[FE8] [Completed] The Sacred Trilogy Reskin and Rebalance

Is Jake worth it or atleast the sword I will get? I just got to chap19x and he dies turn2 and if lucky turn3. I could probably rng abuse it or burn some warp or rescue stave even still, it will be hard to reach him in time. He gets doubled by the brigand with wolf

I have finally beaten this game!!!


I enjoyed it alllll except the final boss was just too OP and like even my big hitters were barely hurting him and then coupled with Nhil and unnecessary Renewal Skill was just more tedious and annoying than actually a good fun fight. Plus the unlimited summoning of an entire team of phantoms every turn it was just annoying asf. Then for some dumb reason he gets to hit first and the lower his health the harder he hits. I tis seriously just a huge pain in the ass. Thankfully, idk if it was some built in mechanic against him but most my hits were all critical. And Ewan had enough magic to do 5 damage so a crit finished him. Otherwise he could one shot (and hit them first) Erika and her brother who were the ONLY ones who could solidly damage him. Otherwise, I enjoyed all the changes I enjoyed the characters you made it so much more fun for me to play the game that actually introduced me to the fire emblem series. Thank you!

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Not sure if anyone else has encountered this.

At chapter 17, I can’t find the house to visit and enter the supreme code (to get the “prize”). It’s simply not on my map.
I play on android, Myboy gba full version. I took Ephraim’s route.

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I also played on myboy although I took Eirika route. The house, in the guide, should be where the enemy heroes are at the start of the map where there’s one tile of water that separates your troop and them.

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Thanks for that. You’re right, it’s there.

I hacked this onto my 3ds, and for some reason Ross didn’t auto promote from his trainer stays at lvl 10. do I need to give him an item or is my file bugged and I’m just fucked forever.

nvm, I just needed to enter another map😮‍💨

I’m certain this has been answered before, but how exactly do you access the postgame? I have both the epilogue and endgame chapter saves, but I’m not quite sure how to go back in after finishing the game.

In the main menu, go to Extras, then select Map. After that, choose the save data that’s at the Epilogue.

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Sorry for another question so soon, but is there anywhere I can buy Talismen/Warding Dew? They’re not in Ch. 19 secret shop postgame.

The creature campaign secret shops have them.

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I seem to be unable to deal damage to fomortiis except for Myrrh and Eirika using either Luna or Eclipse. His defense and resistance are suuuper high and negating skills means vanessa can’t proc her penetration skill.

Effectively most of my team deals 0 damage even with the sacred weapons and he one shots most characters.

I thought maybe killing his summons would do something like tick away the green numbers added to his defenses but they did not.

I’m unable to return to the world map to buy new weapons or grind.

Am I soft locked? Is there a mechanic I’m missing? This hack was super fun but I’ve restarted the fight 10 times trying every weapon and character I have to see what I can do. I never grinded valni or did skirmishes, was I intended to?

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It's just annoying lol

No mechanic it’s just they did the finl boss so OP for no reason like annoyingly so to the point it’s not even fun or strategy it’s just tedium. Literally the only one’s that can hurt it when I played were Erika and Ephriam with Legendary weapons. It was just little by little and if you didn’t notice he gets to attack first. The more HP he loses the harder he hits soooo. The final boss seriously needs some rebalancing and that was on easy so I can only imagine what it’s like on higher difficulties. Coupled with the unlimited summoning yeeeeeah that is the one part absolutely hate about the hack lol. Almost enough to make me not replay cuz I don’t wanna do that again…almost. But i loved everything else too much. I think killing the waves of summoning should take down his health or defense/res and for the love ofGod the hit first no matter what gotta go.

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Doesn’t he have an item that boosts his stats? That’s where the green numbers are from IIRC. And yeah that boss is a pain on regular campaign. (He’s even worse on Ruins) I had to bank on a Cormag crit with Vidofnir, a very grinded L’Arachel with Ivaldi since Nihil has a bug where it doesn’t prevent Dazzle and then Ephraim to score the kill shot.

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It seems that I can’t find it, where is it exactly? I’m on Ephraim’s Route

Nevermind I was a dumb dumb, THE HERO CLASS ENEMY HAHAHA

so I don’t know if this is a bug, but I’m on chapter 15 (Ephraim route) and have basically all of my units promoted, and one thing that has been consistent is that the 2nd level will be a none level (even though I picked set stat growths). im on the full version, and this isn’t a huge damper but I’m just wondering if there’s a reason that happens.

also Erika wasn’t leveled for some reason, she was when the route split at the end of level 8. I don’t know why

If your playing on fixed growths, that’s intended. Umpromoted units always start with a extra 50% on growths on their first level to ensure you don’t get blank level ups…promoted units do not get this bonus

This hack is awesome so far. Ive not played very many FE hacks over the years, and its been almost a decade since the last one i played (not including translations of course).

However, I came to ask a question. Im currently on chapter 9 in Ephraims route. And the Tower of Valni is bugged. It will not let me advance past the first floor. Is there a fix for this? I am using the most recent update of the full version.

More floors of the tower unlock as you progress through the game

Saw some discussion on how overbearing the final boss is, and I have to agree. But I’d also like to take the opportunity to vouch for Ewan as someone to bring to the fight. When promoted to Dark Knight, he gets Tome Range +1, which can let him safely pick off Fomortiis with Gleipnir. With supports and dances, he was the one to land the finishing blow on my previous Hard Mode playthrough.