[FE8] [COMPLETE] Fire Emblem Journeys: Gaiden (5 chapters)

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Before I start, I just want to note that any connections to Journeys are pretty small, and you can easily play this hack without having played that one.

So, the gimmick this time is that you start off with almost every unit in the game and there’s no new recruits (aside 1, but it’s not really a thing). In addition, there’s no single gameover unit, which means no seize objective either. Every map also has full deploy.

23 playable units
All footies get shove, all mounts get canto+
Diverse roster of units
Planned 5 chapters
Lots of talk convos
No lord character! Anyone can die!

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Portraits: SSHX, Beansy, L95, RandomWizard, Ambrosiac, Levin, Peerless, CapibaraInSpace, CanDY, Sphealnuke
Animations: Nuramon, leo_link, Shyuterz, Alusq, Pikmin1211, DerTheVaporeon, Waleed, Pushwall
Map Palettes/Tilesets: RandomWizard, WAve, HyperGammaSpaces, Zoramine
Status Screen: Epicer
Map Sprites: Pikmin1211, HyperGammaSpaces, Shyuterz, Warpath, DerTheVaporeon
Title Screen: Rivian
Music: SurfingKyogre

I’d also like to mention that every mug I have made for this hack will be released as free to use after I finish! Please do not use them at this time, though, and don’t go taking mugs from the rom all willy nilly since I didn’t make all of them, only about half.


poor tim whys he not smiling


Is this still being worked on?? wanna play both hacks in 1 go so should i w8 till this is done or is this project dead?

Just finished Journeys but i gues this is still WIP??

I’ll be updating it in a bit, it’s not too far for being done but the next update won’t be the fully complete version.

I’ve updated the OP with a new version containing 5 chapters, though the game is not quite done yet. I’d say it’s about 80% done. Enjoy!

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With such a huge cast of characters, I haven’t been able to recruit any of the recruitable units because idk who talks to who. You should add the patch that tells you who talks, so we don’t have to try with so many people. Specially because the maps have a strict time limit.

Not sure what you’re talking about, since there aren’t any recruitable characters.

Oh ok, I assumed the named random enemies were recruitable.

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I found a bug. After beating chapter 3 it goes to vanilla Sacred Stones chapter 1. Then you go to the world map. The castle plays the dialogue from vanilla Sacred Stones. And then it repeats chapter 3 again.

I’m playing on the mobile version of MyBoy if that helps.

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Uploaded a patch that fixes this, sorry.

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I finished the hack, I enjoyed it. A couple more glitches.

The dialogue for Endgame is the same as Chapter 3, but goes to the right map.

After beating Endgame, the game takes you back to chapter 4, instead of the ending.

A lot of enemies have weapons they can’t use. Including Glupgor.

Pushed an update that just fills out the content pretty much, so the game is complete. Let me know if there’s stuff that still needs to be changed and I’ll get to it, though.

Edit: On the mug releases… It’ll happen in december. I’m a bit swamped right now by real life so look out for that later.