FE8 Chaos Randomizer


Well are you able to Port what you have done now and put into fexna and go from there, since if you can you might be able to do the skills part in what you are using now and then put the parts you need randomized into fexna and maybe use both. ((This could be a stupid thing I’m saying since I don’t rom back, but it’s just a thought))

Edit: or in other words randomize in fexna extract those files and put them into the other editor so you can more easily create randomization.

Edit2: my phone keeps autocorrecting ROM hack to mom back so yeah…


For FEXNA, if I can figure out the correct way to format my two major randomization events, in the most hassle-free way, it’s a piece of cake. The game gets built around that once complete.

For FE8, if I figure out both how buildfiles work and how to create the game in the least tedious fashion, that gets finished first instead.


Have fun with that, don’t let the game bugs bite… Still hyped though


Any idea as for an ETA for a beta or alpha that will be available to play?


I’m not working on it right now. Busy writing a book :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m actually helping with the FE4 Randomizer a bit, which Blyvern and friends are coding up. After it’s complete, which might take a while, we’ll move onto FE5, then look into the GBA randomizer to make my vision complete.

I also plan to, if this works, implement Crazy’s skill system for even more crazy randomization possibilities!


A BOOK!! Pshhhh who even know how to read(meant as in past tense so phonetically red)


Any beta or alpha we can play to pass the time?


check op


What do you mean by op?


OP means ‘Opening Post’. It’s the first post in the thread.


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Is there a version of this rom hack that has the class chart implemented?




Hey Klok, any ETA on this? It’s been months since it’s been announced, how’s it going? I don’t know much about coding myself, but I’d love to get my hands on it.


I’m not working on it right now. I don’t have the time, and there was a guy who was going to code actual new algorithms into Otaku’s randomizer, but I haven’t heard from him in like a month.

We shall see.


So any news at all on this? Cause while Otkau’s randomizer is great idk i feel like it has some issues and some of the stuff could be better and this seems like itd be right up my alley. Any news would be great thanks


sooooo, ive been trying to plug this into my game, but im kinda mentally retarded, Help me please?


The only things you can download in this topic are patches that give you a selection of pre-rendered roms.

Go download CirclesEverywhere’s new self-randomizing rom. It randomizes enemies.

I plan to completely redo the chaos randomizer to work with his project instead.



gotcha, thanks for the heads up, looking forward to this once its finished


so theoretically when this is done, it will do what you plan to do and what circles’ randomizer does as well?