[FE8] Community Blitz 5: Redemption (v1.3)

At last, a new round of Community Blitz has been finished. This is Community Blitz, Round 5: Redemption. This blitz was developed from 09/03/2021 to 25/03/2021. I started the blitz, but was unfortunately absent for most of the development period. Thanks to the dev team, we did manage to finish it in time.



Download and Credits


Source Code


Changelog (Latest version: v1.3)
  • Fixed Seize command being usable during Canto
  • Fixed units being able to spawn with negative stats
  • Fixed some items not having prices set
  • Monster weapon stats are now visible in R text
  • Various changes to Chapter 20
  • Fixed Chapter 21 events looping
  • Fixed Nightmare
  • Added new animations for Wights and Deathgoyles
  • Added custom Statscreen and Title Screen graphics

Have fun! If you find bugs, please report them either on this thread or on the issue tracker on github.


This was fun and epic.
Now everybody go play it now.


I made 2 chapters for this! It was fun.


It was pretty fun to participate, making a chapter and some portraits. And also doing lots of playtesting. I am still mad at RW.


I threw some music at it! The music installer and all the songs I ported (1-16 and 21-26 in the sound room) are free to use. Want a nice piano/strings/brass/choir instrument right out of the box without having to mess around with anything? Just plug the installer into your buildfile project.

Although the music installer was made to be backwards compatible with songs originally made for the native instrument map/nimap, I do not recommend doing the reverse and using the music with the native instrument map/nimap. It won’t sound good. Most importantly,

the brigand freestyling will be missing from the Cheetahmen theme.


Wow this looks awesome! I wish I had heard about this! I’ll try and participate next time!

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…This is a community romhack, right? A Blitz?

Then why no screenshots or info? Why go to all the trouble of making a huge community romhack if you’re going to put zero effort into advertising it? I’m not trying to be rude or a dickhead, but like… doesn’t that kind of undermine all the work people put into it?


I can put screenshots and info if the other devs want me to, I just rushed the thread when I created it

If you’re going to have lots of people work together and create an epic two-week blitz, there’s no reason to rush out the thread with no info. It only takes maybe an hour to compile some neat screenshots and write a little info making people even remotely interested in playing it.

Like, just in general. Not even for only a Blitz, but for any project. Sorry if my posts come off as rude, that’s not my intention, but it does feel incredibly underwhelming to see a blitz with no info. Even April Fool hacks get more effort. Speaking of which, that’s not even a week away, so… early april fools? Hyuk hyuk

Edit: Worth a mention. This is the fifth Blitz? I remember Void’s Blitzarre Adventure, but none of the others. I just searched and found Blitz 4. What even is it? The exact same issue with that one as this one.

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Alright, I’ll add more stuff to the opening post at a later date, the project will likely be updated anyway since some people wanted to add story related stuff

We don’t talk about blitz 4

One day I’ll learn buildfiles and particpate in one of this

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The lord better not have to seize both points in chapter 8 in 14 turns because thats not really easy to do at all.

on turn 14 rn.

also link me to 4 if it what I think its not. Pretty sure I havent played 4. only 1-3 atm.

Gunborg has to seize both points, yeah. You get 3 horse units for free in preps at this chapter, so you can do a rescue chain (or use Yin to just fly directly between the two seize points while rescuing Gunborg).

best arena in chapter 14.
appearantly it just Yara bugged in arena. nvm its chenin too bugged in arena. could be magic users on player side bugged in arena. Tested Hobbes as well. looks like magic users on player side or smt is bugged.

or will he

Yes, along with tomorrow’s update that fixes quite a few bugs

Now please don’t mention this again; I don’t know what prompted this post either since I already explained it would come with an update last time we discussed and it’s only been a couple days

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This is a known issue, but we have no idea what would cause it right now. It might not be fixed for a while

Best not to use magic users in the arena for the time being

Aw shucks this is a triple post, oh well

Version 1.2 is out! The download link on the opening post has been updated. A changelog, list of planned features, and ingame screenshots have also been added to the OP, as requested.


Everyone must acknowledge Gunborg’s drip.


I will never understand why yall use github over Google drive or dropbox cause the link won’t work at all