[FE8] [COMPLETE] Call of the Armor v1 (20 chapters + 3 Character Selection Interludes) + Reverse Recruitment Patch (13-Apr-22)

Hmm ITS good hack,
I appreciate for all hard work from i guys,
But with no skill system’ its look less attractive for me, but its good fire emblem hack, and maybe someday i Will playing it
Keep forward and thank you


Thanks for the kind words. No skillsys was an intentional design choice for this since we wanted to keep w/ a vanilla base to make it easier to modify as we passed the patch down the chain.


Adine, Giroux, and Vectar don’t have endings, and these three plus Philip, William, Strontium, and Ansha don’t have titles. Is that going to be fixed? Nevertheless, I enjoyed this hack. Good job Team Distant Roads.

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I was very curious about the entire ROM hacking community of Fire Emblem and I have to say with this being the first one I ever tried I loved the entirety of this hack and finally finished it. I look forward to seeing other hacks thank you for the enjoyable experience I look forward to any other projects have a great day!


Even though I had a really small role in this hack, I’m still super glad you enjoyed it and I hope you try out more hacks in the future!


Out of curiosity, did anyone ever figure out why the game bugged out on VBA or how to fix it?

What caused the game to bug out, specifically? I tested on mGBA, but others on the team may use VBA - so perhaps they can chime in.

Oh, I haven’t played the game yet, I was just reading the thread and noticed a lot of VBA people talking about their game not being able to progress past a certain point (chapter 19, I believe)

Thats just because VBA is an old emulator which is known to bug, that hasn’t been supported for years. Which is why most hacks test with Mgba and why a lot of VBA specific issues go unoticed

As Gold said, VBA is pretty outdated, so pretty much everyone on the dev team tested with mGBA. I did take a look at the chapter and changed the only thing that stuck out as odd, but I can’t guarantee that fixed the issue since I don’t use VBA. In general, it would be better to just use mGBA instead.

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mGBA seems to be way to go for every FE hack. Most stable emulator right now

I need another game where I can play as a skeleton…

Gotcha. I swapped over to mgba. Last question: Is this game designed to be ironmanned?

Yeah you get plenty of units, so you should be fine if you don’t reset for each death.

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Are emblem shields suppose to disappear after the chapter you get them in? The one The Kamuth has disappeared from my convoy after I finished chapter 18

Yeah pretty sure that was intentional since iirc it’s strong.

@MintX can confirm ?

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Whenever I scroll down this happens
Fire Emblem - the Sacred Stones # GBA patched_1644115560985

Does anything break or is it visual?

Probably something to do w/ OAM, the Kamuth’s name, or that we hit the unit cap.

It’s visual besides me occasionally being unable to go to millisent, what does OAM stand for, and isn’t the cap 50?