[FE8] [COMPLETE] Call of the Armor v1 (20 chapters + 3 Character Selection Interludes) + Reverse Recruitment Patch (13-Apr-22)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Daisy comes back afterwards FYI. It’s a one chapter gimmick.

Also, there was never really an intended use case for light runes. The game was built chapter by chapter by different creators w/ no planning outside of “follow these rules”, so early light runes adds were not added for any particular scenario – what you shared is certainly a use case though.

Glad you enjoyed the first half and hope you consider completing it.


This is like the second time ever that ive use light runes and im loving it


For those that want to recruit a certain character in chapter 18

Recruitment Guide

Using the burst of knowledge when Zain shows up at Turn 10 turns him into a green unit, but it doesn’t allow us to talk to him, after digging up in FEBuilder what was stopping me from talking, I find out there IS a conversation with him to recruit, but its flag 0C is activated at the beginning of the chapter, to prevent us from talking to him while he is still red, but never deactivated when we turn him green, so he remains unrecruitable, the only way I found to work around that was changing the event tag from C to any other not being used like D, it makes Zain recruitable even while red, but if you want it you can turn him green with burst of knowledge before recruiting him for real.

Hello, I am from China. After I finished this hack, I was deeply attracted by the story of Kuijia. I want to translate this hack into Chinese because I want my friends to know the story of Kuijia too. My English is not very good, please forgive me if there are any grammatical mistakes.

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Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed. Yes, feel free to make a Chinese translation.

Thank you for your support. Another question I would like to ask is about the recruitment of the mercenary Zain in Chapter 18. I found that Zain had a dialogue with Kuijia in that chapter, and after the dialogue, Kuijia could recruit Zain, but I could not trigger the dialogue. I would like to ask whether this is an invalid case or a loophole?


He is a joke that is never meant to be recruitable.


Hello, I’m back. What I want to tell you is that I have finished the Chinese translation of Call of the Armor, and have gained the love of many players. Thank you again for your support.


Hi I like to report a bug I found in chapter 2 of this hack.

This Village was not destroy after the Marauder visited it

my bad


Did any of the writers for this hack play Knight of the old republic?
When ever I read this I am immediately think of the abbreviation for Knight of the old republic :joy:

And when ever I look at this my mind instantly visualize The Princess using the force to strangle her enemy :joy:


I am playing chapter 5:Reclaim the ship. But the preparation screen tell me I am playing in Ex.map why?

The phantom’s in Ch.6 are really, really strong. It’s out of tone with the rest of the game, and it makes the level absurdly difficult.

Hello, I just finished this hack. Overall, I found it enjoyable although the plot was a bit nonsensical (understandable considering this is a telephone hack),. I think that the later chapters were a bit too easy although, once again, its understandable since its hard to know what resources the player has at that point. In particular, I thought that the mugshots were really well done. Kuijia and Floor were so well done that I thought they had come straight out of an official FE game. Overall, I had fun, thanks for making this hack.

Edit: Also repect to the person(s) who made so many characters with darker skin/indian names. I really liked seeing that in a fire emblem game.

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Finally got around to playing this hack. I won’t write up a detailed review since it seems like this project was a one and done kinda thing. Overall, I was pretty impressed what a group of ppl in a small amount of time were able to put together.

For a vanilla/minimalist hack, the maps and balancing were very strong. I thought the first few chapters were a little slow cause my team was very weak and felt I kind needed to turtle a bit more than I’d like, but by chapter 4 or 5, I felt like I was hitting my stride and was really fun until the endgame. But all fire emblem endgames end on a whimper in my opinion so that’s just normal FE.

A few standouts for me were:

Memorable Chapters Summary

An early/midgame chapter (can’t remember the number) where you have the choice to recruit a dark mage or a wyvern lord. When i first saw that map, I was shaking. Lots of enemies, so much loot, boss swordmaster and my units were trash. I was like “okay this is where I drop the hack”. But i started playing it and realized many units don’t move and the chests were actually obtainable by other means, and it went super well. Felt very proud of myself. Very fun and fair in the end.

