FE8 Chaos Randomizer


I’m not going to finish this randomizer. Circles is basically the same thing and better in every way. I’d rather edit his randomizer than edit this one.


if you do end up doing a branching version of circle’s randomizer, I would love to see some of the stuff you had in Chaos Mode put into it as well as what Otaku’s randomizer had with reversed and randomized recruitment options.


I know you said that this randomizer was pretty much discontinued. However, are there any plans for you to work with CirclesEverywhere to patch in the Tier 3 units, or anything like that?


No. I would do that by myself if necessary, since Circles posted the source for his randomizer. However, I am much too busy with other things, like the repo and my web-serial (which pays my bills) so I don’t have time to pursue FE projects at the moment or for the near future.

Note that if anyone learns how to work with buildfiles, they could easily add said tier threes and other big improvements themselves. It would be quite trivial.


Yo I got the game but on the first level it got me stuck and Erika and Seth are stuck
Can you help me out here?


Actually doesn’t fix the issues like a boss


Will you add skill to charaters


I’m not working on this project anymore. This is hecka old news.

Check out Circles randomizer instead. It does all the same stuff!


It also has skills, to answer the question.


That’s a shame to hear. That class chart you’d made was hella cool, and was probably one of the more attractive parts of the hack as far as randomization goes. I still have it saved actually.

Oh well. I hope that whatever else you’re working on goes well.


I might return to it someday. I can’t promise anything though, since I’ll be pushing 30 in a couple of years and need to get serious with jobs and money. Modding Fire Emblem doesn’t pay the bills, unfortunately.


Old man Klok just can’t keep up anymore


That’s Grandfather Klok to you, whippersnapper.


thank you for reply me.