[FE8] [Completed] The Sacred Trilogy Reskin and Rebalance

The treasure tiles are unchanged from vanilla, so you should be able to find everything if you have a map from the vanilla game on you

The Metis’s Tome was changed to a White Gem, but other than that, you’re right.

Back on Ch. 19x, and I wanted to know where I could find the name of the song that plays on player phase. It along with the other original songs don’t show up in the game’s Sound Room.

Sadly, in order to listen the sweet, sweet imported tracks. You have to use sappy and go through the hops of finding them in there. At least, that’s how I went about it

Back again‼️ with just another question, are the secret shops reaccessible once you leave the map? (And specifically the chapter 14 one with the body solutions and magic weapons.)

Yes, but only after you beat the main story and go into the creature campaign

How to evolve into tieer 3

tier 3 classes don’t exist. every class has a 3rd promotion option, but 3rd tier classes don’t exist in the rom

Thank you how do you promote ross in the game tho level 10 and there’s no promo scene

Once you reach the story chapter where you first fight the creatures with Artur & Lute, if Ross is Lv.10, the scene will trigger and you’ll be able to promote him into a base class from his trainee class.

obviously i’m late to the party, but Artur having mercy as a personal skill, while thematic, really sucks. Like I understand that now he can set up kills for training units, but now he is effectively gutted in his own potential. I can’t be the only one who feels like Mercy should have been a scroll or something rather than a character passive.

never mind. i see that it is a secondary skill! that makes it so much better!

I have a question, are the weapon and item icons supposed to look out of place inside the minimugs on the latest version compared to the previous 2.1.1?
It’s not a complaint it’s just that I played that version first and I tough it looked great all the icons fitting all perfectly inside the minimug instead of outside like in the screenshot and the latest version
Kinda makes me wanna keep playing on that version but I don’t wanna miss the latest features, the hack is looking great, amazing work

On my last playthrough, I found a minor oversight regarding the route split. After choosing Eirika’s route, when Ephraim returned on Ch. 15, he didn’t have the Expertise skill despite being auto-leveled. I assumed he would gain the skill, which is why I chose not to level him up at all during Ch. 5x and 8.
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Presumably, the same thing would happen to Eirika if she is not brought to Lv. 8 before choosing Ephraim’s route.

Yeah, I had the same issue, though expertise is a pretty bad skill so I wouldn’t be too miffed about it

And to state what it does, it reduces critical damage by 50%, which is pretty niche as most enemies won’t have that high crit on you

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True. The player would never pit Ephraim against a high-crit enemy since he’s a Lord, and he would most likely dodge anyway as Trooper Lord thanks to WT control.

I’m more bothered by how I kept Despoil instead of Infiltrator on my Colm in the same save file, since I forgot there’s an arena in the post-game where I could farm money instead.

Those random skill scrolls in the ruin, can I get all of them when I get there multiple times?Or just only get one of them, only one chance through out the whole game?

You only get once per chapter for the random scrolls of the chapter. if you don’t get it first try, you reset the chapter at battle preps to redo the chances (always save in each level of the ruins lads)

How can I get Surveying Kit?

In one of the ruins’ secret shops, it requires a warp staff to reach though