[FE8] Community Blitz 5: Redemption (v1.3)


works fine for me.

Am I missing something here? I tried apply the CB5.ups into the rom and nothing is changed, still vanilla.

Anyone else?

Just checked, and the patch works fine on my end. You need to patch a clean FE8U rom. What patcher are you using? NUPS is intended, but you could also try with FEBuilder.

…Actually, you might be under the impression it didn’t work because there’s no custom title screen (yet). Try starting a new game to see if it worked.

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I ady tried starting the game and still starts where Eirika and Seth first map. Or is it just vanilla games with rebalance?
I’m using NUPS too

Blitz 5 v1.3

I took the time to fix the significant amount of bugs that were in the previous version


what does community blitz mean?? does this hack have story? or only gameplay? how many chapters?

the short version is people in the community come together to speedrun making a full romhack
in a few weeks

mainly gameplay with minimal story/dialogue

this one around 21 chapters long

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Since this was on FEE3 2021, is any1 gonna update the 1st post with v1.3?? is that the lastest version right?

I’ll see what we can muster. @Teraspark has been doing most of the maintenance since I last updated this thread, so I’m not fully aware of all the changes, but we definitely should post an updated patch soon

…as soon as I made this post, I realized that it’s already happened! You can get 1.3 here, I’ll check if there’s anything else that hasn’t been released yet