s progressing very slowly at the moment. I’ll try to make the limitations less restrictive and be a little more flexible with the rules. I’ll remove the pastebin document for the moment so potential editors aren’t scared off.


Hmm you don’t need to take down all of that if you feel that the banned classes can threaten your planned story ( which I am willing to help with ideas if you every need a guy ). It is still your game and vision at the end of it, you could just work and improve with what you have.

I can also link this to a few of my friends that got me into FE, if you would like extra people to donate characters.

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Yes, thank you. That would be appreciated. Nobody has the patience to read through a long pastebin document and deal with a whole bunch of restrictive rules. That’s why I’m changing them. From now on I’ll just tweak any edits I get to fit the hack instead of restricting people’s ideas and turning them away.