[FE8] Cannot find patch that shows growth rates

Sorry if this question is already answered somewhere else, but I didn’t seem to find a similar thread.

So in Void’s Blitzarre Adventure, you can hold down Select to see your growth rates, and I’d like to find the patch that added this so that I can use it in the future, but I cannot find a thread or anything on it. I’m assuming that maybe it doesn’t have a patch, or was done manually, but I can’t find something that says one way or the other. I’ve looked for a bit, but can’t find anything, so any information would be appreciated. If it helps, I’m using FEBuilderGBA.

Thanks in advance!


There’s also a version included in the skill system, which is actually more extensive (there’s more and better colors available).

Thank you very much!

Just to be sure, when you say skill system, do you mean this?