Chapter 13 (the one where you can split several ways and you need to really push to get all the loot and get the boots/swiftsole off the boss) was a highlight for me.

All the maps were very decent until the last few chapters I’d say:

Late game chapters Summary

Chapter 18 felt very gimmicky to me, I was confused about all the reinforcements, traps, shifting walls and NPC helpers. I just was overwhelmed by everything, didn’t know how to adapt to anything then all of a sudden it opened up and the bosses rushed me and it was over. Maybe a non-blind playthrough is better cause you know what to expect. I’d just either cut down on all the things going on or telegraph it more clearly.

Chapter 19 was fun, albeit long/slogy. Was cool to have a late game boat map. Felt pretty epic. Final map was fair as well, nothing to complain about.

Overall, very fun hack. All maps were super well designed and I’m just nitpicking overall. Story was fun, light hearted. I enjoyed the humour and not taking itself too seriously. I like that the story aspects were shorter initially. Nice and quick, to the point.

I never played a game with chapter interludes where you have a choice between different units. What a smart way to increase replay-ability, adapt to whatever units you’ve lost and encourage iron-manning. I’ll definitely be revisiting this hack in the future. Hope it gets some love to polish the UI issues. I think it deserves it.

Good job team distant roads!


Is Yen Taje recruitable?

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No. You do get Kilian in ch2 at least.


After playing Bells of Byelen I had to give this hack a try. It’s really great.

I do miss having skills, the game could really use the item combine feature, I wish there was a 200 item convoy, and I kind of got lost in the details of the story a little bit (as in, I am not 100% sure of what’s going on), but that’s also because I play FE for the gameplay and tend to skim the text or skip it lol.

But those are really nitpicks. The units are fun and interesting and I appreciated that some of the maps were genuinely easy. I kind of get fatigued late game in some of these hacks as the maps get really large and the missions get really difficult.

High quality game for sure! :clap:


Thank you, Team Distant Roads. I finished CotA in about 4 months with 29 in-game hours and 203 turns.

The Good

  • Varied map objectives
  • Classic gameplay
  • No skills
  • Good unit diversity
  • Funky narrative
  • Knights and the Trainees get 5 move
  • Archers
  • No early game Cavaliers
  • Lord on healing duty
Spoiler: A certain character

I had an idea of making a Pre-promote Jaegan with bad growth rates who gets a second promotion just to be relevant for longer. I looked at Killian’s description and thought he would fit the bill. Then I got to the map, and I was in awe when I saw that it actually happened.

The Not So Good

Can be ignored because I am spoiled by VQ

  • Master Seals are slightly scarce, I had to buy 4 worth 10,000 gold.
  • Lack of dark tomes. It’s Flux and Nosferatu for 80% of the game. Would like to see one more mid-game option.
  • I only warp-skipped Ch.18 because I was tired. I did get the W.Exp boost.
  • Split promotions are untouched, which means that some classes are strictly inferior.
  • Weapon ranks are low because promotions don’t give much. Conversely, this means that pre-promotes are even more valuable.

I would like to see these in an update

  • Increase secondary weapon ranks to D (better if C) and give the Sniper bonus to Crit.
  • Split promotions increase replayability, so if you ever update, please try balancing.
  • Item convey-combine would help with inventory management.

Split Promotions Problems

  • Ranger with +3 Con vs Sniper with no Crit bonus
  • Wyvern Knight with +4 Con vs Falcoknight with E swords
  • Hero with C Swords vs Warrior with E Bows
  • Mage Knight with +3 Con vs Sage with D Light
  • Summoner > Druid but both get E Staff
  • Great Knights have 6 move
  • Generals with 5 move, E Axes, and E Swords
My final units


Sequel is out

Play it I think it’s good: