[FE8] [Completed] The Sacred Trilogy Reskin and Rebalance

I don’t think data limit can be the problem but I’m pretty sure the paired endings will break something.

Funny that you mention that because Blood did actually increase the support limit but it broke paired endings so it was removed.


Okay, so I got this interesting idea in my head. So since every class has 3 promotion options, apart from the twins, here’s my suggestion. Change the master seal, instead of it being a promotion item, turn it into a reclassing option. That way you have the freedom to change their class at will instead of being stuck with one promotion.

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Would this reworked Master Seal reset the unit’s level like Awakening’s Second Seal?

Most likely yeah, given it’s the default setting for promotion items, which this master seal would technically be

Ah okay. This could be used to further enhance a unit’s customization by letting them gather another class’s skills (e.g. an Arbalest Neimi with Bowfaire and Seal Speed from the Sniper and Ranger’s skillset).

One small issue is that farming Master Seals currently relies on hoping promoted monsters spawn with them in their inventory, and the chances of that happening are very low. Perhaps they could be added to some chests or bosses in the Lagdou Ruins.

Edit: Just realized another issue: if reclassing is implemented, pre-promoted units need new sprites/palettes for the classes they’re changing into (e.g. Dozla changing into a Warrior/War Monk).

Lol i had the same idea months ago and posted it here. I don’t remember what blood said about it though

Although the hack’s development is on hiatus, I do think that the documentation can be improved somewhat. For starters:

  • The skills spreadsheet still mentions Warrior as one of Neimi’s promotions, even though it was changed to Arbalest in recent versions.

  • Similarly, Jake is still listed as a Paladin, instead of his Knight Errant class.

  • Lastly, it would be helpful if descriptions of each skill were added to the first cell they’re mentioned in. This way, people who are less familiar with the skill system can use the sheet for planning how they want their units to develop.

  • If the aforementioned is done, consider adding a page to document skills which aren’t learned by leveling.

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How do you get more surveying kits?

They are in a secret shop in the lower levels of the ruins

ok thx

do you know which floor?

i don’t remember which floor, but it’s where you fight Lloyd and Linus, you have to use a warp staff to use it though, as it’s blocked off completely by unbreakable walls

This may have already been answered, but… How do you choose which skills a character has? And if they always have all skills, how do you see more than just the first 6?

When someone with 6 skills gains a skill from leveling up or uses a skill scroll from the map (battle map, not world map), a menu appears where you select one skill to replace.

Odd. It didn’t do that for me. I used a scroll, they gained a 7th skill, and no skill menu popped up… Huh. Maybe because I was in a chapter.

Random question here, can anyone send me what Tethys’s stat caps are? I know her Str is 21, but I don"t know the rest.


“POW” = Str.

Thank you! If it’s not too much of a bother, could I see her luck as well?

Everyone caps at 30 luck.

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Is there any changes to the items found on chapter 15, other than the resolve scroll? If so, has someone made a map of how to find it?