[FE8] Crisis & Searchs

To avoid making it difficult to face them, is that almost all of them appear near the edges. It looks like it didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped.

I could not place the texts to describe “There are war crimes here” so I showed it in the behavior of the units.
In the case of the events for items, it was replaced with some late appearing reinforcements.

Regarding Barricade+ It is for a couple of special bosses, certain monsters of the ruin and tower (Avernians and Infernals).
Big Shield is only used for Generals (Fortress Kn) and Barons.
Captains and just a few special bosses carry Pavise or Aegis.
But I will keep in mind not to combine both skills for next time, it won’t be used even on special bosses.

I thought I could make a less dangerous scare than the Manakete in a FE6 chest.
To do this, the dialogue of the house implied that Almeinster would go to the ruins, and would not chase your units.
When the boss appears, he will go to the ruins, he only attacks if you approach him at his range. And to prevent it from attacking whoever visited the house, I put those blocks that prevent it from approaching when it appears.

They are a special generic part 3 (Aurum) there are a handful of those. I was amused that the Sniper in chapter 15 was the one who stood out, it seems that the others didn’t stand out much.

Oh, my poor little Solis.
He is one of the few characters with medium low growth. The reason in his case are the skills he has, especially Foresight, with which the activatable and critical skills will do 0 damage.
Also, so that no one is left behind, is that there are many items to boost stats, (item plus).

Spoiler of Solis

Solis, if she doesn’t get to yield with anything, (which is almost impossible), she has a backup in chapter 20, because she is given a personal tome (Sanctified) with which she can do the chapters alone, even if she was never used since her lvl3.
This was devised in case the team in general had bad luck.

Man, sorry but this is not a good hack imo. Prologue is way too much of a drag, insanely long to a very unnecessary extent. Now on top of that, apparently you are not allowed to use the Power Ring if Chizuru joins you. I used it just fine the first time, but since I saw there was an empty slot on Chapter 2, I replayed chapter 1 just so I got the missing unit which…appears on Turn 45!!! Why?! Why?! You made a chapter 1 that is just as long as 3 or 4 chapters from any other hack I have played, and now that she is finally in my roster, using the power ring crashes the game instantly! The heck is that?!
Im now reading the comments made on here and I commend you for sticking to your ideas even with all the criticism you were given about the first chapter, but it is not good. Took me several tries and over 45 minutes to beat chapter 1 blindly, only to find out a very helpful item crashes my game. I gave it a try regardless, I’m passing on this one but good luck.

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I love this hack