[FE8] Chapter Titles as text


As you may know, FE8 chapter titles are graphics instead of text like FE7. This makes changing chapter names a lot harder than it needs to be.

Look at this thing, it’s horrible. Don’t do this, kids.

This hack makes FE8 display the chapter titles as text, just like FE7.

These text IDs start at 0x160 and are used by the end credits as well.

Include “fe8_chnames.event” under some free space in your buildfile. Requires EA v10.1 or higher.


btw FE7J also uses gfx instead of text as chapter titles.

Are there any known issues with this event patch?
I’ve encountered an issue in which for one (that I know of, so far) of my chapters, the chapter title displays fine on the “Restart Chapter” or save screens, but not in the status screen or when a chapter is started and it does the opening animation where it shows the title.

The chapter that seems to be causing this is Chapter 4. (Ancient Horrors, in the base game)
All my other chapters seem to work fine with the patch, and I also checked chapter 5, which seems to also be fine.
https://i.imgur.com/lfbzODR.png (Image of the Save Screen) https://i.imgur.com/LgLcWUu.png (Chapter Opening animation) https://i.imgur.com/SeXYrnz.png (The status screen)

I did try re-downloading the event file and re-applying it, but it didn’t solve the issue for me, unfortunately.
My initial thoughts are that something in the script was pointing or has been caused to point to the wrong place, but I’m not too familiar with how it all works.

I probably should have posted an issue/fix that I recently found earlier…

This will not work properly if you do not have byte 14 set to the chapter ID in the chapter data table for each chapter. I’m unsure if this is your problem, but this was a problem for me for a long time.

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It doesn’t seem like that was my issue, but thanks for pointing it out either way.

As it turns out I’ve fixed my issue by looking at the Kirb’s subpar asm topic linked in at the bottom of the top post.
Guess it pays to actually explore the topic a little before asking questions.